Gregg Williams: I’ve never coached dirty hits anywhere I’ve been

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Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham said on Thursday that Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams “likes to teach” his players to deliver “cheap shots and dirty hits” to opposing players and that Browns players who were on the team when Williams was running the defense in 2017 told him that Williams specifically targeted him in a preseason game.

Williams responded to Beckham at a press conference on Thursday. When first asked about Beckham’s comments, Williams stole a page from Jerry Jones and said “Odell who?” before answering the accusation.

“We don’t do that,” Williams said. “Never done that anywhere I’ve been. We don’t do anything to hurt the team. It’s the number one primary thing. . . . You guys are cooperating, giving him attention. Just don’t give him attention. It just is what it is.”

A reporter began a followup question by calling Beckham one of the most dynamic players in the league. Williams cut off the question to say that was merely the reporter’s opinion and asked whether that was the Giants’ opinion, presumably because they traded Beckham and not because the Giants gave him a massive contract extension earlier in his career.

Back on the topic of what kind of coaching Williams provides, he was reminded that he was suspended for a season when the league determined he ran a bounty program while with the Saints. Williams replied by asking if that was right or wrong before saying he wanted to talk about the Browns.

Williams, Beckham and all the rest of the Jets and Browns will be at the Meadowlands on Monday night.

124 responses to “Gregg Williams: I’ve never coached dirty hits anywhere I’ve been

  1. Last week in Buffalo – Henry Anderson (Jets DE) took plenty of cheap shots on Josh Allen. One in which Henry dives into Allens knees 3 seconds after the play stopped. Watch out, Baker.

  2. Steve Gleasons recordings says that’s a lie. I believe he instructed his players to take out Kyle Williams ACL and kill Frank Gores head and his body will die.

  3. “I’ve never coached or taught players to make cheap shots or dirty hits…I’ve just paid them under the table to do it.”

    He should have never been allowed back in the league.

  4. Even if you did I don’t care. There are officials all over the field that are trained to spot and penalize any hit deemed excessive. I’m not suggesting that I want coaches to preach going over the line. I am suggesting that doing so can really only work against you. So if you want to self sabotage? Go ahead.

  5. Why is this scumbag still in the league? What an embarrassment to the league and any team he works for.

  6. Browns-Jets on MNF? Must Not See TV, as long as there’s paint drying or grass growing to look at.

  7. I wonder what the league would do if OBJ’s watch band gouges a chunk of flash from a defensive back trying to guard him.

  8. Watch the hits on Warner and Favre in the 2009 playoffs and then try and say that Williams didn’t condone dirty hits. It’s proven he coached to try and take key opposing players out of the game.

  9. Dude is a good coach, but he is definitely dirty. He coaches old school style which is illegal in today’s game. Plus, any man that age that puts highlights in his hair has serious mental issues.

  10. Probably doesn’t take time out of practice to coach them, instructing them to do so is a different story.

  11. Several players made sworn statements to the NFL about you teaching head hunting and spearing at injuries.

    Wow man.

    His defense wasn’t as good as Pete Morelli’s that day though.

    Naval lint

  12. Williams got a raw deal, he didn’t do anything any other D coordinator has done and continue to, was just standing when the music stopped. For the record Williams has never been a coach on my team and have no ax to grind.

  13. Didnt Williams also say he had 350 different NFL teams offering him head coaching jobs without even requiring an interview, and he turned them down to work for hue Jackson?
    Point being, nobody believes a word out of his mouth

  14. And you have never been suspended from the NFL for doing exactly that. Oops I guess he forgot about that.

  15. riflemanlax says:
    September 13, 2019 at 1:17 pm
    Did anyone else bust out laughing just reading the headline?

    Ok bud, whatever you say…


    Yes, I literally busted out laughing when I read the headline.

  16. He better not cheap shot Brady or he will be selling used cars the following Monday. The league would lose too much money if Brady is sidelined. Also if the Browns were smart, they would sit Baker on Monday because this will be a revenge game for Williams and the Browns offensive line is a joke.

