Sammy Watkins feels he has his mojo back

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The Chiefs are going to be without wide receiver Tyreek Hill for some time after he was injured against the Jaguars on Sunday and that prospect likely feels less daunting after seeing what Sammy Watkins did against Jacksonville.

Watkins caught nine passes for 198 yards and three touchdowns in the 40-26 Kansas City victory. That’s the same number of touchdowns as he had in 10 games for the Chiefs last season and he said after the game that the performance came after an offseason spent building up his confidence in himself.

“Just playing fast,” Watkins said, via Albert Breer of “It was like the third play, but Pat made eye-contact with me and I knew it was coming. After I caught the ball, I’m like, ‘Yeah, this is what I do. I’m gonna finish this play.’ That’s something I worked on: my focus in the offseason. The same things I was doing in high school and college, I think I got that mojo back. That confidence to go out there and make plays and make moves.”

Watkins said he expects the Chiefs will be missing Hill for six or seven weeks, but feels the offense will keep rolling in the interim because they have “so many guys that can step up and play that position.” Watkins showed he’s at the top of that list on Sunday.

12 responses to “Sammy Watkins feels he has his mojo back

  1. Yesterday he finally played up to his draft position four years ago…or was it five?

    Let’s hope this was the new norm rather than just an anomaly.

  2. joetoronto says:

    September 9, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    “Finding your mojo”, it’s what happens when you leave Buffalo.
    Must of been how AB felt once he left that dumpster fire in Oakland.

  3. Waiting for a foot injury to hamper him for the rest of the year. Seems to be the case every year with him. If he could stay healthy he’d be a hall of famer…

  4. I know that he has been like Mr. Glass and largely had some pretty scrubby QB’s throwing his way, but is this a case of Mahomes making him look better than he is? The guy was a top 5 selection in his class and only had 2 okay/above okay seasons. He should have transcended some of that mess (aside from the injuries) and been a fringe top level receiver before he got to KC, and now that he has Mahomes he should be a top 2-3 receiver. Will he be one? Who knows.

  5. Watkins mojo made Ramsey look awful… Watkins mojo made Jack look lost in coverage, it was Jack who gave up that 68 yard TD. Watkins Mojo also put Jack on his backside when Watkins was blocking him. Jack’s choice was either punching a 180 lb WR, and getting kick out, or receive the continued humiliation.

    We know which he preferred.

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