Logan Ryan appreciates Browns’ response to beer-throwing fan

Getty Images

During last Sunday’s game against the Browns, Titans cornerback Logan Ryan had a beer thrown in his face by a fan while celebrating after a touchdown.

Ryan took natural offense to that behavior and aired his feelings in a Twitter post — “They can pour beer on us because we’re just athletes right? We’re just entertainment & since they purchased a ticket they can act how they want?” — and called for the fan to be punished during an interview.

The Browns did that on Tuesday by saying they had identified the fan they believe threw the beer and gave him an indefinite ban from attending games at FirstEnergy Stadium. Ryan feels good about how things were handled.

“I appreciate the Browns organization and everyone who stepped up and handled the situation with the Browns fan and the beer incident. Justice was served and it was served swiftly,” Ryan said, via ESPN.com.

The Titans won’t be back in Cleveland this season and the two teams are set to meet in Nashville in 2020.