Jimmy Garoppolo playing like the player 49ers thought he was

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Jimmy Garoppolo no longer is thinking about his surgically repaired knee.

The 49ers quarterback took only two hits Sunday, both by Ryan Glasgow, including one Garoppolo threw for a 39-yard completion to Deebo Samuel. But he lived to tell about it.

“Yeah, it’s good to get hit, I guess,” Garoppolo said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBCSportsBayArea.com. “It sounds weird to say, but yeah.”

Garoppolo invited questions with his preseason performance, but he’s answered in two games in the regular season. Garoppolo has completed 35 of 52 passes for 463 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions this season.

Bigger still, the 49ers are 2-0.

“Everybody knows the ability Jimmy has, and he’s shown it,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said. “It’s not just about a guy with talent. It’s a guy who has talent [and] who has played in games and shown everyone he can play at a high level. The more he’s out there, I truly believe the better he will get, even when he does make mistakes, as long as he learns from them.”

22 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo playing like the player 49ers thought he was

  1. I am not bagging on the guy cuz I do wish him well. But he got his first props for coming from the Patriots, where no QB has ever emerged from and survived. He is getting his second props for beating TB and CIN. Good performance today but unless I am missing it he was outplayed by Dalton today and by J Winston last week. I still need more before I buy into him being elite. I want him to be because I think we lack even good ones out there. But being outdueled by Jameis Winston? Even in a win?

  2. Jimmy G is gonna be a special qb. He makes an ill advised throw here and there but that’s any young qb. I’ve always liked him ever since he was drafted so I’m glad he ended up with the Niners.

  3. Jimmy G is right on schedule, for coming off a injury of this magnitude. He made big plays today and looked poised doing it. He will keep getting better especially with a dominant running game backing him up. It’s all about the offense and Defensive lines, and Niners are dominating on both sides right now. 2-0 is all you need to know.

  4. Jimmy g was outplayed by Dalton and Winston? His rating was higher than both of them and it wasn’t close. A quarterback throwing for 30 more yards doesn’t mean they were outperformed by any means.

  5. Outplayed by Winston and Dalton? I must have been watching different games, since that’s not what I saw. And the numbers don’t lie. If he stays upright and we keep having a solid running game that compliments the run, maybe the Niners go somewhere this year.

  6. Dalton had a solid game, that loss isn’t on him. But Jimmy G got the W and that’s all that matters

  7. His weakness is how much he holds on to the ball. Other than that he’s mobile, accurate, and decisive the only qb that we thought could replace Brady so far. Hope he stays healthy!

  8. “but unless I am missing it he was outplayed by Dalton today and by J Winston last week.”

    Lol. Winston threw two pick sixes and Dalton had a long garbage time TD to Ross after the 49ers had sat most of their starters.

  9. This was a total team win. Ferocious defense, great running and timely passing.

    Back to back road wins is a big deal, even if the teams they faced are not top tier.

  10. So where o where is the infamous “hawk killer” spewing his nonsensical drivel about how Garoppolo is overrated, injury prone, and a bust??? Please check in with your insightful thoughts lolol

  11. Told ya. BB worked with him every day. EVERY DAY. The only QB he did that with, until now with Stidham in camp and preseason.

    You’re welcome, SF. We also appreciate Trent Brown and another title. lol

  12. Niner fan since before Walsh/Montana and while I certainly hope JG is the real deal he’s going to have to play well consistently against the top tier teams also. Maybe most importantly he’ll have to stay healthy for an entire season. We’ll have an answer soon enough.

  13. The cynics are not impressed. They still think he is a bust, and that the 49ers are trying to trade him and go with Nick Mullens. One of them cynics pointed out that Jimmy G. got ONLY 296 yards passing for the whole game, and that Patrcik Mahomes got 300 yards in one quarter. LOL

    The cynic conveniently overlooked the fact that the Frisco scored 41 points but the Chiefs only scored 28 points yesterday. So according to the cynic, it is better to score 28 points than it is to score 41. ROTFL.

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