Morgan Moses on Adrian Peterson not dressing: “It’s a slap in the face”

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No, Washington players weren’t happy about running back Adrian Peterson being inactive for Sunday’s season-opening loss at Philadelphia.

“Any time you’ve got a Hall of Fame guy that doesn’t dress, man, it’s a slap in the face,” Washington tackle Morgan Moses told 106.7 the Fan in D.C. on Monday. “And obviously, we’ve gotta figure out what the reason is. And it’s my job as one of the older guys on the offensive line to speak up and say, ‘Hey, we need him.’ Obviously, you don’t put a Hall of Fame guy like that on the sideline. When he’s healthy, as well.”

Washington could have used him on Sunday, especially when trying to hold a 17-0 lead. The team rushed for 28 yards on 13 carries, averaging only 2.2 yards per carry.

“I think he brings a lot to the game,” Moses said regarding Peterson. “I think he brings a lot to our team. But to have that guy just standing on the sideline is just — it doesn’t sit well to guys on the team or the NFL. So I think that’s something we need to correct, man, because he’s a hell of a football player.”

Yes he is. And if Washington isn’t going to play him, they need to do what the Saints did two years ago and trade him to someone who will.

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  1. Another Gruden believing that he is smarter than everybody else. That is fine, his brilliance is going to lead to him not coaching out this season.

  2. Only the Redskins could screw this up! AP was their best offensive player last year. In fact; they gave him that award in their annual players meeting a week ago!

    For Gruden to say that unless they’re running the ball 55 times a game out of the I formation Peterson won’t be on the field is preposterous!

  3. The Redskins have turn into a joke of a franchise. There starting LT refuses to play for them due to lack of trust total disrespect toward a future HOF player. Maybe Gruden is trying to get fired Snyder has been a joke of an owner since day one.

  4. I think they’re going to trade AP and it wouldn’t make sense to play him. If he gets hurt, it drives down the market. Smart decision, even though it stinks.

  5. I think Gruden knows he’s outta there sooner rather than later. If it’s true he was overruled on releasing AP, he’s going out fighting. What a goof.

  6. It truly is crazy how many teams simply cannot get out of their own way. And what does it say of the culture there that NOBODY was able to make the point “Jay, are you sure sitting our starting running back is a good idea?”

  7. AP not being on the field, had zero to do with Morgan Moses getting damaging penalties yesterday. How bout focusing on being more disciplined!

  8. Skins laid an egg in the second half yesterday. Less whining about teammates being benched, and more accountability; even if the coaching staff and owner are a shambles.

  9. Pretty unfortunate that that Moses would open his mouth about the decision. WE all know that the decision was made because extra offensive lineman were needed in case things got ugly on the left side of the line.

  10. I can’t imagine Gruden’s comments after the game about why Peterson didn’t play and the circumstances in which he would consider activating him are going to go over well then

  11. I know I’m just some dude watching football from the couch, but it’s unbelievable how stupid and clueless some of these “football geniuses” (Jay Gruden in this case) can be.

  12. Why is this a story? You run Peterson directly at Fletcher Cox like they did with Guice and you get the same result. He’s not magic, and he’s not making yesterday’s game any more winnable for the Skins.

  13. Yeah they should’ve put AP on the offensive line blocking, defensive line getting pressure, and secondary covering DJAX because those guys clearly didn’t do any of that after up 20-0…way to go Jay!

  14. Jay Gruden SUCK! Whenever that time comes for him to pack his bags and get out of Washington, l truly would be one happy fan. I hope Gruden departure will be sooner than later. Dan Snyder should be ashamed of himself to allow this garbage (coach and coaches) to lead our team. I have seen high school coaches that has coach far better then Jay Gruden. But when that day comes for Gruden to get out of dodge take your flag football coaches and Josh Norman with you. POINT BLANK

  15. Adrian Peterson was the best running back in the preseason and based on football solely, he should have been playing Sunday. The real reason he isn’t playing is because he had an argument with the coach, and the coaches ego and emotions are now interfering with the best interests of the the team winning on Sunday.

  16. mjimmym says:
    September 9, 2019 at 11:36 am
    Why are they obligated to dress him? Or play him? Or trade him?

    They’re not. They are obligated to respect him!

  17. Amazing the things some people post. I don’t know about AP being too old to play because he led the team in rushing last year. I don’t know about anyone being obligated but i would want my best chance to win with the best players available, so as far as AP playing multiple positions idk about that but he is great at being a rb. He may be able to get by Cox, he’s gotten by a lot of other players if given the chance. By the way if it took 55 runs in the I formation to win, i think i would take the win.

