Odell Beckham violated rule by wearing watch, NFL will address it with him


Wide receiver Odell Beckham wore an unusual accessory for his first game as a member of the Browns.

Beckham sported a $350,000 Richard Mille watch on his wrist during Sunday’s loss to the Titans and his decision to wear the timepiece on the field will earn him a conversation with the league.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Beckham violated a league rule prohibiting players from wearing “hard objects” that are not part of the standard uniform. He goes on to report that the league will address the issue with Beckham and the Browns, but that there is not expected to be any further discipline handed down.

Beckham caught seven passes for 71 yards in the 43-13 Browns loss.

52 responses to “Odell Beckham violated rule by wearing watch, NFL will address it with him

  1. The only thing that seems more ridiculous that a $350k watch would be wearing it in a football game.

  2. The Mario Manninghams and David Tyrees of the world and underappreciated and solely missed when they’re gone. OBJ cannot help himself. He always has to be the center of attention and that is more important to him than winning or losing. Welcome to our past few years, Browns fans. Be careful what you wished for.

  3. No time to pay attention to rules when you’re as laser-focused on the team as Beckham is. And can’t wait for Mayfield to discuss this at length at his next press conference. I’m sure he’s got some insight on how this should be handled.

  4. Clown back at it already. Next comes the hissy-fit when they continue to lose. I understand the Giants express mailed his favorite kicking net to Cleveland this morning.

  5. That particular watch is worth the cost because it runs fast, breaks down frequently and obviously likes to be the center of attention.

  6. This team likes to talk and do antics to get noticed but they forget how to learn to win. They weren’t even a good team last year and now they are contenders? There is NFL film on you know Baker, it isn’t going to get easier.

  7. “can someone tell me how a watch can be worth $350,000”

    Tommy: Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time.

  8. C’mon folks…he didn’t wear HIS $350K watch, he wore one the company provided him.

    Great advertising gimmick…”it survived an NFL game…”

    He’s an idiot, to be sure…but this time, it’s calculated.

  9. Would it have been ok if ODB had worn a cheap black digital watch like Reggie Roby used to wear while punting?

  10. Guess he got tired of Brown getting all the headlines for being a moron so he decided to do something stupid to get in the news .

  11. BuckyBadger says:
    September 9, 2019 at 11:41 am
    This team likes to talk and do antics to get noticed but they forget how to learn to win. They weren’t even a good team last year and now they are contenders? There is NFL film on you know Baker, it isn’t going to get easier.
    Yes they were a good team last year, they were missing pieces, but they contended in almost every game.So when they go out in the offseason and add a bunch of weapons, why wouldn’t people crown them paper champions? The team never said “We’re winning the Super Bowl”. All this hype was started by ESPN and other media outlets looking for a story, but yeah go ahead and think it’s the Browns liking to talk, that makes you look smart. Baker, same thing. Media hounds him because he’s arrogant, gets him to talk, and somehow it’s his fault.The Browns did not create any of this, and anyone that paid attention this offseason would understand that very simple concept.
    We may have fired back at the media a few times, but this was supposed to be just another offseason, grab some FA’s, get the draft done, make a few trades, but nobody could let it be. Everyone had to crown us champions when we are still missing important pieces on the o-line, LB core, and defensive backfield. I expected 9-10 wins this year, and after losing yesterday to a Tennessee team that gets no love for how good they are, I still expect that. Guys don’t learn how to play together overnight, and our penalties proved that yesterday. We may have a ways to go, but people need to stop making us the villain.

  12. When you suit up in the NFL and they are talking about this kind of stuff instead of how you impacted the game you are basically irrelevant !

  13. I wear my $350,000 watch while doing yardwork, kayaking, skydiving, scuba diving, and playing lawn darts.

  14. That watch stands for one purpose. To say: ‘Look at me! I’m better than everyone else. In your face!’

  15. edukator44 says:
    September 9, 2019 at 11:31 am
    can someone tell me how a watch can be worth $350,000


    If someone is willing to pay 350k for it, then it’s worth 350k. The trick is finding someone stupid enough to pay that much for it.

  16. This is just a reminder to AB that there are other DIVA receivers in the NFL. How about puttng up numbers that will make you noticeable instead of wearing a watch which cost more than some of the Browns fans may make in a decade! Just sayin…

  17. OBJ also drove his orange Rolls to the Alamo (I mean FirstEnergy Stadium). Maybe a little more time on the field and film room and a little less on appearance and you won’t get undressed like you did yesterday.

  18. If it is illegal to wear one, why didn’t the officiating crew act? Perhaps headquarters needs to have a conversation with them as well.

  19. 2019: Wears $350K watch while playing professional football.

    2029: File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. “I don’t know where it all went,” says Beckham.

  20. So my guess is that since none of these “professional” athletes do anything for free, the watch company gave him the watch, some cash or both, with the stipulation that he wear one during a game. The watch company now has had a couple days of great advertising, with more to come, at a fraction of the cost of commercials, Beckham gets paid to wear the watch, and if there was a fine, watch company would pay it. And Beckham also gets a $350,000 watch all under the guidelines of NFL policy about advertising. I never even heard of these watches until the day he wore it. The entire NFL from Goodall to owners, to the players and the cities that host them is so corrupt its not even funny.

  21. OBJ is an outstanding WR but wow, is he ostentatious or what? Why on Earth would someone buy a $350K watch let alone wear it in an activity that could get it smashed to pieces. I guess we average Joes who bust/busted our butts for a salary have trouble understanding this. We;;;, I know I do.

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