Torrey Smith announces his retirement

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Torrey Smith was released by the Panthers on September 1 and he won’t be looking for a new place to play during the 2019 season.

In a video released via UNINTERRUPTED on Friday, Smith announced his retirement from the NFL. Smith reads a letter to the game in the video and thanks it for opening doors to college and a life outside the game that might not have been otherwise available.

Smith entered the league as a 2011 second-round pick of the Ravens and won a Super Bowl with the team after his second NFL season. He moved on to the 49ers as a free agent in 2015, but was released after two years of a five-year deal. He signed with the Eagles and won another Super Bowl before being traded to the Panthers ahead of the 2018 season.

Smith walks away with 319 catches for 5,141 yards and 41 touchdowns.

30 responses to “Torrey Smith announces his retirement

  1. You earned your Super Bowl rings and you’ll be remembered for being a class act. No one had that top-end extra gear like you once the ball was in the air. Thanks for the memories in Baltimore.

  2. I’m willing to bet that in retirement he’s even more active than ever with his charity and community work. He’s always been one to look out for others. Congratulations and thanks on using your football talents to enrich those around you.

  3. As a Ravens fan, I can’t thank him enough for the huge contribution to the Super Bowl team, and the organization as a whole. Enjoy retirement, and your 2 rings

  4. flea flicker to pass from Foles in ’17 NFCCG was a beauty! Thanks Torrey! Good luck in retirement!

  5. Great guy no doubt, but hasn’t been much of a player since that super bowl year. He’s long overdue for retirement.

  6. This shows how intelligent I am. Just this morning I said “The Vikings are down to 4 healthy WR’s, they need to call Torrey Smith”. Anyone know if ESPN is hiring? I think I’m qualified.

  7. What a shame. Seeing all these comments made me realize what a good dude he was. Why is so much media hyped over idiots like AB. Not often you see a guy thank football for opening the doors to college. Best of luck to a guy who seems to have his head on straight

  8. 1976 Soul Patrol says:
    September 13, 2019 at 9:56 am
    If Lynn Swann got in the HOF with pathetic numbers, why not him?
    different era of football. the rules have changed in favor of the offense. you cannot compare what a WR did in the 70’s against what numbers they can put up now.

  9. A solid WR with blazing top-end speed. Not a HOF player, but he does have 2 SB rings to his name. Smith is a solid guy all around. Best of luck in post-football life.

  10. You will always be a part of Philly after that flea flicker TD in the NFCCG and your contributions to the first Eagles Super Bowl.

    Best Wishes in your next journey.

    – Eagles Fans

  11. “If Lynn Swann got in the HOF with pathetic numbers, why not him?”

    Because it was far harder to make catches in that era of football, that’s why the numbers were lower.

    If people who’ve only seen the modern era games watched one from the 70s you’d be screaming for hits on defenseless receivers, helmet to helmet hits, PI etc on literally every single play.

    Once upon a time defenders could play tough D in the NFL and it was not only approved of but cherished.

  12. Great Raven, great Terp, great guy. Ravens don’t win SB XLVII without Torrey tearing up the Broncos in the divisional round. The huge day in the 2010 home win vs. Russell Wilson and NC State is another fond memory. Always has been a class act and it’s great that he’ll be in the Baltimore area going forward.

  13. That kind of respectful goodbye deserves a nice post retirement gig somewhere, if he even wants one. Maybe as a receivers coach for a college or NFL team. Congrats on a respectable pro career, retirement and as an ambassador to the game itself.

  14. If Lynn Swann got in the HOF with pathetic numbers, why not him?
    His ability to draw PI’s was
    Good luck Torrey

  15. Dropped a ton of balls at MD and I was surprised my Ravens picked him up. Proceeded to drop some balls but was much better than MD. And that catch VS Steelers we all remember. And that SB run, we love ya Torrey!

  16. 2 SB rings more then AB,Moss,T.O,ocho cinco combined lol see the NFL did have a few classy receivers who never whined and just played ball good luck on life after football….

  17. Everyone was calling him a bust 3 games into his career – and then he lit up The Rams for 3 TDs in his third game. He balled out in the Monday night game against the Patriots the day after his brother died in a motorcycle crash – the stadium was in tears when he caught the first TD and kneeled in the end zone. The game winner Sunday night in the final seconds at Heinz field when he and Joe shut that place up – I was there – you could have heard a pin drop. The Divisional round when he torched Champ Bailey for two TDs. Off the field – a pillar in the DMV area. Great hometown kid. Glad that he got his money, his health and beautiful family. All the best Torrey!

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