  18. It’s way more fun, not to mention rewarding, to be a Redskins hater than a fan. Snyder and Allen make it so easy.

  19. I agree with the person who mentioned the Texans. Peterson wanted to play in Houston years ago, but they had Arian Foster at the time.

  20. The Redskins didn’t lose because they didn’t have AP, or Jordan Reed, or Trent Williams. They lost because the Coaching staff failed to make the necessary adjustments as the game progressed. Jay Gruden’s post-game presser really sounded like he was blaming everyone but himself, it was pretty horrific. He seems to be coaching scared, and once a guy like Moses opens up about this kind of thing, it’s only going to go downhill from here. Can’t wait to find out who the next coach of this once-great franchise will be

  21. I understand keeping the extra special teamer active. I just think it would be a bigger benefit to have some alternative in case your starting running back is rushing for, say, 18 yards on 10 carries.

  22. As a player, you get millions of dollars to show up and do what the coaches tell you to do.
    Beyond the paycheck, you are entitled to nothing else.

  23. I think it was a ploy: Keep AP healthy, and trade him for a later round draft pick.

    There are a few teams that need a RB, and a few that had injuries week one…

    His value goes up each week if AP stays healthy.

  24. They have a young RB on the team that needs reps and experience. Maybe AP would have helped keep that game closer, but in the long run that would be meaningless. They aren’t going to win this year, and the young Haskins will be starting before long. You might as well go young where you can and develop.

  25. You don’t sit AP, period, especially after he won MVP last year for the team! I mean, Guice is not ready, damn! You keep AP in the rotation for nothing more than a change up in running style and because he’s HOF man! AP has broken runs, opened up the running lanes, and he can make things happen. Gruden needs to GO period! How do you play well in the first half, up 20 to 7 and then come out the second half and get totally outplayed! The coaching staff is horrible; do you think Philly is going to sit around and keep playing the same way and not figure out what you’re doing?! Gruden has NEVER been a head coach in the first place, FIRE him now please!

  26. No one friend or foe give Jay any advice please , I’m ready for him to be gone lol … let him be him

  27. I guess no one actually watched Jay Gruden’s press conference: he said We have to punt it to Darren Sproles 6 or 7 times a game and he returned one last year vs us and they also blocked a punt so we need the backup rb to play special teams (Smallwood). So, accd to Jay G Smallwood playing on special teams was more important than playing his O MVP last year AP… lol. How about run AP all day and won’t have to punt the ball as much. #HTTR

  28. Glad Moses feels the need to speak up. Perhaps he can put some focus toward eliminating his multiple penalties. He led the league last year with 14 and is looking to repeat with 3 yesterday. Moses if you’re a leader like you say you are talk to the Coach about your gripes not the media.

  29. NO, they would not have won with him on the field. They MIGHT have one with DeSean Jackson NOT on the field though. Norman better get his mind right…here comes Dallas with 2 banging receivers.

  30. Adrian Peterson has been the best RB in the NFL over the last 20 years or so. He’s never led a team to the super bowl. It’s not a running league, it’s a passing league, and Peterson has hands of stone. Gruden isn’t going to tell you that, but that’s why he’s not playing. I’m not sure how many super bowl rings Morgan Moses has earned as an NFL G.M. It seems like a lot of players these days want to play GM.

  31. Technically speaking Moses has a point. But his criticism should be kept in-house. And more to the point, Moses should worry about his own play before anointing himself as a malcontent spokesperson. Moses lead the league in penalties last year. And he had to two killer penalties yesterday. He should focus on cleaning up his game. That he doesn’t, and that he sees fit to take potshots at his head coach one game in, is a strong indication that Gruden has already lost the locker room.

  32. So let me get this strait, Gruden actually said they were sitting AP because they figured on punting to Sproles 6-7 times? Wow, thats like saying they are going to dress extra LBs because Philly is going to run for 200 yards on us! How stupid can you get!

  33. Adrian Peterson has vision very few backs have… I would of liked the change of pace when Guice was getting nothing to see what AP could do to stretch the game out with first downs and keeping the D rested. They were man-handled in the second half and only chance to keep the game close and probably play of the game was the missed deep ball to McLaurin after D JAX made it 21-20. The Skins needed a play to stop the bleedng… sack on 3rd down… fumble… interception.. easy TD.. never happened. AP could have helped time of possession during these times of struggle. I will never understand why the Redskins have such problems with political situations like this. It seems there is always a disconnect between the front office and the coach… why can’t the members of this organization be moving in the same direction?

  34. Pretty Simple. Jay Gruden is going out “his way”… passing the football. I believe the coaches dissented over this healthy scratch decision, with Jay overruling them. More to it.

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