How about a Melvin Gordon for Trent Williams trade?

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Sometimes the best ideas are hiding in plain sight.

With Week Two looming, neither Chargers running back Melvin Gordon nor Washington left tackle Trent Williams have ended their holdouts. And with Gordon planning to stay away as long as he can while still getting credit for the last year of his rookie contract and with Williams still seemingly intent on not playing for Washington again, why not do a Gordon for Williams trade?

Washington needs a running back, given the injury to Derrius Guice. And L.A. needs a left tackle, given the ongoing absence of Russell Okung, who suffered a pulmonary embolism in June.

If Okung doesn’t play for the rest of the season or beyond, and if Washington would be willing to offer Gordon a contract he’d accept, the problem is solved for everyone.

If it’s something that the two franchises should at least consider. It solves a mutual problem, and it addresses a need for each team.

Which of course means it will never happen.

39 responses to “How about a Melvin Gordon for Trent Williams trade?

  1. Melvin Gordon is nowhere near as important as Williams is so that trade would be a one sided affair. Nice try Mike

  2. How about no. If the Redskins trade Willams they need to get draft picks so they can build around Haskins. Adding a injury prone RB (they already have one of those) does nothing

  3. Not sure Washington would want to pay Gordon for the same reasons LAC doesn’t want to – (a) paying top dollar for RB’s with the short shelf life isn’t economical, and (b) the presence of cheaper/younger alternatives (Guice – who will at least be back next year if not sooner… and Washington isn’t a contender this year where splurging to make a run at the title makes sense)

  4. How bout Trent to the Pats for Antonio Brown? The Pats dont really need another WR and the Skins could use ANYTHING to make them more relevant/interesting! The Skin fans could boo him and Snyder would get all kinds of attention without his image getting any worse!

  5. Gordon is an idiot…. if the Chargers really did offer him 10 million a year & he said no, his EGO is writing checks his talent can’t cash

  6. Williams is a better and more valuable player than Gordon, Redskins don’t need to trade him to upgrade running back position unless they’re just completely done dealing with him.

  7. If the Chargers have an RB holding out because he wants a new contract and the team is refusing to do a new deal, are they really going to be eager to trade for a 31 year old LT who is holding out because he wants a new contract?

  8. Um no. The guy has been in the league 4 years and has rushed over 1,000 yards one time…. And is holding out for a new contract. No thanks

  9. This trade doesn’t make the sense this blog says it does. 1) RB for LT isn’t fair. LT is much harder to find. 2) Williams doesn’t want more money, Gordon does. 3) Williams is worth his contract, Gordon is not (this is coming from a Badger fan).

    Washington would be crazy to make that trade. Guice is hurt, not gone. Don’t sign Gordon to a long term deal because your rookie is hurt.

  10. Nobody is giving Melvin the contract he wants and nobody is giving up a valuable assets for a 4-6 game rental.

  11. This makes zero sense. You already have your rb of the future on the roster. Why would you deal for another and end up with 2 rb of the future? You would do this deal if you were a top 4 SB contender going in, like the Bradford to Vikings trade. Washington is not an all-in, now or never contender. Typical fan trade idea.

  12. How about Reily Reiff and a fifth round pick for Williams? The Vikings get a younger LT who is overall a better player and Washington gets a serviceable left tackle to hold down the fort while they find another and a pick to help going forward? Truthfully I never watched Williams play but am feeling left out of the Williams mania.

  13. Williams is more valuable as a football player, but if he’s really not going to play for the skins his only value is as a trade chip. No one is trading an elite tackle for an elite tackle, so you have to take what you can get. Biggest problem with Gordon is that he’d have to sign on for more years and Washington hopes to have Guice for years to come.

  14. I got a great deal, hear me out. I will give you a middle of the pack RB who wants a big raise. You need a RB. Now I know they are de-valued because you can get a street free agent at near replacement value but here’s the deal.
    All I want back is a top 10 LT. Now I know there are more good QB’s in the draft than LT’s, let alone one that is proven but I got something else for ya. A huge bag of balls for even proposing this garbage.

  15. Spanos isn’t doing anything that would cost him money. TV revenues are shared by all NFL teams, but all other LA Charger revenues are way down. Low attendance, low interest with a franchise that’s become an afterthought in the NFL.

  16. I think the trade could happen but it might take Melvin Gordon and a 2nd or 3rd round pick. If Okung is waiting for a doctor to risk his license and take him off blood thinners, then there will be a long wait. Telesco and company are probably trying to see how the offensive line performs these first few games while exploring possible trade avenues best forthe team and cap long term.

  17. Yes, please Mr. Gordon, neither the Skins nor the Chargers need you being a lil brat and my fantasy team is beasting with Ekeler lol… just stay home and crack jokes wit your homies

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