Patriots wouldn’t have signed Antonio Brown if they’d known about lawsuit

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Yes, it’s true that the Patriots wouldn’t have signed receiver Antonio Brown if they’d known about the lawsuit that was filed one day after his contract was signed. Ian Rapoport of the NFL reported it on Sunday morning, and PFT has confirmed it.

As if it needed confirmation. Or reporting. What NFL team would have signed Brown in the immediate aftermath of the filing of a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault and rape? At a minimum, the Patriots and any other team would have investigated the situation before signing Brown — especially with his accuser clearly willing to cooperate.

Everything changes when the lawsuit arrives after the contract is signed. Civil lawsuits are filed (or at least threatened) against players all the time. Firing a player based solely on uninvestigated and uncorroborated civil allegations would set a horrible precedent, for the Patriots or any other sports organization.

This doesn’t mean Brown is in the clear. The findings of the NFL’s formal investigation, the findings of any informal investigation in which the Patriots may engage, and/or the potential filing of criminal charges (the local district attorney has said his office will look into the incident that allegedly occurred in Pittsburgh) could prompt the Patriots to eventually sever ties with Brown.

Until that happens, Brown remains a member of the team. As he would be for any NFL team that signed him (and gave him a $9 million signing bonus) one day before finding out that the lawsuit against Brown was filed.

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  1. Don’t believe this for a second. Every team has a PI department and this isn’t something that just happens overnight.

  2. “this isn’t something that just happens overnight.”

    You’re correct. But when the negotiations take place under a non-disclosure agreement that prevents Rosenhaus and Brown from disclosing the coming lawsuit to the team that explains why no one knew about it.

  3. Fraudger suspended Brady despite no evidence, even going to the extent of manipulating psi data – which required ignoring ref Walt Anderson’s testimony on which gauge he used.

    And they tried to legally hide Brady’s offer of phone logs (accepted in every other case) so they could accuse him of destroying his phone. They also leaked the emails he gave them.

    Then they admit in 1st court they have no evidence. Then they go to a 2nd court to win not on evidence but on the basis that Fraudger’s CBA rights gives him power to suspend at will, then they falsely claim this proves Brady guilty – and y’all cheered, facts be damned.

  4. And for a week now, no one has asked the raiders locker room about any of this. Mayock Gruden and the rest of the team sleep great at night now.

    Not our problem anymore.

  5. In the Patriots’ defense, all of Antonio Brown’s “shenanigans” never broke the law or involved disrespectful treatment of women so I would’ve put as much thought into investigating Brown’s lawlessness as much as I would’ve for Aaron Rodgers’ or Julian Edelman’s.

  6. I didn’t like seeing them bring this clown on the team. Talent isn’t everything. Had to let go of D Thomas also. He seemed like he was going to be a good fit if he could get fully healthy. Maybe we luck out if they have to can Brown, the youngster Jakobi Meyers can flash some of that talent he showed in preseason.

  7. I get that they wouldn’t have signed him if they knew about the lawsuit, but why didn’t they cut him after they found out (a day later)?

    Good PR move by the pats, but to say they wouldn’t have signed him is a meaningless statement if they were unwilling to do anything once they found out.

  8. For all the Patriot haters who want to see the evil empire brought down, you have to at least see one truth here. Belichick is not dumb. Even if you’re convinced he unethical in the way he runs his team, he would never have signed AB if he knew this lawsuit was coming.

    And there is no way he will cut him until the NFL or a judge makes the first move, because that would unravel the legal process going forward.

    And I don’t say this because I’m a lifelong Pats fan – which I am. I never wanted any part of this guy and I still don’t. I don’t care what he can do on the field, I want him out of football for good.

  9. If Drew Rosenhaus knew, and I repeat – if – he will never be trusted again.

    What don’t you understand about nondisclosure agreements? He was legally unable to say anything.

  10. ariani1985 says:
    September 15, 2019 at 9:53 am
    Raiders fleeced the Patriots!

