Colts hope to talk Adam Vinatieri out of retirement

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Signs are pointing toward a retirement announcement on Monday from future Hall of Fame kicker Adam Vinatieri. If the Colts have their way, it won’t happen.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Colts aren’t ready to give up on Vinatieri, and they hope to persuade him to stay. Either way, they expect to have an answer by Monday afternoon.

In the interim, the Colts expect to hear from every agent of every kicker who is currently looking for a job. If Vinatieri does indeed move on, Indy will need to find one, quickly.

Vinatieri, one of the greatest kickers to ever play the game and the league’s all-time scoring leader, has missed five kicks in two weeks.

18 responses to “Colts hope to talk Adam Vinatieri out of retirement

  1. Indy must be masochists to want to stick with Vinatieri at this point. Dude cost them the Chargers game and could’ve cost them the game today as well. Time to move on.

  2. I understand that he loves the game, but he, more than anyone else, should know when it’s time to hang it up. If anything, he probably regrets not retiring during the offseason when the Colts could have found a replacement before he cost them games.

  3. Adam had a great career, and a long career. It is time though. If the Colts truly want tolet him retire on a high note bring in a FG kicker and let Adam finish the season doing the kick offs.

  4. Vinatieri knows he might not have it anymore and doesnt want to hurt his teams chances of winning these close games. You gotta respect him for that

  5. Takes pride to say, I don’t have it any more, from a guy who has made more pressure kicks then anyone before him. If he quits, he gave football fans some of the greatist moments in football by any one person.

  6. You play until they drag you off, kicking and screaming. Because once it’s over, it’s over forever.

    AV is an NFL immortal. A moment of booing by pissed off fans because he’s done should be worth playing however long the Colts are willing to let him play. The legend of Mantle doesn’t diminish because of his last season. Neither will AV’s. Keep playing man, keep playing.

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