  17. Williams is hard nosed but nothing compared to some of the little league coaches I’ve seen lol 😂

  18. I looked back at the 2009 NFC championship game (bounty gate), the game in which Brett Favre was hit a lot. Greg Williams defense was called for 2 unnecessary roughness penalties on Fave and 1 roughing the QB. There were more that should have been called but were not. The funny thing is that in the defensive stat line ESPN shows ZERO QB hits on Fave and ZERO sacks. If that is true, which it isnt then how get Favre end up with his entire thigh being one huge bruise the next day ??? Is the NFL trying to forget that game as much as Greg Williams seems to have.

  19. What’s crazy is that the person who gets injured has his career ruined, while the bounty hunter gets 15 yards. Any defensive player who injures an offensive player should be forced to sit out as many games as the injury caused. Problem solved.

  20. Saints fans where are you while this piece of crap lies to us. Wiliams should be drug tested for sure. The NFL very rarely suspends coaches, they suspended 2 because they were DIRTY. I have NECER heard of any other coaches bring suspended for a year, has anyone else? Funny thing somebody said, Williams is a liar, he could be president, no? Lol

  21. riflemanlax says:
    September 13, 2019 at 1:17 pm

    Did anyone else bust out laughing just reading the headline?

    I for ONE did!
    Just search for pictures of Brett Favre’s legs after the NFCCG if you want to see visual evidence.

  22. tonyzendejas says:

    September 13, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    Gregggg is certifiable maniac and it blows my mind that he still works in this league.

    Hard to argue with this and the audio on GW would support that.

  23. Ok then. I guess we will just take him at his word. Not like there isn’t a mountain of evidence to the contrary or anything.

  24. I still feel like this is a non-story but no Gregg, yes you have. It was called Bounty-gate. You might not have “coached” it. But you definitely were part of incentivizing it. So yeah, you have.

  25. The Jets have a DL FULL of high first round picks But the only thing I worry about playing them is that they will injure a key player on my team. Williams can deny it all he wants, but he EARNED that reputation going all the way back to the Titans. Now THAT was a dirty defense

  26. charliecharger says:
    September 13, 2019 at 3:48 pm
    Gregg Williams is a good coach and a winner. Very well respected. Can’t say that about everybody in this conversation.

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    He is a a disgusting and despicable human being. Period. Anyone who has heard that tape knows this.

  27. Greg Williams was suspended for a bounty programme for 1 year. If no one on here can remember that, don’t even comment.

  28. Greg Williams was suspended for a year for a Bounty programme. If anyone on here doesnt remember that don’t comment about him. He is a dirty coach.

  29. Greg Williams Should not be in the NFL the game is hard enough . What he pulled with Saints should have permanent. He is a no SOB.

  30. Greg Williams Should not be in the NFL the game is hard enough . What he pulled with Saints should have permanent. He is a no good SOB.

  31. Hit people where they are injured/recovering is a pretty obvious strategy in contact sports. These days people cringe at hard hits, but back in the early 2000s, most NFL fans loved watching the “Jacked Up” segment on ESPN. IMO, Williams was the fall guy and for the end of an older era. And now we are in this soft era of NFL.

    Back then QBs were expected to protect their Wide Receivers. Now the DBs are supposed to protect the Wide receivers.

  32. tylawspick6 says:
    September 13, 2019 at 3:53 pm
    charliecharger says:
    September 13, 2019 at 3:48 pm
    Gregg Williams is a good coach and a winner. Very well respected. Can’t say that about everybody in this conversation.

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    He is a a disgusting and despicable human being. Period. Anyone who has heard that tape knows
    Says the patriot fan in which Belichick has ended many coaching careers through cheating.

  33. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” — Bill Clinton
    “I am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world.” — Donald Trump
    “I’ve never coached dirty hits anywhere I’ve been.” — Gregg Williams.

  34. Dorsey just hates his players creating drama with the writers. I know he’s sitting in his office shaking his head saying to himself,…. “What have I gotten myself into ??”

    Wouldn’t it been really neat if Cleveland would have signed AB instead of the Pats.
    OBJ and AB mouthing off like the immature children they are.

  35. Idiots, to earn a bounty they had to be clean, LEGAL hits. That is still the biggest farce the NFL has perpetrated.

  36. My gosh these vikes dans are annoying. They tell saints fan to get over the call but theyre still crying boit 1o yrs ago

  37. GP Lee
    Nope. Just glad to see Saints fans get what they deserve. But keep crying about your ONE bad call whe your dirty coach got away with RIGHT dirty no calls.

