Derek Carr: OPI call “will blow my mind forever”

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Add Raiders quarterback Derek Carr to the chorus of players and coaches complaining about yesterday’s emphasis on offensive pass interference calls.

Among other things.

Via Josh Schrock of, Carr was frustrated that officials called an OPI on wide receiver Ryan Grant, who was hit before a pass arrived, on a play which resulted in an interception.

“The second interception will blow my mind forever,” Carr said. “It was offensive pass interference, they said he was blocking. So I asked the man, ‘Sir, why would I throw him the ball if he was blocking?’ And he didn’t have an answer for me and he walked away. So, I just, I don’t know what to do in that instance. We got the coverage we want, we got the exact look we want, I’m throwing it to where I’m supposed to throw it and they tackle our receiver, yet it’s a penalty on us.

“This is changing the outcomes of a football game. That shouldn’t happen. That blows my mind. When things like that happen, I get upset.”

That wasn’t the only call Carr was grumbling about following the loss to the Chiefs. He also wasn’t thrilled that he was marked short of a first down after his flying leap (back when the game was still competitive) on third-and-11. After they were forced to punt, the Chiefs drove 95 yards in 14 plays and took the lead for good.

“I’m just trying to win, to be honest with you,” Carr said. “I don’t like losing. I believe we have a good football team. And in that moment, obviously it was in that moment we talked about, we need a first down. And then we get a penalty. The penalties were a big deal to us. Pre-snap penalties. But we get a penalty. At the moment, I see the sticks and I’m like, “Oh there’s no chance I’m sliding, no chance I’m going out of bounds.’ I’m just trying to get a first down, and I had the first down, but forever in this league when I put the ball out past the first-down marker but my body goes the other way, they never give it to me.”

Again, Carr had plenty of company Sunday, as officials struggle with calls old and new.

18 responses to “Derek Carr: OPI call “will blow my mind forever”

  1. C’mon Derek, there’s been plenty of your passes that had people asking the same question…Why would he throw it to him if he’s covered like a blanket? So in disgust people just walk away.

  2. Boo freakin hoo, Carr. You made plenty of bad throws and decisions. Take responsibility for the L and move on. By the way, that was the correct call.

  3. What I will never understand is why did your defense continue to challenge the Chiefs offense to go over the top after they scored 4 TD’s on you in the 2nd Quarter all for over 30 yards, plus a 70 yarder that was called back because of a hold. Clearly it was working… Isn’t that the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing expecting different results.

  4. Hey Derek, maybe if you went through a progression or two, you might have chosen to throw to a receiver that wasn’t flat on his back.

    How many years are you in this League and you are still making throws to pre-snap reads regardless of what is happening during the play. this might sound crazy but how about,… you actually throw to an open receiver. Now that would involve using your brain. So, maybe not the best advice for you.

  5. How about the offensive holding call on the Chiefs that canceled out a touchdown. Even Romo said he didn’t really see how they can call that, but I guess the NFL tells the refs try to keep the game close as you can except when it’s the Pats.

  6. copy and pasted from 2019 NFL Rulebook – Rule 19 Article 3: “The Referee is the final authority for the score.”

    Go Raiders…..Beat the Refs!!!

  7. NFL Rule 8 article 2 -e : Cutting off the path of an opponent by making contact with him, without playing the ball;

    NFL rule never apply to the Raiders

  8. Chris Jones gets held, bear-hugged and mugged down the line and tackle-shoved back into where a linebacker was standing just a few seconds previously – and he gets flagged and his number called for defensive holding, while a third down play you were orchestrating gets blown up for a loss.

    Your side is referee-awarded a 10 yard PLUS penalty and an ‘automatic’ first down, enabling your team to continue the drive and score it’s only touchdown.

    Cry me a river with your claims about having to play against the zebras all game long.

  9. You aren’t going to win much by only scoring 10 pts.

    The Raiders are who we thought they were.

    Losers blame the refs.

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