Xavien Howard won’t be traded (and he may be the only one)

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Multiple Dolphins players, as PFT reported on Sunday evening, have instructed their agents to get them away from a team that the believe is deliberately tanking the 2019 season. One player who reportedly won’t be asking to be traded (and indeed won’t be traded) is cornerback Xavien Howard.

“Dolphins have told him they value him and he said he wants to stay,” Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports.

That’s not a surprise, given that Howard signed a five-year extension this summer. They could have not signed him and shipped him to a team that will. Or they could have let him finish his rookie deal and tagged and traded him in March. Besides, trading Howard now would trigger full acceleration of his $7 million signing bonus.

Beyond Howard, pretty much everyone on the roster would presumably be available, whether they want out or not. Only nine days after dumping Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills and only eight after unloading Kiko Alonso, the Dolphins could be looking to send more players elsewhere — especially if players begin to clamor more and more loudly for a one-way ticket out of town.

However it plays out, Brian Flores has an early-career challenge unlike any he surely thought he’d experience as a head coach. He needs to get his team to move past a 59-10 loss, he needs to get them to believe that the team isn’t tanking, and he needs to get ready to face a Patriots team that may have the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cherry in Antonio Brown ready to go by Sunday.

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  1. Flores will trade X. Howard to the Patriots for a 5th rounder and then reuse the quote from the Tunsil trade “It was too good of a deal to pass up”.

  2. This guy is going to make Hue Jackson look good. There’s no way that Flores comes out the other side of this rebuild. 1-31? This team may struggle to go 0-32 over the next 2 years.

    Even the 2017 Browns players are thinking I am glad i wasn’t on that team.

  3. They dumped old, overpaid vets with bad contracts and this is the brutal result. Tough being a Dolphin fan right now. Ross needs to refund a substantial percentage the season ticket holders paid and give them a reduced rate next year. Going to be ugly.

  4. No matter what the Front office does it always come down to the players on the field. I dont think Flores is tanking. I also find it interesting the “want to be traded” talk…more like excuses. Flores took it on the chin and blamed himself. Get the poison out of the locker room… with a 59-10 loss…you have no stars just the green and the disgruntled.

  5. This is a year of evaluation for the team moving forward any players that don’t want to be here get them out of the locker room because there’s nothing but a cancer.

    Though it’s a painful process it’s a necessary process that this team clean house start from scratch and build their culture with the young players they draft and develop.

    We might be the butt of all jokes this year but next year starting with the draft and free agency you will see change in Miami all for the better.

    Hang in there true Dolphins fans

    Our day is coming…

  6. No one said a complete rebuild would be easy.

    it was the right thing to do for the organization and for players like Cameron Wake who deserves a chance to play for a contender.

    Fins Up

  7. Their coach doesn’t need to do anything but lose. The whole organization is dedicated to this losing. They’re going to game, it lose every week. If they do win will be on accident because the other team is incompetent. Detroit on the schedule?

  8. Pathetic showing for coach Flores. The team was out-coached and outplayed. The season ticket holders should ask for a part refund. It will be like this for at least 4 years. The GM has to go..the Dolphins will drown

  9. It’s easy to say you want to rebuild a roster or improve the culture, but nearly all teams who try it end up bailing on the process far too soon because of anxious ownership and/or GMs and coaches concerned about their job. That’s exactly what has happened to the Dolphins since Shula/Marino walked out the door– a new coach or GM every couple of seasons. Where has it gotten them? Hopefully this time Flores and Greir are given enough time to let the process play out.

  10. Chill ladies, It was the game plan, the Ravens look totally different on offense than last year! Its only one game.

  11. Whether it be this year for Tua or 2021 for Lawrence, a tank is a tank. There are 5 or 6 players who will thrive after the Dolphins use their Kings Ransom of draft pics and cap space to reload.

    The team is presently in a dark tunnel but it’s a relatively short one with a shiny bright light at the end of it.

  12. Tanking means losing not setting hilarious records for sucking. Losing is part of the plan but the Dolphins are on pace to give up 944 points and score 160. Grier should not survive something like that and Flores should be given amnesty for this joke of a roster.

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