Adam Vinatieri excited for another game to get here

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Adam Vinatieri has played a lot of games since entering the NFL in 1996, but he hasn’t had to deal with bouncing back from games like last week’s all that often.

Vinatieri missed two field goals and an extra point in the Colts’ 30-24 overtime loss to the Chargers and said after the game that he let the team down by missing those kicks. The Colts haven’t made any noise about looking for another kicker, but Vinatieri was asked on Thursday if he felt like he’s kicking for his job this week and in the future.

Vinatieri said he thinks “every single person is playing for their job” and that he’s looking forward to the chance to play for his this weekend.

“Past experiences don’t mean anything moving forward,” Vinatieri said, via Stephen Holder of “But there’s been bad days along everyone’s road, and you just move on. . . . I’m excited to play another game for sure. Hopefully, we’ll have plenty of attempts, because that means we’re having a bunch of scoring opportunities, and that’s a good thing.”

While Vinatieri may downplay past experiences, his 24 year in the NFL buy him time after a bad performance that other kickers wouldn’t get. It’s not clear how much more time, but a good outing this weekend would make answering that question a less urgent matter for the Colts.

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  1. His GOAT career has to end sometime, eventually. But I doubt it would just be gone as in his last game – it’ll be less consistent on the long kicks, more strains & sprains, longer recovery. Make this the last year champ, on your own terms, and straight to the HoF.

  2. The Colts are a LONG way from being truly concerned about Adam’s kicking ,but it might not be a bad idea t0 bring back rookie Cole Hedlund for the practice squad. He kicked lights out in camp and pre-season. If for some reason Adam can’t right the ship, they would never cut him…the Colts would just put him on IR. It won’t matter though because Adam will kick great this weeekend!

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