Calais Campbell: This doesn’t feel like last year at all

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Signing Nick Foles was a defining moment for the Jaguars offseason as acquiring the quarterback enabled them to move on without Blake Bortles and try to move past a disappointing 2018 season with a clean slate.

Foles is going to be gone for at least the next eight weeks after breaking his collarbone last Sunday, however, and the 40-26 loss to the Chiefs featured some of the issues that plagued them last year. They had defensive breakdowns, offensive line injuries and discipline penalties contribute to a loss on their home field.

Defensive lineman Calais Campbell is resistant to comparisons to 2018, however.

“It’s a way different scenario,” Campbell said, via “It doesn’t feel like last year at all. It’s a whole new year. It’s just the first game and we didn’t play good. We made way too many mistakes and we didn’t tackle well. It’s something that we can fix and we’re going to fix. I’m confident in my guys. We’re going to put the work in. We’re going to prepare and we’re going to get better. It’s one game and it sucks. You don’t want to lose them, but the best thing about the NFL is we’ve got another opportunity this week.”

One notable difference from last year is that the Jaguars won their opener and three of their first four before the bottom dropped out on their season. They’ll try to get themselves moving in the right direction in Houston this Sunday.

3 responses to “Calais Campbell: This doesn’t feel like last year at all

  1. Houston is a good test. The KC game is easy to write off as a “generational offense.” If the Texans do us the same way, then we got a problem…

  2. I get the impression that Doug Marrone has very little control over his players. Similar to a coach in the NBA.

  3. We made way too many mistakes and we didn’t tackle well.

    Just like last year. However, at least they don’t have the biggest mistake–Blake Bortles. Minshew looks ten times as good as Bortles. Of course when the bar is set that low that isn’t hard.

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