Minkah Fitzpatrick at Dolphins practice

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Minkah Fitzpatrick is Schrodinger’s defensive back, as he is both on the trade block and at practice at the same time.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Fitzpatrick is in attendance at Dolphins practice this morning, hours after reports that he had received permission to seek a trade.

While standing as further evidence of the growing dysfunction there, it’s also strange from a practical standpoint.

If they are considering moving him, they shouldn’t be subjecting him to the injury risk inherent in any football activity, until or unless they know they can’t make a deal.

And by granting a young player under a desirable contract the permission to leave, he at least has both eyes, if not one foot, out the door.

14 responses to “Minkah Fitzpatrick at Dolphins practice

  1. Total train wreck on this team. And Flores is NOT the one to fix it. He is not a leader of men.
    He may be a BB cast off but this team needs a leader of men to have them buy into the process.

  2. Why not just forfeit the season? Better than stealing from your fan base. The Dolphins are really making Hootie and the Blowfish cry now. Take the team away from crappy owners

  3. No what he is showing is a keen understanding that many dont. I stated i want out, Phins granted him permission to seek a trade, and fitzpatrick is showing he hasnt quit and wont quit he merely wants a better situation. The same thing we all do when looking for a new employer.

  4. I understand the process of attempting to stockpile draft choices in hopes of building from the ground up, but, you still need to keep some semblance of a foundation intact( ideally with young above average players). Miami should not be so quick in allowing these players to seek trades!

  5. What a loser. He just got drafted, is on a rookie deal and thins he can demand a trade?

    This is exactly why Flores is doing what he’s doing. It’s to see who the cancers are.

  6. This is Fitzpatrick’s way of telling all his teammates that he thinks he is better than them and he could care less how they feel about it. This is a new way of thinking for him. Something he’s learned since he arrived in Miami. I would expect this type of behavior from the likes of a Rashad Jones but not Minkah. Amazing how fast bad habits are learned at this level of entitlement.

  7. Maybe he doesn’t like the fact that there is another FitzMagic on the team. Too much for him to handle, well, besides getting embarrassed by the Ravens and most likely for the rest of the season.

  8. Stephen Ross bought 50% of the Dolphins in 2008 and another 45% in 2009 for a total of 95%. Starting with the 2009 season, the Fins are 72- 88, not counting the debacle last week. Since 2009, the Dolphins have marched through 4 GMs and 6 head coaches, including Flores. The only consistency I see is shoddy football and Stephen Ross. Is there a correlation?

  9. How can anyone blame him for wanting to get to a team that (a) isn’t tanking, (b) recognizes that he’s a blue chip FS, not a jack of all trades/master of none (c) Has professional coaching. Does anyone think Fitzpatrick would be a “better player” on a different team?

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