Terrell Suggs: Would be BS to call facing Ravens just another game

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Linebacker Terrell Suggs made a homecoming this offseason by signing with the Cardinals and he’ll be making another one in Week Two of the 2019 season.

Suggs spent the first 16 years of his career with the Ravens and won a rookie of the year award, a defensive player of the year award and a Super Bowl before leaving as a free agent. The Cardinals will be in Baltimore on Sunday afternoon and that was a lead topic of conversation for Suggs on a Wednesday conference call.

It’s not uncommon for players coming back to face a former team to act as if it’s no big deal, but Suggs didn’t bother to try going down that road.

“When the schedule came out, I thought I would downplay it as just another game. But that would be b——t,” Suggs said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com.

While there’s been no announcement of plans to recognize Suggs at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, it’s hard to imagine the Ravens wouldn’t take a moment to look back on all that Suggs accomplished while simultaneously hoping he doesn’t do anything to slow their momentum from Week One.

18 responses to “Terrell Suggs: Would be BS to call facing Ravens just another game

  1. T-Sizz one of the Ravens greats will be in town. Suggs has definitely the resume for a the Hall of fame. He will be inducted 5 years after he retires. I am certain. He will also be on the Ravens Ring of Honor. Always be a raven!
    I have no doubt he will play out of his mind on Sunday. He still can play at a high level and he will make an impact on Sunday. However, I am sure the Ravens will have a plan for him, and double him on every snap. The Ravens will end up victorious as I don’t see a team with a rookie QB and a rookie head coach coming to Baltimore and getting a win especially on the Ravens first home game of the season. Go Ravens!!!

  2. T sizzle will go into the HOF as a Raven. On Sunday, he will try to show everyone he’s still got it. Buckle up your chinstraps!

  3. Love Sizzle forever…except this week. I wish the Ravens would’ve offered him a little bit more $ to stay a Raven for life, but he said the allure of going back to Arizona and playing for the hometown was a dream for him that he couldn’t turn down. I understand it.

  4. Love you Suggs. Always a Raven. But this week, we will destroy the Cardinals. See you when you come back to retire as a Raven then go to the HOF.

  5. A player of his caliper for that team for so long deserves atleast a tribute video
    Whoa! Let’s tap the brakes before we call him a “player of that caliper”.

  6. Sizzle deserves a standing O from the fans and a tribute video. If he can bring a SB to Arizona, he’s in the HOF five years after he hangs up the cleats.

  7. riggo08 says:
    T sizzle will go into the HOF as a Raven.

    Unlike baseball, NFL players do not go into the Hall of Fame as a member of a particular team.
    Their teams and accomplishments are documented, but their busts and plaque does not include a hat, jersey or other marker tying them to a particular franchise. When inductees play for multiple teams they are all listed equally.

  8. Hopefully the Ravens don’t hold as much as the Lions do. Suggs was a terror last week, the man’s still got it.

  9. Ronnie Stanley has seen his share of Sizz and Lamar has the wheels to get away. The Ravens are fully aware of what he is capable of doing. They will likely honor him in some way but also game plan for him. Greg Roman will dial something up.

  10. Since it’s only the second game of the season, Sizzle should be able to bring it all game long. Now if was after week 8 we’d all get to watch him suck air on the sideline for most of the game.

  11. The fans and players will recognize him but I don’t know how much official fanfare there will be at the game, not likely a lot. They’ll save it for when they put him in their Ring of Honor after he retires from his Arizona homecoming. Maybe not first ballot but Sizz’ll be in the Hall sooner rather than later too.

  12. “Go into the HOF as a Raven”

    I have seen it multiple times in this thread…

    Apparently, Baltimore didn’t get the memo that players in the NFL dont go in the Hall of Fame with team affiliation ?????.

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