Are the Dolphins in multi-year tank mode?

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Many believe the Dolphins are tanking for Tua. They actually may be tanking for Trevor.

There’s a growing suspicion in some league circles that Miami’s tear-it-down-to-build-it-up approach may not be a one-year thing, and that they may embrace a Cleveland-style two-year suckfest aimed at loading up the roster with young talent via multiple drafts. The ultimate goal, of course, is to find a franchise quarterback. But they may wait until 2021 to make the move.

If they take Tua Tagovailoa (or whichever quarterback emerges as the best of the bunch) with the first pick in 2020, what else will they have? And who will protect him? Like the Browns in 2017, who eschewed the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson for Myles Garrett, the Dolphins may pass on a passer next year, waiting for Lawrence in 2021.

While the strategy could eventually pay off, it will be a long two years for a franchise that, regardless of whether it’s trying to be competitive, simply isn’t. Cornerback Minkah Fitzpatrick currently seeks a trade, and others could join him.

Running back Kenyan Drake, for example, is indeed on the block; conflicting reports emerged regarding that point on Sunday. As the trade deadline approaches in six weeks, the Dolphins surely will make available anyone and everyone, with the lone exception of cornerback Xavien Howard.

24 responses to “Are the Dolphins in multi-year tank mode?

  1. nfl needs to go to 16 teams. its amazing people pay money to watch garbage like this in person.

  2. Think about it Miami Has 2 first round picks this year and 2 first round picks next year.This year should be the number one overall they could trade out of that pick and pick up another 2 or 3 first round picks and then trade the 2nd first round pick (from Titans) and pick up more first round picks. They could go into the 2021 draft with 7 first round picks

  3. Here’s the thing (Phish fan since 1970… lots of pain in there). Its not just about draft picks, IMO Miami is trying to build a line in anticipation of next years draft AND free agency. I don’t have the exact number, but they will have about $120 M in cap space next season. If the two guards and Kilgore start to gel (which I think is why they are playing them extended time before they are ready), they will fill out the line with the two best free agent tackles available, or take a flyer on the best tackle in the draft with their draft capital (after the qb pick). If Rosen pans out, great, keep him (on the rookie deal) or make him trade bait (QBs are dropping like flies) if you really believe in the QB you’re going to draft. If that QB tanks, trade him (or keep him or Rosen) and get Trevor. This may be a two year deal, but unless they screw it up (as they have in the past), next year should be a much improved team and 2021 Killer.

  4. Stephen Ross has finally learned how to tank a team. His original approach – 4 GMs and 6 HCs in 10 years produced mediocre results. The new approach – trade away all your good players. Miami fans should take a queue from Saints fans of the past and wear paper bags over their heads.

  5. The way this team is constructed it would be a back ally abortion to put any QB, even Marino behind that line. There are literally holes at every position not manned by Howard. Unless of course they are trying to run the ball.

  6. Looks more like a three year tank. Unless of course you have been a Dolphins fan for any length of time. Feels like a 20 year tank.

  7. It will take 2 years to build it anyway so the headline is worthless.
    You have to ask if this GM is capable of making good enough picks in the draft to make the suffering worth it?

    Grier has made some mistakes already so it’s doubtful that he’s going to draft the right guys. Miami needs to quit picking guys that can’t block or tackle.

  8. ive been saying this all summer.. i hope they are after Lawrence in 2021. he is the best QB prospect since Luck. i’m not sold on Tua.. Alabama QB’s always win and put up numbers.

    get an offensive and defensive line in this next draft, then get the QB in 2021.

  9. OMG did anyone else see the stands at the Miami game Sunday? 30% full at best and it’ll only get worse. The thing is Ross knows with profit sharing that he’ll make money off of tanking(a min of $255mil) and it shouldn’t be that way, he shouldn’t be able to share a dime of other franchises money that are actually trying to win games! If I were the owner of one of the other franchises I’d be bitching to high heaven and want this addressed in the new CBA, owners that intentionally tank shouldn’t get a dime from the NFL!

  10. Cleon Ross says:
    September 16, 2019 at 5:30 pm
    They’ve been tanking for 2 decades why stop now.

    YEA but the difference is that wasn’t intentional!

  11. One year thing? LOL They are going to need 3-4 drafts to field anything close to a competitive team….And Grier and Clueless Flores will be gone by then.. And then they will start all over again. Remember folks, let’s not think these picks are all going to be good. Go look at Miami’s drafts the past 5-10 years. Unless they hit on at least 75% of the picks they acquired, this team is in trouble for a decade.

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