Donte Moncrief looking for redemption after “worst game ever”

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Donte Moncrief‘s first game with the Pittsburgh Steelers is one he would like to forget as soon as possible.

Moncrief managed just three catches on 10 targets in Sunday night’s regular season opener against the New England Patriots. His three catches netted just seven yards and Moncrief had a handful of passes hit his hands that he was unable to secure, including a fourth-and-one conversion and a potential touchdown.

It’s sickening when you watch it and you know the plays that you’re supposed to make and you didn’t make them,” Moncrief said, via Mike Prisuta of the team’s website. “And you see them and you’re like, ‘Gosh, I know I gotta make that.’ The other day, after we watched that film, there was a feeling in my stomach, it hurt. I went home, went straight to sleep, it hurt me. I had to put that away.

“That was my first one like that, that was a bad one. It hurt, but at the end of the day it’s the NFL, all you can do is get better the next day. You gotta bounce back. You can’t let it hold you down.”

The missed chances probably wouldn’t have shifted the outcome of the game against New England, but it still wasn’t the best first impression to leave either. Moncrief has been dealing with a dislocated middle finger since early in training camp but he wouldn’t use that as a crutch for the dropped passes against the Patriots.

The ten targets Moncrief saw in New England were the most of any Steelers’ receiver. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said he’s not altering his approach with Moncrief due to one shaky outing.

Moncrief is looking to bounce back this week against the Seattle Seahawks, who only allowed 20 points to the Cincinnati Bengals last week but saw Andy Dalton throw for over 400 yards on 51 attempts.

“He believes in me,” Moncrief said of Roethlisberger. “He knows what I can do. I know what I can do. At the end of the day that was my worst game ever in my career, and it hurt.

“But you can’t just sit there and just pout about it. You gotta get better, and that’s what I’m doing.”

15 responses to “Donte Moncrief looking for redemption after “worst game ever”

  1. I have high hope for this guy with AB gone. Sundays game was not a good start. He said he has a dislocated finger but I think the bigger issue is the bricks he must have had in his hands while trying to catch the football. That was terrible.

  2. He’s been in the league five years and he’s whining like he made a rookie mistake. Honestly, if the Steelers worked on their game as much as they came up with excuses, they’d have 20 rings.

  3. The difference between Brady and Ben proven right here. You drop 3-4 of Bradys passes he stops throwing to you that day, goes on to win with other receivers. Ben keeps going your way because….well, because he is Ben I guess.

  4. It is hard not to improve when playing against a defense that allowed Andy Dalton to amass nearly 500 yards passing in Seattle, with the 12th screaming as loud as they can on every play.

  5. “The other day, after we watched that film, there was a feeling in my stomach, it hurt. I went home, went straight to sleep, it hurt me. I had to put that away.”

    One would think the proper response would be to head out to the practice field and have the juggs machine toss him 200 passes or at least enough till he felt he was getting it right for the day.

  6. Donte, you just have to come back to the ball. You’re getting an open window, but that window is a small one. Help out yourself and your QB by coming back and extending your hands and catching with your hands. The other stuff will work itself out. The route running will come around. Nobody is more accurate than Big Ben. It’s a golden opportunity. Also, you’re one of the best blockers I’ve ever seen. Just do whatever you can. You get 10 targets, but you’re on the field a lot more than that. Do the little things to help your teammates. Smith-Schuster will get a lot of attention, so the balls will be coming your way a lot. Be thankful the Steelers are sticking with you because that last performance was sickening. The Steelers might have won the game if you’d have played an A game.

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