  38. How did the alleged bounty- rejected by Tagliabue after Goodell hand picked him- cause Peterson to fumble 4 times, Favre to throw the absurd int, and the coach to put 12 men in the huddle? It’s ridiculouus.Williams was a nut fired by the saints after 2011 playoff in which the Saints had no personal fouls and the only player knocked out was Pierre Thomas on a head shot by Hit Man Whitner. Give us a break, Vikes fans. You blew it.

  39. Technically the Jets season hasn’t gotten ugly. But it will. And when it does the cheap shots from this guy and his defense are gonna get really bad.

  40. Which saints fan defended him? I’ll wait. He cost the team draft choices and a lost year or two with his big mouth, then cratered so he could be reinstated. The idea the saints defense ever knocked out anyone, then or since, is laughable.

  41. The fact that this piece of crap is still coaching, is proof that the NFL cares NOT about player safety. G Williams is a dirty coach, and if he was on fire, on the side of the road, i would not pull over to piss on him.

  42. Is he kidding? Really? Just put on the Minnesota-Saints NFC Championship Game. That was nothing but cheap shots on Favre. One of the dirtiest games I have seen on TV.

  43. Keep this in mind, though; there were players that went out and did the cheap, late hits. No one called him out for it. The players are as guilty as him, even more so when they come off the field screaming “WHERE’S MY MONEY?”

    The league is a vicious league coached by men, carried out by men.

    **edit** “PAY ME MY MONEY!”

  44. He coaches like everyone else!!! He was just made an example of by the NFL. If it was as serious as you think the NFL would have banned him forever but they didn’t.

  45. Ok Gregg, you’ve never coached dirty hits — and Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman. [Wink Wink]

  46. The while “bounty” farce was one of the worst things the NFL has done in its history. They needed to take the media off of the concussion lawsuits so they cooked up the fake “bounty” story. You can believe what you want, but the FACTS are that during the entire time of the alleged “bounty” program, the Saints were one of the least penalized teams in the NFL on defense in regards to ILLEGAL hits. Not a SINGLE player was ever taken out of the game as a result of an ILLEGAL hit by a Saints player. It DID NOT HAPPEN. Just look at the stats. A study was done on this. The Saints “bounty” program was a very small scale cash pool for “good clean hits” the very same type of incentive pool that most NFL teams had at the time and the EXACT same type of “bounty/incentive” pool that the VIKINS had during the same time period. Even Florio, who early on bought into the fake “bounty” story later changed his tune when he was shown the “evidence” which did not exist.

    Gregg Williams is a jerk and a turncoat, he uses old school language to fire up his defense. Does anybody remember Brian Cuushing on the Texans sideline, a year or two later, saying “stacks for sacks” meaning he would be collection some “bounty” money for a sack? How about the NY Giants saying they would concuss the Niners punt returner in the NFC Championship game that year. They actually did that one, they bragged about it before and AFTER the game.

    Bountygate was a FARCE!

    And if you look at a 2009 game and judge the hits by today’s standards you are a fool. The rules have changed DRAMATICALLY since 2009. Look at a game for the 1970’s where QB’s were routinely hit well after the throw and physically beaten into the ground. The rules are differnt now.

    Twelve men in the huddle, FOUR fumbles and Favre being Favre……hahahaha…The Vikings….

  47. Gregg stop lying you admitted to the NFL you had bounties in New Orleans. That is why they suspended you and your HC for a year. You would have been better received if you just said next question. Players and NFL coaches know who you are. A dirty coach.

  48. sfsaints fan you are a tool, stop defending gregg williams. Saints players were on tape asking for their money. gregg wiliams told on himself to the NFL what he did there. You are embarrassing yourself and that goes for other Saints fans defending this guy as well.

  49. Gregg Williams: I’ve never coached dirty hits anywhere I’ve been
    He’s lying.

  50. Reasonable football fans know you haven’t coached dirty hits, Gregg. Know who else is aware of this? Paul Tagliabue. Carry on.

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