Buccaneers talking “new identity” on defense

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The Buccaneers stopped the Panthers on fourth-and-1 early. They stopped them on fourth-and-1 late.

And at least for a moment, they stopped being the Bucs as we knew them.

After stopping Cam Newton in his tracks for a 20-14 win last night, the Buccaneers are hoping others notice the change.

“It’s crazy how it came down to a fourth-and-1, but absolutely, we’ve talked about how we want to forge a new identity for us, and I think we’re on our way to that,” Bucs defensive tackle Beau Allen said, via Greg Auman of TheAthletic.com. “You don’t want to toot your own horn too much two games into the season, but I think we’ve come a long way. We have a lot of guys who have stepped up and made plays.”

The Bucs gave up yards (343) but not the kind that mattered. They held the Panthers to 3-of-14 conversions on third down and 0-of-3 on fourth, and didn’t allow a touchdown. But holding their nemesis to 39 rushing yards stopped any chance the Panthers might have had. Outside linebacker Shaq Barrett also had three sacks, disrupting a Panthers line that clearly needs work.

The Bucs have won a single road game each of the last two seasons, and they were giving up an average of 31 points per game on the road, so this was a relief.

Coach Bruce Arians also said that first-round rookie linebacker Devin White‘s absence wouldn’t be a long one (he left with a knee injury), so the night was nearly perfect for them.

9 responses to “Buccaneers talking “new identity” on defense

  1. The defense did a great job on CMC but pretty much depended on Cam’s ineptitude for the rest.

    Carolina WRs were running free all night but Cam couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn and was afraid to run.

    This wasn’t a great defensive effort as much as benefiting from poor quarterbacking and it still came down to a 4th down and a 1/2 yard.

    Put in the backup QB if Cam is to chicken to lean forward. It was crazy how refusing to run a gimmee play cost the Panthers a shot to win at the end.

    2 QB sneaks at most and it’s game over. Panther’s win.

  2. I was shocked Cam was not instructed to do a QB sneak at the end. Any other year he would have gotten the 1st down or a TD to win but for some reason he’s playing sluggish and poorly….maybe he has MONO like Sam Darnold.

  3. Eagles got to a Super Bowl and won it with a backup QB. Riverboat Rivera thought Newt was their best chance to win or he would have put in his backup. He didn’t. I don’t think you’ll see superman on the injury report next week or a QB change either, and next week becomes ultra important or they’ll fall to 0 – 3. Also, keep in mind he has never been a very accurate passer and the pressure on him made it worse last night.

  4. Cam looks worse than his pre game attire and if they dont give the Left Tackle some help Cam will not make many more games at all

  5. The Bucs are a coming defense thanks to Todd Bowles. The defense is showing signs of being better every week as they understand Bowles’ system more. The offense played better this week as well, no Winston interceptions.

  6. i cant believe most here are just not appreciating that defense last night. Cam was pressured all nite long. The bucs made them play bad.Thats it period,,will see as the season goes along but they looked very fast and very phsical.

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