Jarvis Landry: I know the guys on this team have heart

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The Browns were handed an embarrassing loss by the Titans last Sunday and Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler shared a harsh assessment of the Cleveland team with wide receiver Jarvis Landry during the game.

As captured in a video produced by the Browns, Butler told Landry that the Browns don’t have any heart. Landry responded by saying Butler knew him better than that, which led Butler to agree and say he was questioning the rest of the team’s heart rather than Landry.

Landry still disagreed and shared more of his feelings about Butler’s read of the team when he spoke to reporters on Friday.

“It was just kind of what I said,” Landry said in comments distributed by the team. “I know the guys that are in the building. I know the guys that I go to work with every day and how hard we work. . . . It is definitely [a dig] for somebody to say that. It definitely kind of like took me by surprise for a second. At the same time, opponents are willing to say anything. You just kind of have to take it for what it is. In that matter, I know the guys here. I know that everybody is going to play until four quarters, 0:00 on the clock and the winner is decided. That was kind of my answer to it.”

Landry isn’t the only player on the team who has shared his belief in the team’s ability to pick themselves off the mat after last weekend’s thrashing. They’ll have a chance to prove those feelings correct against the Jets on Monday night.

34 responses to “Jarvis Landry: I know the guys on this team have heart

  1. Meanwhile Landry is seeking a trade back to the Dolphins so he can play with guys who have more heart than the Browns do.


  2. Well we will find out Monday. I hate to admit it but Butler may be right. Browns teams of the past got punched in the mouth and never got back up. I know they played hard but that didn’t cut it. What we wanna see is that FIRE. Get po’d Browns, go push the Jets around, it’s not a skill thing, it’s an attitude that we need. You can still win even in a loss but last week….that was just a loss, stop looking dejected already. Get mad!

  3. Trevor Simien is an upgrade over Darnold at QB. Add to that the revenge factor by Greg Williams and this game has an upset written all over it.

  4. @patsfan4lifesbchamps

    I can name almost a dozen QB’s that looked worse than Sam Darnold with mono. You’ve posted the same comment since yesterday take a breather.

  5. Can’t speak for all the Browns but we know Beckham will eventually throw in the towel. And if they lose to the Jets–who looked horrible offensively in Week 1 and will now be starting the backup on short prep time–it’s going to get REALLY ugly in Cleveland.

  6. Jets, 20 -16. Clowns are, AGAIN, in complete disarray. Those fans deserve so much better than that ” product”????? they have to deal with year after year after year after…….

  7. “You’ve posted the same comment since yesterday take a breather.”

    Lolz that’s the same Jets fan posing as a Pats fan that has literally thousands of times over several years posted that “Brady is only a system QB”

    You can expect him to post the same stuff about Darnold for years before he “takes a breather”

  8. harrisonhits2 says:
    September 13, 2019 at 6:01 pm
    “You’ve posted the same comment since yesterday take a breather.”

    Lolz that’s the same Jets fan posing as a Pats fan that has literally thousands of times over several years posted that “Brady is only a system QB”

    It’s actually even sadder than that. Poor Chip (the phins fan) is posing as a Jets fan posting as a fake Pats fan. It may yet end up as the 1st recorded case of terminal patsanoia, unless terripet finally explodes before he does

  9. Can’t measure heart but discipline is more tangible. 18 penalties is absurd, that needs to be cleaned up if they want to contend this season.

  10. I’m willing to believe him for one more game. But if you just got beat badly, should your star WR be focused on wearing his watch again? He thinks game stands for Gawk At ME.

  11. It’s quite ridiculous the narrative around Darnold after one game where he either played with severe mono symptoms which keeps people bed ridden or full blown mono and an enlarged spleen. There is literally no in between and people who have had it know it. Despite the illness, for a guy who came into the season with people calling him a turnover machine it sure looked like he played smart against a top 5 D with virtually zero help from his OL and his outside receivers completely blanketed to the point that one had -4 receiving yards. The same people criticizing him for that game would be after him for tacking sacks and heaving it into double coverage. It’s debatable that he was even the worst QB on the field that day so I’m not shocked by the AFCE paranoia from the fan bases who haven’t seen their team win a playoff game in 15 – 20 years.

  12. I was at the game when the Browns beat the Chargers for their only win of the season. I’ve never been so embarrassed since Marlon McCree intercepted a 4th down pass and fumbled it to the Pats. Sigh 😔

  13. they need players with no heart. during a rebuild you make sure your roster is full of no heart punks. why would they want to accidently win a game. 0-16 for the clowns.

  14. The Browns seem like a very immature team. Except for their recent off-season ‘on paper’ championship, the team hasn’t won in forever. They have a lot of younger guys with big mouths that haven’t done squat in the league, especially OBJ, who came up small in his only playoff appearance.

    They all talk a lot, but I’m not sure they’ve done the work to be a cohesive team. They could go 0-8 before it dawns on them that they’re not as good as they say they are.

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