Report: Jets will work out kickers on Tuesday

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The Jets claimed kicker Kaare Vedvik off of waivers a week before their first game of the 2019 season and his debut performance was an unimpressive one.

Vedvik missed an extra point after C.J. Mosley‘s interception return for a touchdown in the first quarter and he was wide right on a 45-yard field goal try at the end of the first half. Those misses came after he missed three kicks in two preseason games with the Vikings, who cut Vedvik after trading a fifth-round pick to acquire him from the Ravens in August.

Head coach Adam Gase said after the 17-16 loss to the Bills that the team would talk on Monday about next steps. Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports that the team’s decided to bring in other kickers for a tryout on Tuesday.

There’s no word on which kickers will be in for the workout, but they took a look at Cody Parkey and Younghoe Koo before claiming Vedvik.

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  1. How teams ignore the importance of getting a good kicker is beyond me. An extra point, which is longer than many FGs, can be the difference in winning and losing.

  2. I was convinced when the Vikings cut him that he would go on to have an All-Pro career. He still may, but at this point it looks like they made the right decision. It made sense for the Jets to take a free look at him too. Too bad it cost them a game.

  3. Thanks for not re-signing Jason Meyers so he could come to Seattle. . .where we know all about the pains of letting a pro bowl kicker walk out the door and leaving you with the blair walshes of the world.

  4. Shame on the Jets FO for signing this guy after the bad pre-season he had with the Vikings. I don’t know who their pro-personell scout is but he should be fired.

    Go Bills!

  5. It amazes me that no one has put two and two together and realized that maybe the issue is with the special teams coaches or kicking coordinators.

    Vedvik was kicking dimes while in Baltimore and had our awesome kicking coordinator Randy Brown and Justin Tucker working with him. The only difference between his time with these teams is the coaching staff. It’s no coincidence that Baltimore has always had solid kickers between Stover, Cundiff, Hauschka, and of course Tucker. Sure Cundiff and Hauschka had a few misses here but both went on to play for years after Baltimore released them.

    Don’t always blame the kicker, sometimes blame the coaches. Watch Baltimore claim Vedvik and get him in the right mind before trading him again.

  6. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    September 9, 2019 at 11:42 am
    Parkey. Good kicker…the Bears just needed a scapegoat.


    Parkey and the Jets are a match made in heaven. All of the other teams that needed kickers in the off season are clueless for not even having Parkey in camp. In fact, I can’t believe he hasn’t even been signed yet.

  7. how important is a kicker? belichick, maybe the greatest coach of all time, has only had 2 field goal kickers in 20 years with the patriots (both future hall of famers). never understand how teams ignore & treat the kicker (& punter for that matter) like he’s not incredibly value.

  8. I believe Vedvik did great in Baltimore pre-season because he had zero pressure. It was preseason, and he knew he wasn’t “the guy”. When he became the guy, he’s been lousy. Make fun of the Vikings trading for him, but they didn’t lose with him on Sunday.

  9. I coach HS and College Kickers. I played the tape back a dozen times and can clearly see what he’s doing wrong. Simple mechanical fix. No different than a batter in baseball or golfer being slightly tweaked.

  10. shoopk says:
    September 9, 2019 at 3:20 pm
    With all that money they overpaid to Bell and Mosley, they should be asking them 2 to take turns kicking!

    Bell and Mosley are the only reason the Jets were in the game, otherwise it wouldve been a blowout.

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