Rams roll over Drew Brees-less Saints

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The Rams have a 2-0 record and the Saints have some worrying to do about their quarterback.

The Rams broke open a 6-6 game with three second half touchdowns to get a 27-9 win over the Saints on Sunday afternoon. The icing on the cake came when wide receiver Cooper Kupp ran through, over and around several Saints defenders for a 66-yard catch-and-run in the fourth quarter. Jared Goff snuck the ball in one play later and the Rams were in cruise control from there.

New Orleans will head home with questions about Drew Brees‘s condition. He left the game in the first quarter after banging his right thumb into Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and was not throwing or holding a ball in that hand while standing on the sideline for the rest of the game.

Teddy Bridgewater filled in at quarterback and went 17-of-30 for 165 yards, but the Saints offense looked like a shell of its usual self over the final three-plus quarters of action. If Brees is going to miss more time, they’ll need to find a way to pick things up or their defense is going to find itself tiring out in the way it did on Sunday.

Todd Gurley had 69 yards and a touchdown on the ground for the Rams, who saw right guard Austin Blythe and tight end Tyler Higbee leave with injuries during the contest. Gurley had 19 touches this week after getting the ball 15 times in the opener.

Goff also threw a touchdown to Brandin Cooks and caught a big break when officials ruled a fumble was an incomplete pass in the second quarter of the game. Cameron Jordan recovered that fumble and returned it for a touchdown, but only the recovery counted because the officials had blown the play dead way too fast.

That turned out to be as close as the Saints would come to scoring a touchdown without Brees in the game and that looms much larger than a bad call on the list of reasons why the Saints lost this game.

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  1. Something about Goff makes me not like him. Like his maybe it’s his faace or maybe the fact that I feel like he is a system QB. Anyone else feel the same?

  2. Hill is better than Bridgewater. The decision to play Bridgewater when he looks so bad is questionable. You have to wonder what he is doing at practice? He looked lost.

  3. Once Brees got hurt the Saints weren’t going to win anyway. As for Bridgewater, it’s a small sample size but he just hasn’t looked very good in game action, even by backup quarterback standards.

    Also if Brees is out for any period of time they have to think about adding a QB to the practice squad. Maybe it’s time to give J.T. Barrett a call.

  4. Bridgewater looked totally unprepared. All the late reads leading to holding penalties because he had no clue where to go with the ball.
    This is the reason he got so much work in the pre-season.


  5. You’d think Payton would have the sense to play Hill at QB after Drew went down… unless Hill just really isn’t that good as a QB — which is actually the case. He is a glorified RB. But that’s alright, the Saints finally had their chance at redemption but failed to take advantage. BLEW DAT! (once again)

  6. First off I hope Brees is okay. And that coming from an Eagles fan. I say that because to be the best you want to beat the best at their best. You never want to hear any excuses and cant if he’s playing . Plus he’s a good dude and never hear any bad stuff about him.

  7. $7 million a year for Teddy Bridgewater has to be the worst contract in the league.


    Saints still doing penance for bounty gate.

  8. Not much the Saints can do at this point since it would take time for a QB from off the streets to grasp the offense. The $7 million they spent on Bridgewater is a sunk cost.

    Well I guess they can bring back Barrett to the practice squad in a pinch.

  9. NFL Power Rankings: Patriots, Rams, Saints lead way


  10. NFL Power Rankings: Patriots, Rams, Saints lead way


    After blowing that fumble recovery by Cam Jordan, which was returned for a TD…Refs still lead the way!!!

  11. I was shocked at how bad Bridgewater looked. The think that stuck out to me most was his inaccuracy – routine NFL throws that Brees makes in his sleep. Throwing behind guys, overthrowing guys, etc etc. I kept thinking how spoiled those receivers are with Brees’ pinpoint accuracy. If he’s out for any length of time, playoffs are most certainly in doubt.

  12. Refs make the Rams unbeatable against the Saints. My favorite: rams receiver runs into apple, defensive interference. Thomas runs into a rams db; offensive interference. Pathetic. Rams may have beaten a Brees-less saints team anyway, but blown calls sure helped.

  13. chino1985 says:
    September 15, 2019 at 7:47 pm
    Something about Goff makes me not like him.

    Yeah, I know. Guys that always celebrate their teammates, self-effacing, never take the credit, just win win win over and over again. So annoying. I hate the guy.

  14. I think I might be done with the NFL. The Refs totally slanted the game today. Sure, you jokers out there will say it is a jaded homer saying this, but Cam Jordan was being mugged on every play, I am surprised the Rams didn’t pull his head off of his body.

    Good luck jokers, this is as rigged as the WWE!

    I was waiting for some metal folding chairs to come flying out on the field. The game is a JOKE, the Refs are told who will win. Vegas must really love this league!

  15. Anybody that watched the game know it was rigged. The obvious (yet again) blown call when refs are taught to swallow the whistles when it’s anything close to a fumble. The numerous holding calls against the saints at the end of the game yet Cam Jordan had a choke hold on him every other play. It was obvious the refs wanted the game to be not be close so the scrutiny from the blown call wouldn’t be as bad…..

    NFL turning into the WWE

  16. The question is would the Rams still won if they were not a most favorable team of Roger with blatant “miss calls” by the refs to give a big helping hand to the Rams, this is clearly twice now to favor the Rams; the Refs tried hard in week one to get the Saints to lose too. The “miss” call was clearly a game changing play that was in clear favor of the Rams, need to sell those seat licenses. We will know the answer soon if Walt Anderson and this crew is reffing games next week…at a minimum Walt and that crew should be suspended a few games, it would be better if they were all fired but one would say it isn’t incompetency but being controlled to favorable outcomes.

  17. Yes, the refs are conspiring against the Saints. And Area 51 is swarming with aliens. Lee Harvey Oswald had plenty of help, 9-11 was an inside job, and the secret society of lizard people is ready to take over the world.

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