Stephen Hauschka’s wife wants Jets’ Henry Anderson banned for cheap shots

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Jets defensive lineman Henry Anderson has a history of taking cheap shots at Bills players, and the wife of one of those players has seen enough.

Last year Anderson blindsided Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka, injuring his hip. In Sunday’s meeting, Anderson twice took cheap shots at Bills quarterback Josh Allen. That led Hauschka’s wife to take to Twitter and call for Anderson to be banned from the league.

“Hey, @nfl – guys like this do not belong in the league. Embarrassment,” Lindsey Hauschka tweeted, via the Buffalo News.

Anderson won’t be kicked out of the league, but he was fined for the hit on Hauschka and is highly likely to be fined again this week.

21 responses to “Stephen Hauschka’s wife wants Jets’ Henry Anderson banned for cheap shots

  1. The league won’t do a thing to him but give him a slap on the wrist because it’s the Bills. Never mind that he messed up Hau$hmoneys hip last yr and he wasn’t the same the rest of the season. And never mind that after Josh Allen evaded his pass rush and he was beaten, that he literally crawled over to Allen and hit him in the back of his knees. Nope. Nothing to see there. I mean, after all, it’s only the Bills.

    But let that have been another AFC East QB though….all hell would’ve broken loose. It’s not right!!!

  2. She’s right. Anderson clearly tries to injure players who aren’t looking and in vulnerable spots. Exactly the type of crap the NFL claims to want to remove from the game.

  3. Anderson is a cheap shot artist and should be suspended for the rest of the season for his shot on Allen. If the NFL wants to protect its players then this bum shouldn’t be allowed in the league.

  4. Did Gregg Williams reinstate his bounty program? The second incident on Sunday was particularly dangerous as Allen had already let go of the ball, Anderson knew that Allen was no longer involved in the play, and then he dove at Allen’s legs from behind. If the NFL won’t suspend him, then he will continue to do this until someone *does* get hurt.

  5. Watch the video of the cheap shot. It’s a solid 3 seconds after allen throws and Anderson is actually crawling towards allen and then lunges into the back of his knees. No flag!! The league that goes out of it’s way to protect QBs misses that call?
    I give allen credit for not whining to the refs about it like a certain QB in Foxborough does every time he is breathed on

  6. ” he literally crawled over to Allen and hit him in the back of his knees.”


    If the nfl has any desire to actually make the game safer, that should be 1 game suspension at minimum. You don’t stop dirty plays with fines, you do it by suspending the player.

  7. Ha! If you think Goodell will do anything to punish the Jets then you haven’t been paying attention! If Anderson had done this against Brady, Goodell would have awarded the Jets NE’s 1st round pick. Teams know they can tee off on Brady all day long without worry…

  8. Had not seen any of the hits in question until now, and the Hauschka hit was bad. But the one on Allen’s knee seemed blatant. Deserves a fine and a suspension.

  9. I am so shocked that Gregg Williams has a dirty player on his defense…Williams being allowed to coach in the NFL is atrocious, and shows how much the NFL really cares about players safety. Just go look up some of his quotes over the years.

  10. Saw the Allen hit that was intentional. Nfl screams safety, this guy needs suspended for multiple games. Intentionally hurting a player is not acceptable.

  11. Dude needs suspension, fines are not a deterrent ! Whole game checks are! Dude crawling then lunging at the knees of an unsuspecting player( let alone a QB). Should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior, multiple game suspensions would remedy this! These damn refs need to wake the hell up and do some ejecting !

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