Report: Antonio Brown, accuser had settlement talks “for months”

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The Patriots and the NFL didn’t know that Antonio Brown would be sued for sexual assault and rape before he signed with New England. But Brown definitely did.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports that Brown and his accuser, Britney Taylor, “engaged in settlement talks for months” before the lawsuit was filed.

It’s not a surprise. Most civil lawsuits are preceded by an effort to resolve them before the legal process begins.

In a case like this, including inflammatory allegations of a shocking nature against a high-profile athlete, a potential settlement has greater monetary value before the case is filed, because the defendant is buying not just a resolution of the claims but a guarantee that no one will ever know about it (like former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson did, before one or more of the persons who had settled their claims against him violated confidentiality agreements for which they had received fair and proper compensation). For an NFL player subject to the league’s P.R.-driven Personal Conduct Policy, which polices a player’s private life even in cases where the police never get involved, there’s even greater value in preventing knowledge of the allegations from ever coming to light. There’s even more value in securing a promise from the accuser to never talk to anyone about it, including the NFL — especially when the NFL has the power to suspend Brown or, if the allegation of rape is true, banish him for life.

The demands made by the accuser’s lawyers during settlement talks aren’t known; the clunky statement issued by Brown’s lawyer in the immediate aftermath of the filing of the lawsuit hinted at $1.6 million as the asking price. If that’s the opener, it quite likely could have been negotiated down to half of that or less. If that’s the bottom line, Brown may eventually wish he’d paid it.

While it may seem crass to consider allegations of sexual assault and rape in these terms, Brown’s accuser chose to make those allegations exclusively via a process that dispenses judgment through the transfer of money. The fact that settlement talks occurred for “months” before the lawsuit was filed underscores the reality that she decided to exercise her absolute right to attempt to obtain justice through the pursuit of financial compensation.

That said, once the lawsuit is filed, the value of the case drops, because a large portion of that value comes from never filing the lawsuit in the first place. If, however, Brown’s lawyers were to somehow reach a deal before Britney Taylor meets with the NFL on Monday, they would be doing much more than helping Brown avoid an adverse verdict in a court of law. They could be helping him avoid paid leave and, ultimately, a suspension.

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  1. It’s sad when we live in a world where someone can accuse you of something heinous just to extort money, and you have to give in due to the way that the media and an odd minority of people control public opinion.

  2. So the question becomes, did Rosenhaus inform the Patriots before signing? You’ll never get it our of Belichick, but Drew has loose lips.

  3. This is a absolute shake down of money but because of Brown diva ways all summer he is short on good PR backing. If this gets to the conmiss interview the NFL will have to do something and Brown will be the loser when all of this could have went away for maybe 800K.

  4. I just don’t understand. If I or a loved one was raped, I’d want that person in jail, period. I don’t care if they’re rich. Why only want money? This is crazy.

  5. I believe her. Look at the message he sent her, admitted to one of the incidents. His behavior shows he believes he is immune to punishment and can do whatever he wants. Even his step dad said he is abusive towards women. Normally I take these allegations with a grain of salt but there is just too much to ignore in this case.

  6. Could well be a money grab, probably is, but doesn’t mean the allegations aren’t true. Money is the only way we have of compensating a victim. That’s just the way it is. So, she goes to set herself up for what she has suffered, instead of living a life of vindictiveness.

  7. Why would Brown Pay 1.8 million to an accuser that is lying when he wouldn’t even pay a couple ten thousand dollar fines that he caused himself.
    It’s obvious he wasn’t planning on paying her a dime. The NFL has a chance to make an example out of this loser hopefully they don’t mess this up just because AB brings “ratings”

  8. Why is she going for money? Probably because she couldn’t win a criminal case because they have different determinations of guilt. You see in a criminal case, you need proof beyond a resonable doubt. In a civil case you need preponderance of the evidence. This preponderance is based on the more convincing evidence and its probable truth or accuracy, and not on the amount of evidence.

    Look at OJ Simpson. They couldn’t prove he did it in the criminal case and he didn’t get convicted, but look how much he paid in the civil case.

    This isn’t abnormal and it doesn’t mean she is going for a money grab. Did he do it? Idk. Is she lying? Idk. But I don’t think any of us can make that determination based on what we have heard or seen. This is kinda why we have court proceedings.

  9. Why negotiate for months over something that never happened? C’mon Antonio, pay me $1.6M and I’ll stay as your trainer. Brit, you know you liked it as much as I did. Quit messin’ wit me and you can keep your job.

  10. This guy actually had 30 million still guaranteed when his deadline to settle this quietly was to expire. He was cut and declined to sign settlement on the same day, knowing the lawsuit would be filed right after. Then kept this information from the Patriots and signed his 1 year deal a day before the lawsuit became public. How in the world can the Pats even want this guy to suit up for 1 game in their likeness??

  11. Settlement????? There better not be any settlements. If he is innocent as he claims, why would an innocent person settle?? Very curious. I guess he is GUILTY as accused if he settles. What a disgusting individual!! Don’t come at me.

  12. gmitch23 says:
    September 15, 2019 at 10:01 am
    I just don’t understand. If I or a loved one was raped, I’d want that person in jail, period. I don’t care if they’re rich. Why only want money? This is crazy.

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    stinks to high heaven

    i would imagin brown’s counter suit points to extortion

  13. My guess that it is BOTH a money grab AND Brown did something he shouldn’t have. Its a classless train wreck in all directions.

  14. Something tells me that lawsuit will be settled this week–hush money. He should have settled before she talked to the league. He’s going to regret that.

  15. Settlement talks are not an admission of guilt. No idea what actually happened just wanted to point that out to some of the people commenting here. As we have seen once allegations like this are public there is a great deal of damage done regardless of the outcome so if someone is threatening a lawsuit talking to their lawyers makes sense whether you think it’s false or not.

  16. campcouch says:
    September 15, 2019 at 9:59 am

    Negotiations mean there’s some truth to the accusation.


    No, this just means it’s a total money grab and Brown kept saying no.

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