    Wronnnnng! The Raiders got nothing for him from the Patriots. Try to keep up.

  11. If Brown would had signed with any other team he would of been suspended today. But it’s the Patriots where they continue to do what they want. Cough cough Chung and Kraft

  12. This whole cash grab stinks worse than the soles of Antonio’s rotting feet. Don’t file charges or help to protect society from the bad guy. Just get some money from his pockets.

  13. When the owner sets the bar don`t be surprised when an agent ties to pull a fast one. Agent may not have known about what day the suit was coming, indeed if it was coming but he knew it was a possibility.

  14. They wouldn’t have signed him had they known about this? Well then it’s really simple, isn’t it? Now that they DO know, they can drop him. And if they don’t, their statement that they wouldn’t have signed him is nothing more than PR hot air.

  15. I call bull on that. They still would have signed him. They just would have conducted their own investigation and found some way to justify it. They knew about Michael Floyd’s extreme DUI and signed him after NOBODY claimed him off waivers.

  16. “Agent may not have known about what day the suit was coming, indeed if it was coming but he knew it was a possibility.”

    Rosenhaus has already said they have been negotiating for months under a non-disclosure agreement with the woman and her attorneys. He couldn’t say anything to the Pats.

  17. Anybody recall Edelman being accused of groping some woman at a bar? He was arrested. The woman and a male witness made the claim. Video surveillance showed no such thing as having happened. Charges were dropped. People do lie.

    Never jump to conclusions.

  18. terripet says:
    September 15, 2019 at 10:20 am
    Then why didn’t the cut him when they found out

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    That is you can tell he is innocent. Duh

  19. OK, so the fact that he is a basket case is one thing. This in a different thing. Civil case with NO police evidence involved? No complaint, no prosecutor saying he can’t prove any facts, no nothing? Look, I don’t know if he did it, he seems like that kind of guy that would. But someone deciding to press a civil case with zero actual reported crime isn’t something you should cut or suspend a guy for. It’s not like she recorded him saying anything. If they can prove the text messages are real, ok then cut him. Other than tangible evidence of something, why cut him? Hill definitely had his kid taken away, SOMEBODY in his house did something, and there was an investigation where they said the couldn’t discern which parent did it. If that isn’t a suspendable/cuttable offense, then this can’t be. Except because it’s the Patriots.

  20. People seem to forget that the Pats had hours not days to decide whether to sign AB. The Raiders release came out of nowhere as everyone thought he would just be suspended. The Pats had no way to know this would happen. No one saw it coming. I also think this woman and her atty kept it so secret and waited on purpose to file once the season started. They were aware none of his guaranteed money would kick in until the regular season started.

  21. therealraider says:
    September 15, 2019 at 10:07 am

    WRONG. The Patriots know about the lawsuit and are going to play him.
    then obviously the Raiders also knew and were going pay him $30M.

  22. He is being sued. Not sure why that is ground for not signing or playing him. Don’t confuse a private lawsuit with being charged with a crime. Kraft was actually charged with a crime– no action taken by the league

  23. Guess ole Rosenhaus wasn’t too transparent then. It should be written in every contract…….don’t understand why the Pats have no recourse.

  24. Patriots wouldn’t have signed Antonio Brown if they’d known about lawsuit

    “I know. I know. Don’t tell me I already know.” Says everyone outside of NE laced with sarcasm.

  25. The latest news is that Brown and his accuser have been in mediation since April, and the woman would’ve accepted $2m to go away. I have no idea if Brown is innocent or guilty, but it certainly is fishy that no one probably would’ve ever even heard about this if Brown was willing to pay $2m. Money grab?

  26. Leman Ross says;

    ‘“Lifelong” patriot fan, lmao’

    Well, I did watch the Boston Patriots play games at Fenway Park. That’s a baseball park in case you didn’t know.

    I don’t think a bandwagon fan could make that claim.

  27. wouldn’t be surprised if goodel and his minions were involved in an another scheme to defraud / smear the patriots. he’ll end up being humiliated again.

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