NFL draws 109 million viewers for Week One

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Football is back, baby.

Week One of the 2019 season generated a total TV audience of more than 109 million viewers, according to the league. Per minute, NFL games attracted an average of 17.1 million.

That’s a five-percent increase over Week One in 2018.

NFL games accounted for the top six TV audiences of the week, with Giants-Cowboys racking up 23.9 million, Packers-Bears at 22.2 million, and Steelers-Patriots also at 22.2 million. The top non-NFL programming for the week drew only 9.1 million viewers.

The league’s ratings gradually have been rebounded since dropping in 2016 and falling even farther in 2017. The audience for the first game of the season increased by 17 percent over last year.

15 responses to “NFL draws 109 million viewers for Week One

  1. The leagues ratings dropped in 2016 and again in 2017. They have rebounded in 2018 ad 2019. When were the National Anthem protests again?

  2. The NFL needs to fix how they do their scheduling, because they will have less viewers this week. When you have 2 teams that both play in the same markets like the Giants/Jets Redskins/Ravens etc and you schedule both teams at 1pm both on fox, that means only one game is televised. So fans of the team not televised either have to go to the bar to watch it or watch it on seizure friendly redzone where you only get a portion of the game. So the NFL loses viewership at that point, they shoot themselves in the foot and tick off the fans. This problem started a few years ago when they made Fox start hosting AFC games and CBS host NFC games. You would think the league would’ve gotten this corrected by now since they are all about $$$$$.

  3. How are those figures validated? Is this actual viewership on individual TV’s on phones, tablets, airports tv’s, sports bars etc. Crazy how these figures are thrown out to build up the NFL.

  4. No, the league ratings increased after the NFL stopped televising the national anthem protests. Coincidence? That was one of the number one topics in 2016 and 2017. As soon as Kaepernick was out of the NFL, the ratings went up. You can’t make this up.

  5. The protests are working boys!!!! Seriously though my two neighbors both said they were boycotting the “millionaire kneelers” but 2 years later it’s a new season and new jerseys for both. So they toss their old jerseys in protest and then buy new ones. That’s showing the NFL who is boss….

  6. Packers Bears Steelers Patriots

    I feel the rebound has everything to do with these long time storied match ups and the large fan bases the above 4 teams have and nothing to do with knees or protests.

    I honestly mean no disrespect but Atlanta Philly isn’t going to bring all the boys to the yard.

  7. Of ourse it did, it stopped televising the NA. Plenty of players still protest we just dnt see it. Simple fix for a somple problem for the simple minded

  8. Every other comment is someone claiming to know someone who boycotted. Yea well tell us how you boycotted or your love for America isnt as deep as it is for football

  9. Its not rocket science, the protests have gone away for the most part and the TV ratings have rebounded. Too many anectdotal stories not to be an issue. Many. many people Ive come across in last 2-3 years said they tuned out because of the protests but now most seem to be watching again.

  10. Cowboys game topped the ratings, including the primetime games on Thursday and Sunday night. America’s team!!

  11. People are going to say whatever they want to too stay in their little box. Football isn’t “BACK” like it’s magic. It is and will be the king of sports while everyone adjusts to all the new platforms accessible to them. It’s the new norm based on all factors.

  12. What was the national frenzy regarding the NFL in 2016-2017…. and what has gone away in 2018 and this year…. draw your own conclusions

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