Officials cost the Saints 15 seconds before halftime

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Here we go again. . .

The Saints weren’t happy with officials before the half, and they will be even less happy when they find out officials cost them time before the half.

Both Fox rules expert Mike Periera and NBC rules expert Terry McAulay tweeted about the mistake.

“Unless I am crazy, they really mishandled the replay,” Periera wrote. “They should have reset the clock to 41 seconds and then run 10 seconds down to 31. That took 15 seconds away from the Saints.” (Periera, the NFL’s former officiating supervisor, followed with another tweet that read: Btw, I am not crazy.)

Saints quarterback Drew Brees completed a 17-yard pass to Michael Thomas on third-and-17 to the New Orleans 30. The replay official called for a review of the first down ruling, stopping the clock.

The play was upheld, but since it was a running clock, the stoppage required either a New Orleans timeout or a 10-second runoff by rule. The Saints elected not to use the timeout, leaving them with 14 seconds.

The 10-second runoff was not properly applied, however.

“The game clock should have been reset to the time on the clock at the end of the play and 10 seconds run off from there,” McAulay wrote. “It appears the runoff occurred from the time the game was stopped for review.”

Saints fans, many dressed in officials’ shirts, booed loudly, and Saints coach Sean Payton complained even louder.

The Saints got only two more plays before Wil Lutz missed a 56-yard field goal to end the half.

The last time the Saints played a real game in the Superdome, of course, everyone knows what happened. Now, they again are the recipient of another botched officiating decision.

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  1. Apparently the Ref’s are not familiar with the rule book. At least when they call a Saint’s game.

  2. hibcid16 says:
    September 9, 2019 at 9:13 pm
    There is a human element to this great game.
    Stuff happens, and sometimes its not fair.
    Nobody said life is fair.
    Time to get over it.


    Things people say about stuff that doesn’t affect them.

    I’ll take “Hypocrisy” for 400, Alex.

  3. That was total BS. They run for a first down on 4th down and officials call TO to review. I’m not a Saints fan but that was some of the worst officiating I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching NFL for more than 45 years. Starting to get the feeling legalizing gambling might have changed the game as we use to know it. SUCKS!

  4. You people that say to get over it and human element.. yes you are correct, why did the NFL head office not buzz the officials and tell them the correct ruling instead of screwing the Saints once again. 15 seconds for Brees is an eternity. So much to fix in this league. So terrible.

  5. This is a result of this dorky need to review everything in today’s unwatchable NFL. There was no need to stop everything and review if the Saints had gotten the 1st down -just make the call on the fly and live with the consequences.

  6. The bottom line is this, if the replay official stops play for a review at any point during the final two minutes of each half, let alone the entire game, there should be no mandatory 10-second runoff. Period. Neither team can bend the replay rule in their favor if they’re not the one asking to challenge the call whether they have a time out or not. How can the NFL justify removing time off the clock because of their own uncertainty whether their officials made the right call? It makes zero sense.

  7. Lets start the whining that they would have been in Super Bowl 54 except for the 15 seconds the refs and NFL stole from them, forgetting that there were 15.5 more games.

  8. But I bet they didn’t complain when the play clock hit zero yet not a single ref threw a flag for delay of game on Brees with 3 minutes left

  9. blynch67 says:
    September 9, 2019 at 9:18 pm
    Why can’t New York just call down the Official Timekeeper and tell him the correct time?

    113 3 Rate This


    Goodell arrogance?

  10. Awfully detailed complaint for such an “unwatchable” game. And oh yeah, this game has been great.

    vicnocal says:
    September 9, 2019 at 9:53 pm
    This is a result of this dorky need to review everything in today’s unwatchable NFL. There was no need to stop everything and review if the Saints had gotten the 1st down -just make the call on the fly and live with the consequences.

  11. cags777 says:
    September 9, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    They’re winning. Why are they complaining?


    Second nature.

  12. SWFLPC.INC says:
    September 9, 2019 at 9:33 pm
    Did Brees choke again?


    No, the first ballot Hall of Fame QB drove his team for the game winning FG with 37 seconds left in the game!

  13. “Here we go again. . .”

    Stop. I’m a Saints fan, and I’m tired of this narrative. The Saints have not been screwed out of anything, not last January, not in the first half tonight, not on the missed PAT. Just stop. Their head coach screwed them last January and he nearly screwed them tonight. Just stop.

  14. It’s sad that people will use the excuse of human element to justify a bad call. Yes, human element will cause you to miss a play at full speed. Human element should not cause you to misapply a rule. That my friend is called lack of training by the NFL or human ignorance, which is adversely affecting the integrity of the game. I’m glad the Saints won, but it disgusts me to see these blown calls on a regular basis.

  15. hibcid16 says:
    September 9, 2019 at 9:13 pm
    There is a human element to this great game.
    Stuff happens, and sometimes its not fair.
    Nobody said life is fair.
    Time to get over it.


    Yes, but this was correctable in the moment. Payton pointed out the error in real time, and they were not familiar enough with the rules to apply them correctly apparently.

  16. Inexcusable mistake by professional NFL referees who DID NOT KNOW THE RULE!
    (But they don’t need full time referees, right!)
    Could very well have been the difference in the game.
    Oh, wait, it’s the Saints fault!
    Sean Payton knows the rules better than refs.

  17. I remember the Lions got hit with the refs replaying something and then running ten seconds off the clock.

    It is an absurd rule that should be changed.

    However, I don’t think teams should be able to go to the sidelines during those replays, and they should cut the coach-to-QB and LB radios too. It shouldn’t be a strategy session.

  18. I preface this saying that I’m not a fan of either team. If I can see clearly from my couch at home on the first take that it was a first down it is inexcusable that a multi-billion dollar business hasn’t figured out a way to get calls correct more then they get them wrong and not slow down the pace of the game. The only people who like the “human element” in the game are the ones that aren’t on the wrong side of it.

  19. Full disclosure I am a Saints Fan. However, how does the NFL Officials blow a clock time decision. We have all seen when a review is conducted a second ref is standing next to the head ref writing “down and distance” and time on the clock after a reversal of a fumble return or interception. Why couldn’t the review booth say, the ball is marked on this yard marker, first down, and put 41 seconds back on the clock and offer a timeout or 10 second runoff to the coach. They had time to do it right since there was an official stoppage of play. It is terrible optics for the refs and NY office to have a blown assignment in a stadium on National TV game where a blown non-call was made 8 months ago. Once the referee stated the time is 26 seconds with a 10 second run off, NY office or the replay official should have called down to the field and talk about the situation again and get it right. As ESPN would say ” Come On’ MAN!!!!”

  20. More and more, I’m coming to the belief that big time sports are rigged.

    I’m losing interest. I’ll also be enjoying walks in the woods this autumn enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon as opposed to watching ANY sports on TV.

  21. Yes, the refs have been cheating the Saints from last year’s playoff and throughout this season. Look at the blown calls in this weeks Saint’s Panthers game.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

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