Sean McVay: Nobody’s going to sit here and say it wasn’t pass interference


Rams coach Sean McVay talked to his team about the controversial non-call in the NFC Championship afterward. He has not talked individually with cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman, who interfered with Tommylee Lewis without drawing a flag.

The Rams also have not talked about it this week as they ready to host the Saints on Sunday. They have been reminded of it constantly, though.

“It was something that, we all know what it looked like,” McVay told reporters Wednesday. “Obviously, nobody’s going to sit here and say that wasn’t a pass interference, and that’s why it led to some rules being changed. Even though that play benefited our team, nobody wants anything but a fair game. Those clear and obvious plays that we can avoid, we want to be able to do that, and that’s exactly how we feel as a team, too.”

While admitting the Rams “benefited” from the missed call, McVay also points out that 19 plays followed. The Saints defense had a chance to stop the Rams from a game-tying 48-yard field goal with 15 seconds remaining in regulation; Drew Brees threw an interception in overtime; and the Saints defense had a chance to stop the Rams from getting into position for the game-winning 57-yard field goal.

“There’s a lot of plays in a game, and I think it’s good that the competition committee made the effort to be able to try to avoid some of those things happening in the future, and that’s exactly what we all want,” McVay said. “. . .You address it. You could ask Nickell Robey. He knows that was a pass interference. In the moment, that was kind of what was officiated, and you’ve got to just kind of play those next snaps, and there was a lot of snaps after that as well.”

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  1. There were tons of bad no calls going both ways in that game.

    The proper answer was to tell the refs to drop the “Let them play” attitude and call postseason just like they would call a regular season game, even if that means a ticky tack playoff game or Super Bowl.

  2. The Rams didn’t benefit from that call. Their season and reputation have been permanently scarred by the nonstop cacophony of Saints fans, and their coach, and their QB, and their invisible wide receiver, who have found the perfect alibi to obfuscate the fact that after having fallen behind 13-0 due largely to the illegal screamers and whistle-blowers in the stands, the Rams dominated the Saints on the field, both statistically and on the scoreboard.

  3. Don’t care about the 19 plays that happened after, ref makes the correct call… FG attempt and 99.9% of the time that games over in the Saints favor. Oh well in the past.

  4. The Saints benefited from an OPI against Haden in the Pit game that likely was the difference, too. Stuff happens.

  5. I mean, the refs missed a holding and roughing call on the INT too, so pointing to that is useless. Just stop with the excuses. The officiating ruined that game, quit pretending that teams should simply ignore it.

  6. “There was 19 plays that folllowed” Exactly!

    It was a horrible non cal and anything that can be done to minimize that happening without making things worse should be done.

    But there were 19 plays that happened after that play. Only weak minded or blatantly biased fans blame officiating for the outcome of a game that they didn’t like.

    The non call sucked but to point to that as the only reason the saints lost and the rams won is ludicrous.

  7. Just as the Saints benefited from a missed call personal foul on Goff that would have put Rams on the goal line. Except no one whines quite like the Saints fanbase, so we’re still hearing about this despite everyone suffering a call here and there.

  8. There were a lot of snaps in the Super Bowl too, but no Rams touchdowns. You’ve kind of just got to score touchdowns when you get to the Superbowl if you are hyped to be the greatest offensive mind in the game. If McVay wanted to prove his team belonged in the Superbowl there were a lot of plays they could proved that. We all want the teams in the game to belong, but that didnt happen, and so that was addressed by the record low scoring of the Rams.

  9. It was nothing more, nothing less than a balance being restored for the Saints, past and present. We all hope that, going forward, these title games are officiated fairly enough that the winner wins

  10. Easy thinf for McVay to say…”why are we not talking about the missed Face Mask/roughing call on Goff in the red zone and how we’ve to settle for FG?” Instead he took the high road but Saints fans still cry nonetheless

  11. But the A’ints were perfectly ok getting away with all the uncalled PI against THEM in the Vikes NFC Champ game.

    Hypocrites 🙂

  12. and their invisible wide receiver
    Haha the refs from Cali allowed Thomas to get mugged all game. Face it they wanted the Rams to win genius

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