Philip Rivers “at peace” entering contract year


The Chargers are currently playing without their starting running back over contract unhappiness.

Their quarterback, at least, shouldn’t be a problem for them.

Philip Rivers told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that he was “at peace” with his contractual situation.

He’s in the final year of his deal, but said he hopes things work out for him to stay after discussions with General Manager Tom Telesco.

I really just feel at peace about that. Tom and I had really good conversations throughout the last couple months. I think it’s sincere, the both of us, really desire I’m still a Charger in 2020,” Rivers said. “I think that sincerity will make it all work out. Had it worked out before the regular season got started, I’d have been fine with it, but it didn’t. Shoot, hey let’s just wait and it kinda worked best for both sides to do that. I really feel good about it. I’m in a good place.”

Rivers turns 38 in December, but continues to play at a high level, so justifying a new deal wouldn’t be hard for the Chargers.

“I’ve always said handful of years, handful of years, handful of years, and I know you can’t say that forever and I don’t have an age number on it. But I’m at the point where I think one year at a time,” Rivers said. “I’m excited about this season and I am looking forward to 2020 and then, after that, I don’t know. Doing that for me, mentally, for my family, that’s the most healthy way to approach it.”

Being a quarterback gives him that luxury, unlike Melvin Gordon, who is still away from the team in his quest for a new deal that doesn’t appear to be coming.

9 responses to “Philip Rivers “at peace” entering contract year

  1. Gordon will never recoup the money he is throwing away this year.He will throw away $2-3 million this year, get hurt when he comes back, and get a one year prove it deal next year.

  2. He is at peace knowing that someone next year will be giving him 30 million plus dollars. Its been very hard on Rivers and his 10 kids living only 20million a year but somehow, someway he and his family has survived.

  3. I am a Broncos fan but I admire Rivers. He is a solid guy. He can get a bit whiny at times bit overall I have enjoyed watching him all these years. Best of luck to him.

  4. Spanos is “gaming” Rivers. Other than shared TV money, revenues are way down for the “re-located” franchise. Spanos is a cheap skate who’s dealing with a failed NFL franchise in Los Angeles. Rivers should go back to Carolina (NC State) next year and light it up for Rivera and Norv. He’d put them in the playoffs more than once. The homeless LA Chargers are in the homeless capitol of America. Sad for a once great franchise who were fun to watch.

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