Ryan Mallett arrested on DWI charges

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Former NFL quarterback Ryan Mallett has been arrested on driving while intoxicated charges after a two-car collision.

According to the Associated Press, Mallett was arrested in Springdale, Ark. after a Tuesday night accident.

The 31-year-old Mallett was a third-round pick of the Patriots, who also had stints with the Texans and Ravens.

He eventually played in 21 games, starting eight, during a seven-year career.

He struggled sometimes with NFL defenses, but also alarm clocks.

The day after losing the starting quarterback competition to Brian Hoyer in 2015, he overslept and missed practice, blaming his phone alarm for not working. He’d later miss a team flight and was cut, but latched on with the Ravens later that year. He last turned up in a tryout for the XFL, though it’s unclear if he has a future there.

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  1. Before the anti-Patriot salty mountain of hate get going on this, it may be worth noting Pats only took a chance on Mallett in 2011’s 3rd round as he’d previously projected as a 1st round. In 2013 Mallett became sole backup but only because 2013’s draft was one of the worst for QBs (Bills’ E J Manuel was the sole 1st rd pick), and thus Pats even tried out Tebow but cut him in August. In 2014 Pats draft JimmyG, and trade Mallett to Texans who were willing to risk as it just cost a conditional 6th (a 6th if he played). All the tardiness came after the trade. After Texans cut him he still somehow managed 3yrs at Ravens partly due to Flacco’s health.

  2. WHY???…..The NFL means you were in a ranking with some of the very Best Athletes in this world at this time. I remember the video of Mallett with John Gruden, where John sits him down, reviews films and talks to him one on one.
    For Christ Sakes, these are kids coming out of college, becoming almost millionaires over night! ANd now grown men!
    If I am a team owner, they are ALL getting evaluations and then as part of my team policy, you WILL get help in the area’s of defunct human morality, livability and suitability as a human being. In this day and age, there is NO need for ANYONE to be driving a vehicle intoxicated, over-medicated or unstable.
    In Mallett’s case, as well as every other individual now tossed by the league, you learn how NOT to be an idiot!

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