Jalen Ramsey’s agent asked Jaguars to trade him

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The sideline argument between Jaguars coach Doug Marrone and star cornerback Jalen Ramsey apparently goes a lot deeper than just the heat of the moment.

In fact, Ramsey is so unhappy in Jacksonville that his agent contacted the Jaguars after yesterday’s loss to the Texans and asked them to trade Ramsey, according to multiple reports.

The Jaguars have talked with teams about a Ramsey trade but don’t plan to move him, according to the reports.

The 24-year-old Ramsey is a very talented cornerback and would surely draw significant interest in a trade. This season he’s very affordable, at a base salary of $3.6 million, while next season his salary skyrockets to $13.7 million, and he may want a new contract soon.

The Jaguars are 0-2 and might think it makes more sense to trade a valuable player like Ramsey and build for the future than to keep him on a team that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. This is a situation that bears monitoring.

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  1. Honestly, this is truly getting out of hand with these disgruntled prima donnas! How about your teammates Jalen, remember them? Time for the Jaguars to take a hard, firm stand!

  2. Dang, between AB, Luck’s retirement, the injuries to Roth and Brees, Miami tanking, the Eli saga, Trent Williams and now this, the greatest reality tv on tv seems to be taking this to a Kardashian level this year.

  3. Coughlin sure has done wonders for that team.

    Well Coughlin inherited a loser RB, diva CB and loser QB who he replaced w/ Foles who gets hurt game 1. Not fair to put this on the GM imo. Too bad b/c that D they have is salty.

  4. Jets going too trade for him. We need corners terribly. Anything but a first rounder and I would do it

  5. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And the quitters quit. And the me-first show their true colors.

  6. chc4 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Coughlin inherited a loser RB, diva CB and loser QB who he replaced w/ Foles who gets hurt game 1. Not fair to put this on the GM imo. Too bad b/c that D they have is salty.
    The team has no discipline and that has only gotten worse since Coughlin showed up.

  7. Not saying I watched him more than a handful of times but other than trash talking Jalen Ramsey wasnt making any plays of note. Matter of fact it was penalties or losing his one on one match up. He could be having great games I am not watching but I didnt see top level CB when I watched.

  8. ariani1985 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 6:26 pm
    Ted Thompson on line one thru 10!


    Where to begin on this one.. For starters, Ted Thompson is no longer a General Manager for ANY team in the NFL. Secondly, the Packers (presumably you are referring to) don’t need him. Their CB’s held the Vikings to a measly 16 pts. And they nearly shut out the Bears too. Do you even watch football, bro?

  9. The Chiefs should consider this because the way the Patriots are playing they will need everything to beat them.

  10. Every other team in the league would benefit from having Ramsey. If there were no rookie wage scale and he were an unrestricted free agent, he would sign the highest CB contract in the history of the league. Unfortunately for him, that’s not the current labor deal.

    The dude showed up to camp this summer in a Brinks truck, so we know what this is about. He is getting paid much less than he is worth under his rookie deal and he’s pushing whatever leverage he has. He’ll get more leverage next year, but he must have seen what Zeke did and probably thinks he’s more valuable than a running back.

    I would rather him play hard and cash in like Aaron Donald did when the time is right. But, it’s his life and his health. So he can do whatever he wants.

  11. The Miami Dolphins are not investing contract money anytime soon. As for Minkah, he is on YEAR 2 OF 5 of his rookie contract. It doesn’t matter what he wants, he signed his contract. He can always RETIRE, as Jalen Ramsey has that same option. Trading a young CB/S on a rookie contract for a malcontent looking for his payday, is bad business.

  12. Jalen deserves Buffalo. He’s not only a horrible teammate, but he’s an immature, entitled, and selfish player who peaked in college and will never win an NFL Championship. Let him enjoy those state taxes, colder than cold winters, and a similar small market city where he and his agent can count his Benjamin’s from an armored car and go do snowmobile commercials for Munson Motors. Good riddance clown.

