Kenyan Drake: Of course I want to be here

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Before Sunday’s games kicked off, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that the Dolphins have talked to other teams about a trade involving running back Kenyan Drake.

That report was refuted by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, who also reported that Drake has not joined defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick in requesting a trade.

Drake still faced questions about his future in Miami after Sunday’s loss to New England. Drake said he didn’t know anything about trade talks, but that his preference is to stay with a team that’s been outscored 102-10 so far this season.

“I don’t know anything about the validity of that and I’m going to continue to show up every day to do my job. . . .  Of course I want to be here,” Drake said, via the Miami Herald. “Fourth year. I have a great relationship with everybody, the people who sweep up and work behind us to the people in the kitchen staff, the coaching staff. The media relations people, everybody. Obviously, everything being equal, I would want to be here.”

If Drake’s still around, he’ll be in Dallas to help the Dolphins try to stay within 40 of the Cowboys next weekend.

7 responses to “Kenyan Drake: Of course I want to be here

  1. How surprising that the media is undermining the team from the creating false story of tanking even there exaggeration about players wanting to leave the team so far only one person has lived up to that claim..

  2. Media keeps wanting to bash Miami and create issues where there is none. We all knew way before the season started that Miami was resetting the franchise. We all knew. Now everyone is acting stunned. With 140m in free agency money next year and a ton of draft picks we will be back very soon and better than ever. Go Fins.

  3. Trade Drake before he leaves as a free agent. What’s better than 100 draft picks…Chris grier says 101 draft picks.

  4. Until the Dolphins find a qualified general manager they won’t go anywhere the current GM’s picks have been a disaster.
    It doesn’t matter if you have 100 draft pics if you can’t make the right selections you’re still doomed.

  5. Honestly, with as much talent as Drake has I’m not sure why the coaches can’t use him more. They have really no excuse. They don’t trust him I’ve heard. I’m not sure I trust them.

  6. Drake is going to have to realize that running backs run through holes, they don’t create the holes. For drake or Ballage to be effective, the offensive line has to find some chemistry and start doing their jobs. O’Leary should be employed as a FB to help. They may have to throw the TE’s in motion, as well. The line just can’t get it done on a routine basis. Creating holes and giving the QB 3.5 seconds to throw is way above the line’s skill level, at this point. Drake is approaching a new contract. It won’t be what he is looking for if he stays with the Dolphins. He needs to leave!

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