Nick Foles having surgery today, then will go on IR


The Jaguars pinned their hopes on quarterback Nick Foles, now they’ll have to figure out how to live without him for at least half the season.

The Jaguars quarterback is having surgery this morning on his broken left collarbone, and the team will place him on injured reserve, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

That gives them the option to bring him back later this season, though he’d miss at least eight games.

After the injury last night, it was only mentioned that he’d be out indefinitely.

When Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone in Week Six of 2017, he returned to practice six weeks later, but didn’t take the field again until Week 15. When they lost to the Panthers in that game to fall out of playoff contention, he didn’t play the following week.

12 responses to “Nick Foles having surgery today, then will go on IR

  1. Such a shame on several levels. He’s a good guy and was hoping he would have some success as a starter for the second time around. Jags are just a snake-bitten team…

  2. The speed of recovery and return to physical form these athletes demonstrate is unreal. My dad recently suffered the same injury about a month ago, and he said would be happy to have 70% range of motion he did pre-injury. He isn’t even thinking about being able to swing a golf club or toss a football. Meanwhile, these guys are back to form and playing the same violent game that knocked them out in the first place in 8 weeks.

  3. At least they got a good QB with their 6th round pick, who actually looked like he belonged on an NFL field, leading with confidence and maturity. Good job scouting talent, this team looks like it will develop and find it’s way! Sorry for Foles, as he is a great guy besides being a blue chip player and asset for any team.

  4. I didn’t see whether the DL was flagged on that hit. Last year Clay Matthews was flagged twice for landing his weight instead of “rolling” the QB. On replay it Looked like the same type of hit.

  5. “What about the Chiefs’ defender who deliberately fell on him, splatting instead of rolling?”

    That looked foul to me when I saw it live. It looked intentional and purposeful. It was way beyond “roughing the passer”, and the NFL should look into it for causing intentional injury.

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