  13. Doug Marrone is 6’5/275, Ramsey sat there until a bunch of people came over and it was, “hold me back” hahaha. I think he realized how big Coach was and wanted no part, especially when that Bronx accent came out.

  14. If I’m the Bucs I’d trade a 1st + for Ramsey, it’d be a risk for both teams but the reward could be worth it. Ramsey could legitimately make the Todd Bowles defense elite and the Jags (who are going to finish with a top 10 pick anyways) could end up with another top 10 pick if Jameis implodes as most here expect.

  15. Don’t trade him. If he is a disciplinary problem fine him. If he keeps it up suspend him. These player are starting to try and act like this is the NBA where players control where they go and make ridiculous pacts to sign somewhere together. Team need to nip this stuff quickly or it will only spread. It didn’t start with AB. It happened occasionally in the past. The Texans lineman did it. The Redskins lineman is trying to do it. Brown did it and now Fitzpatrick and Ramsey are trying to dictate things. Stop it now or regret it later.

  16. Doug ” Bologne ” Marrone is an idiot … I will never say confronting or yelling at your coach is the way to go about things … I am not for that … But i know why Jalen wants out. Marrone is weak and folds under pressure. Look at the proof , AFC Title game he played not to loose in the second half versus attacking like a Lion in the Jungle does … He is weak … Look at the game Yesterday, Texans knew Fournette was getting the ball on the 2pt conversion and he goes with that B S conservative approach again … Instead of letting Gardner win you the game. He has no true confidence and we will never win anything relevant with him as our head coach … Book it … I just said straight fire :fire:


  17. chc4 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Coughlin inherited a loser RB, diva CB and loser QB who he replaced w/ Foles who gets hurt game 1. Not fair to put this on the GM imo. Too bad b/c that D they have is salty.

    Revisionist history there. Coughlin GAVE that loser QB a major contract extension first, wasting a whole year for a team Gave Foles a lot of money- guess what, Foles has never played 16 games without losing time to injury. Foles is a great backup QB.

    That diva CB is one of the best, most physical cover guys in the league, and for some reason Coughlin/Marrone keep forcing him to play zone.

  18. Forget all the other teams. Miami! Heck, you’ll be a significant improvement to that team. (”Uh, no, ain’t goin’ there. They’re losers!” Exactly! You’ll be in your perfect element!)

  19. Pete Carroll is used to dealing with corners with big mouths. I would expect Seattle to be in on this just because their secondary is a mess right now and he would be their best corner the second he got off the plane.

  20. chc4 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 6:31 pm
    Coughlin sure has done wonders for that team.
    Well Coughlin inherited a loser RB, diva CB and loser QB who he replaced w/ Foles who gets hurt game 1. Not fair to put this on the GM imo. Too bad b/c that D they have is salty.
    Dave Caldwell GM drafted Ramsey 2015. Coughlin wasn’t there. Coughlin did not inherit Leonard Fournette HE DRAFTED HIM his first year back with the Jags 2016. Fact check ya self before ya wreck ya self

  21. Giants should offer Eli + our 2nd round pick in 2020 (which will practically be a late 1st round pick) for Jalen. Start him next to Jackrabbit and let the rookies fill in and learn.

  22. pats fan here. we dont need secondary help. our secondary is one of the strongest parts of our dominant team. plus this guy isnt very good. sure he has profile, but as a player hes just not very good. signing AB, though debatable, was worth it bc hes the best wr in the game. jalen isnt even in the top 20 cornerbacks.

  23. Rick Spielman should trade 3 first rounders for this guy today!

    The vikings have a terrible CB group and they love to waste draft picks. It’s a perfect trade for both teams.

  24. Bernard Sanders/2020🇺🇸 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 6:30 pm
    Oakland secondary was so bad Sunday (I am) willing to give up next year & 2021 4th round pick!!!

    Oakland’s secondary wasn’t bad, you guys were simply Mahome’d.

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