Janoris Jenkins: We need pressure, I can’t cover for 10 seconds


The Giants got to Josh Allen for three sacks in Sunday’s 28-14 loss to the Bills, which was three more than they had in the season-opening loss to the Cowboys but it still wasn’t enough to make one member of the defense happy about how much pressure the defense is generating.

Cornerback Janoris Jenkins called the team’s defensive play in the first two games “really discouraging” and took particular issue with quarterbacks “sitting back there patting the ball” long enough to find an open receiver.

“When you’ve got time [to throw] and you ain’t getting no pressure, I can’t cover nobody for 10 seconds,” Jenkins said, via NJ.com. “Who can cover somebody for 10 seconds? Go look at the first five seconds of the route. He’s not open. If you’re scrambling and there ain’t no pressure getting there, what do you want me to do? I can’t cover this side and that side. Come on, bro. We’ve got to play football around here.”

Jenkins insisted he wasn’t calling anybody out and that “11 people” are involved with the team’s defense on every play, but kept returning to the lack of pass rush as something that has to change if the Giants want to wind up as a winner in one of their games this season.

16 responses to “Janoris Jenkins: We need pressure, I can’t cover for 10 seconds

  1. I think he’s right. I mean they haven’t been good for a long time. And it ain’t Eli. That team is just not good. But what you asking me to do back there? Pressure creates great Dbs

  2. objectivefbfan says:
    September 15, 2019 at 7:46 pm

    I think he’s right. I mean they haven’t been good for a long time. And it ain’t Eli.
    Of course. It’s never Eli. It’s the three HC’s they’ve gone through, all the o-lineman they’ve brought in, and the best running back in football that are the real issue.

  3. He’s at least partly right.
    Minimal pressure on the QB makes it hard on the DBs to keep coverage.

    Those other DBs are not NFL caliber. There was a lot of blown coverage this week as well as guys that can’t tackle. Just like last week.

    They were playing the Bills, not the Joe Montana era 49ers.
    This was a bad game. Pretty close to unwatchable.

  4. I have heard of the offense fighting with the defense and vice versa but the secondary fighting with the D-line after 2 games?

    This is going to be fun. New York Tabloids… do your best!

  5. Well this is what you get when you completely ignore addressing the pass rush in the draft (esp when the talent was there). Making a reach pick for the X-Man in the 3rd round of the draft [!] isn’t going to cut it.

  6. I’m a Bills fan and was concerned with the pressure on Allen. He’s making excuses.


    I am a Bills fan to and no you weren’t. Please.. that was nothing compared to when we have seen Allen under pressure. The Giants O certainly discouraged the Defense but let’s be serious… the Giants D in no way shape or form made me think O I am concerned.. they gave up what 3 drives over 70 yards?? that isn’t pressure or cause for concern

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