Sean McDermott: Sunday’s win a resume builder for Josh Allen

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s first half of work against the Jets was the kind of stuff that usually leads to a lopsided loss.

He was intercepted twice, stripped of the ball on a sack and lost another fumble on a botched exchange with center Mitch Morse, but the Jets could only turn that good fortune into six points and the Bills found themselves with a chance to get back in the game down 16-0 in the third quarter.

Allen was 8-of-10 for 102 yards and a touchdown through the air in the fourth quarter and he ran for another touchdown as the Bills rallied for a 17-16 win on the road. Allen went over 250 passing yards for the first time in his career and head coach Sean McDermott said leading the comeback was a feather in the quarterback’s cap.

“You always want to say you’ve done it one time, right? To bring a team back, not only at home, but also on the road, a division opponent,” McDermott said, via “I think that’s a resume builder if you will, right? To be able to look at yourself and say ‘I brought a team back from behind on the road.'”

The Bills would surely like to see more complete performances from Allen in the future, but they’ll gladly take being 1-0 with a game against the 0-1 Giants coming up next Sunday.

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  1. Did the Bills win or did the Jets lose, this game. Singletary dominates the second half of the game yet was nowhere to be found in the first half when the Bills had apparently decided not to run the ball. You cut your #1 RB in favor of your highly touted new RB and then you leave him on the bench for the first half of the game…I dont question the talent on the Bills roster….I do question the management and play calling of the O coordinator…

  2. All of the articles by most writers, ehem ehem, I read said the Bills would lose. Most of the talking bobbleheads, ehem ehem, on TV said the Bills would lose. Everyone claimed Sam Darnold was light years ahead of Josh in his development. The Jets made all of the right offseason moves, but the Bills were left with question marks. The Jets this, the Jets that, blah, blah, blah. To lose the turnover battle 4-0, come back like that on the road, and start off 1-0 beating a division rival week one is as impressive as it gets for this young team.

    Oh, sorry…

    It took Allen and the Bills a little time to get their feet under them, but the Jets did Jets things. Allen will be a force when he gets time and experience.

  4. Uncle Buck, the most bitter “Bills fan” ever. Did you watch the game? Singletary wasn’t on the bench, he actually had a pretty fair number of snaps in the first half. He was targeted on a few screens, dropped 2 passes I believe, and was stuffed on another. I’ll agree they should have tried running the ball more early, but the offense was moving the ball. Everybody is going to say the bills played bad O, but that’s not true. They had 4 bad plays, that’s it. They were moving the ball pretty well against a very good Jets defense, just a few bounces went the way of the defense. Instead of critiquing something you clearly don’t have a full grasp of, be glad that the team showed the mental toughness to not just roll over after it seemed like the entire deck is stacked against them.

  5. @ unclebluck

    DEFINITELY Bills win.

    Both defenses were stifling for most of the game, and the Bills offense was generally MOVING the ball the first half, just not getting points out of it.

    I won’t argue the fact that the Bills got a lucky break when CJ Mosley left injured (which loosened up the Jets defense enough for the scoring to happen); while the Bills defense kept the Jets bottled up.

    Frankly – this was mostly a case of the Bills of gritting out a game they SHOULD have lost and not managing to Bills it up the entire game.

  6. Yes, just disregard all the mistakes Josh Allen made, including 2 picks, 2 fumbles and a safety, and he looked awesome.

    “Trust the process.”


  7. Bluck they cut McCoy because of Gore and Yeldon, not the rookie. Your boy and his bloated contact were gone even if they didn’t draft Singletary, who is just icing on the cake. The Bills ate headed in the right direction and shady will be getting 5-10 touches a game in kc

  8. I mean he had a 65% completion rate. And 250 yards, i counted at least 4 drops (1 went for a pick 6) thatd put him at a 76% and 1 less int, but, im not a stats guy, stats are so misleading and hence why i hate fantasy football. All about stats, what i care about, are wins, and at the end of the day, WE WON BILLS MAFIA!!! Because stats and MVP awards dont win superbowls, winning football games wins superbowls.

  9. A resume builder?
    5 turnovers is a resume builder?
    Don’t forget a pick that was eliminated because of a holding call, and another couple of picks that were dropped.

    Both teams stank. The Bills stank less.

  10. IF you actually watched the game, you’d know that 2 of those picks were not Josh Allen’s fault. People apparently think they know everything about the Bills, yet watch none of their games. Tune in tomorrow for another episode of “Clueless Armchair Quarterback”.

  11. >>IF you actually watched the game, you’d know that 2 of those picks were not Josh Allen’s fault.

    I watched the game and they were certainly Allen’s fault because they were poorly placed throws. Throws at a receivers feet are bad throws. So are throws above the head that if the ball bounces off the receivers hands it will end up in the safetys hands. Don’t forget the dropped pick and the pick that was called back becaus eof a hold by someone out of teh play that didn’t affect anything.

    Allen was bad.

  12. Ah, yes, the ole “if those plays counted!” Defense. Bold strategy there. Josh Allen started the game 6/6. Finished with 64% completion. Made a near perfect throw to Brown for the go ahead score. Hate on, brother.

  13. Bills got lucky this time. I’m a bills fan through and through but if they play similar to that against better teams on our schedule then I see a 6 and 10 season. I know its first game but they looked bad for the most part. It was, who could play worst game… Bills or Jets… But I will take the win.

  14. Didn’t know it’s JA’s job to throw AND catch the ball. 1st one was on Cole Beasley, it bounced off his knee. 2nd one was tipped at line of scrimmage. Not JA’s fault.

  15. IF you actually watched the game, you’d know that 2 of those picks were not Josh Allen’s fault.

    Goes both ways… If you actually watched the game, you’d know Allen got away with a couple other would be INTs.

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