Pat Shurmur on Saquon Barkley: You don’t go in planning not to give him ball

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There were several points during the 2018 season when Giants head coach Pat Shurmur was asked after losses why the team didn’t get the ball to running back Saquon Barkley more often, so there was a familiarity to the way his media sessions went on Sunday and Monday.

Barkley ran 11 times and caught six passes over 66 offensive plays for the Giants in a 35-17 loss to the Cowboys. Those carries included a 59-yard jaunt on the second play from scrimmage and the overall work load produced 139 of the 306 yards that the Giants produced on Sunday afternoon.

Barkley got the ball seven times in the first half and Shurmur said that the way the Cowboys controlled the ball for much of the half left fewer chances for the back than he would have liked.

“It’s always good to keep him involved throughout, but the way the first half, and I know that was a question last night as well, the way the first half played out, it was only four possessions,” Shurmur said. “A couple reasons for it, they controlled the ball on us by making their third downs. We didn’t convert and again we had the one drive we got down there and got stopped and we have to do a better job of when we get down there, getting points and that changes things. You don’t go into it thinking he isn’t going to touch the ball, that’s just how that first half played out.”

Barkley got the ball a few more times on a field goal drive to open the third quarter, but the Giants opted to give the ball to Elijhaa Penny on a third-and-2 while down 28-10 on the next drive. Penny was stuffed and Eli Manning lost a fumble on the next play to all but close out the competitive portion of the proceedings.

Using Barkley there might not have changed the final outcome, but it will always be worth asking why the Giants don’t try to get more out of their top player.

18 responses to “Pat Shurmur on Saquon Barkley: You don’t go in planning not to give him ball

  1. Unless your trying to no have him hit incentives by not playing him the second half of the final games on the schedule basically. Shurmer did the same thing to Thielen a couple years back. He just needed 48 yards to get 1000 for the year & they only targeted him once in the final game. Shurmur is an F’n worm.

  2. “You don’t go in planning not to give him ball”… but it just kinda happened that way.

    That’s not a well thought out answer.
    Much like their offense, defense, etc.

    It will be a short Giants season, over by November 1st (again).

  3. **Has Ferrari in the garage**

    Shurmer’s logic- We don’t need the Ferrari, let’s go with the Civic and then give the Pinto a try.

  4. Pat: your only decision is about the week in which Jones comes in permanently.

    Eli is incapable of extending plays. In turn, that makes everyone on offense look worse. Eli has hit the wall. Done. Cooked.

  5. When you have the most explosive player in the league you give him the ball early and often. Even if he gets stopped, let him run it at least twice every set of downs and if it’s 3rd and 3 or less let him run it 3 times. At least while you in the first half and within 2 scores. Otherwise the run game is gone for the second half.

  6. No, YOU dont. YOU wait and see that its the only way you might win the game and then quit giving him the ball.

  7. Eli is just terrible IMO. Him and his shoulder twitch every 60 seconds + his great ideas on 3rd downs, sheesh – can we just start the Daniel Jones era now please!!

  8. Hey Fritz/ Pat you don’t go into the opening game of the season planning to get throttled by a division rival either. Just what did the Giants do at camp this summer?

  9. Giants were overmatched 1st game
    In Dallas with rookie DEFENCE
    Game was clear to all early they lose!
    Save Barkley for next week?
    Only one game can beat bills at home

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