Freddie Kitchens “probably won’t” change anything against Gregg Williams

Getty Images

The Browns will face the Jets on Monday night and that matchup will reunite Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens with former Browns interim head coach Gregg Williams.

Williams moved on to the Jets to become their defensive coordinator when the Browns chose to elevate Kitchens, which means he’ll be tasked with stopping the offense that Kitchens began putting together when he became the offensive coordinator in the middle of last season. On Tuesday, Kitchens was asked if he had to make any alterations because of that shared history.

“No, I have not changed anything. Not yet. I probably won’t,” Kitchens said, via “He has the same thing to answer — I am just kidding.”

Kitchens said he considers Williams a “great mentor,” so Monday will be a case of the student trying to beat the mentor and avoid an 0-2 start after an offseason filled with high expectations.