Jameis Winston hopes to end 12-game road losing streak

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For Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston, the hope is that 13 becomes a lucky number.

Winston, according to JoeBucsFan.com, has lost 12 road games in a row. Twelve. He’ll try to keep it from becoming a baker’s dozen when the Bucs’ 11 play at Carolina on Thursday night.

Winston has company, over the past generation.

Per JoeBucsFan.com, former Texans quarterback and burgeoning hot-take artist David Carr lost 12 road starts in a row in 2005-06, Lions quarterback Joey Harrington lost 13 in a row on the road from 2002-03), Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper lost 14 in a row on the road from 2000-02, and Cardinals quarterback Jake Plummer lost 10 straight on the road  from 2000-02.

To avoid passing Carr, tying Harrington, and being within one of Culpepper, Winston will need to beat the Panthers. To do that, he’ll need to avoid throwing another three interceptions — even though coach Bruce Arians absolved Winston of two of them.

On Tuesday, Winston sort of threw down the gauntlet for his receivers, telling reporters “we just gotta get open.” Since Winston isn’t one of the “we,” the message is to the men charged with running routes and catching passes.

Winston is under orders from Arians to not throw it to the other team. Apparently, it’s OK to do it if the receivers can’t gain separation from the other team.

And it won’t be easy on Thursday night against a Panthers defense that isn’t easy to beat, especially at home.