Damarious Randall would have requested trade if Browns had hired Gregg Williams

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Damarious Randall said he “hates” former Browns defensive coordinator/interim coach Gregg Williams and would have sought to leave Cleveland if Williams had gotten the team’s head coaching job.

“I don’t got no love for him at all,’’ Randall told Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com. “I’m happy he didn’t get the job here. Because if Gregg would’ve gotten the job here, I would’ve requested a trade immediately.’’

After teammate Odell Beckham accused Williams of teaching his players “cheap shots and dirty hits,” Randall wouldn’t reveal what occurred between he and Williams to create his animosity toward Williams.

Randall said multiple times he is “just not a fan” of Williams.

“Nothing has to be said,’’ Randall said. “Me and him know what it is. It is what it is.’’

Randall denied Williams threw him out of a practice last season.

Needless to say, Randall can’t wait for Monday night. Now, neither can anyone else.

35 responses to “Damarious Randall would have requested trade if Browns had hired Gregg Williams

  1. Man. More dumb stories come out Iof the browns than any other team in the league. You guys just got beat handily. Maybe worry about winning a game and not a watch or Gregg Williams.

  2. Randall was right about McCarthy and accountability. He might be right about this too. Maybe he’s just a vocal guy and calls them as he sees them. Packers should’ve kept him instead of trading for Kizer, but they don’t need either one of them.

  3. i mean….the guy was a Brown last season. He didn’t seek to be traded when GW was named interim HC. so………

  4. All these people to caught up hating on the browns to see it for what it is. these guys are pros they dont want to knee cap their friends and fellow pros.
    William’s has coached hurting people in the past. He is known for that crap. Do you want your favorite player on your teams acl ripped in two? Didnt think so. He wanted players to target guys with past concussions. He is a dirty coach and he plays just within the rules while still being dirty to this day.

  5. The browns players have a lot too say all the time. It’s crazy some people say the browns are going too be good and now every browns player feels like they have the right too talk. Your still the browns and this is conning from a jets fan. So that’s what nfl fans think of your loser team.

  6. Man this team needs to stop chirping until they actually do something to show they are not the same old Browns. I watched them last wk because of all that talent. I was rooting for them because their fans have suffered enough. I saw the same disarray as previous years. I am beginning to think kitchens is in over his head.

  7. You didn’t hear a peep from the Browns until after Darnold got ruled out. Now they back feeling confident, and full of talk.

    Next week going to be a long week after they beat the hapless JETS and think they are back Superbowl bound.

  8. Randal must’ve enjoyed the laid back, no pressure to win a game vibe Hue Jackson had going on.
    Well, lucky you, it’s made it’s way back again with Freddie “ my guys got heart in the locker room “ Kitchens.
    Kitchens will be on the Bengals staff by thanksgiving.

  9. Its becoming more and more obvious that for every John Urshel there is an A.B and this guy… I wonder how many players can actually read and write at an actual college level.

  10. Randall is one of those guys who teams are better off without, like Antonio Brown. They are talented but the extra stuff just distracts and burns out the rest of the team.

  11. We the fans, we really should get together, form our own union, and slowly start taking back our entertainment industry. Would you back an effort aimed at ultimately having the fans represented at the same bargaining table as the players and the owners? Without us, their business crumbles. But we just sit back and do nothing, and let the entertainment that they ” masquerade” keep deteriorating right in front of our eyes. While the price to try and watch it keeps skyrocketing. Would any of you support an association like that?

  12. omeletpants says:
    September 13, 2019 at 8:42 pm
    RANDALL SAYS: “I don’t got no love for him at all,’’

    This is why these athletes are illiterate and unemployable without football

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    – –

    Who are “these athletes” you’re referring to? So you’re saying he can’t read or write because he doesn’t speak the King’s English? “These athletes” have more heart, intellect, drive, grit, mental toughness than you, who sits behind a keyboard and bashes players. I was one of “these athletes” (as in DI) and I went to a top 20 law school after playing. What have you done? But I guess you never made the varsity team, so you live out your dreams on Sundays and in the comments.

  13. We love the NFL, I don’t want to play anymore I want traded, this game loses much interest each day and they should be thankful that fantasy football is still as a big a deal as it is. Me me me is the motto of this league

  14. So he’d rather play for a guy he likes then wins football games? Yeah that sounds about right for this generation of athletes

  15. Thats the problem with Randall he quits on his team if a coach gets on his case for anything. Cry baby Randall. and he refuses to play and or feins injury, good at that too. Anything to change his personal situation.

  16. Unfortunately if a college student grew up in a household with poor grammar skills that were not corrected prior to high school graduation, there’s little chance that the college experience will change that. For one thing, only certain areas of study require oral presentations. And it is always interesting to see that often times people who speak with poor grammar write with proper grammar especially with the use of computers with auto correction. Besides we know from the current situation that a man with a vocabulary that experts rate as equal to an eighth grader at best can become President of the United States. NFL teams are looking for “football intelligence“ and talent. It is true that most college programs use the relatively low NCAA academic standards for eligibility and many players unfortunately move on to the NFL before graduating but I do understand that the money offered to these young men becomes the driving force.

  17. Darnold being ruled out doesn’t guarantee the Browns a win. He’s still pretty young and has allot of learning to do. The backup isn’t that much of a drop off at this time in his career. Browns probably would win this game regardless who was quarterback

  18. melikefootball says:
    September 14, 2019 at 9:13 am
    We love the NFL, I don’t want to play anymore I want traded, this game loses much interest each day and they should be thankful that fantasy football is still as a big a deal as it is. Me me me is the motto of this league

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    Everyone is looking out for their own best interests. Why are we trying to demand something from these professionals? Show me a lawyer that’s not looking out for his best interests? Show me a trader that’s not looking out of his/her own skin? I hate this unfair microscope people place these professionals under. There may not be an “I” in team but there is an “m” for me.

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