John Harbaugh unconcerned Marquise Brown is unnamed player in lawsuit against AB

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Ravens coach John Harbaugh is unconcerned that rookie receiver Marquise Brown is the unnamed player in the lawsuit against Antonio Brown, as PFT reported Sunday.

“That’s not going to be a distraction,” Harbaugh said Monday, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “Believe me, it’s the last thing on my mind right now. Absolutely.”

Marquise Brown, the cousin of Antonio Brown, faces no accusations. The lawsuit against Antonio Brown, filed by Britney Taylor last week, mentions another football player being present at one of alleged incidents between Brown and his accuser.

Taylor was scheduled to meet with NFL investigators today.

The NFL also surely will want to talk to Marquise Brown.

“My focus is on football,” Harbaugh said. “If it comes to that, if there is something that needs to be done that way, we have people in the building who look at those things. If they do, and I need to be involved in it, I certainly will be.

“Until it comes to that, it’s not an issue. We’re not there at this point. I really don’t know, and I really don’t care until it becomes something that I need to be concerned with as a coach.”

Marquise Brown has 12 catches for 233 yards and two touchdowns in two games after catching eight passes for 86 yards Sunday.

13 responses to “John Harbaugh unconcerned Marquise Brown is unnamed player in lawsuit against AB

  1. No one can prove a negative. For example, I cannot prove that mermaids don’t exist. So if Marquise Brown does not implicate his cousin in the alleged rape, that’s not proof that it didn’t happen. But Marquise Brown is not a disinterested party, so we evaluate his statements with that in mind. Bottom line: Unless he implicates his cousin, what he says means nothing, regardless of what the truth is.

  2. Seems as if Zimmer would be MORE concerned about that bad call his team made of Cousins over Keenum ?! Geez !

  3. Pleased too know we’ve now found “the truth.”
    Investigation no longer necessary; we’ve got “the truth.”

  4. Why would it matter? The allegations against Antonio are civil in nature, which means at most the plaintiff would be entitled to monetary damages. She could call JG Wentworth to collect her money now. But as the NFL made clear, the personal conduct does not encompass civil violations.

  5. If the NFL doesn’t like what it hears and suspends him, that’s fine with me. But they BETTER also suspend Tyreek Hill too.

  6. I hope that “Hollywood” is nothing like his cousin. The more dirt I hear and read about Antonio Brown,the more I wish the Patriots had never signed him,much less played him in Miami. I’m finding it hard to root for them as long as they continue to enable someone who is apparently a lousy human being and not right in the head. Kraft says that had they known about the lawsuit,they would never have signed him. Well,they know now! It’s just absurd.

  7. The contract is signed, money spent….everything is hearsay at this point as far as the Civil case goes…. OF COURSE they’d play him, why wouldn’t they at this point??!!
    Tired of all the self righteous posts & the faux outrage….
    The issue is a great team just got a elite player making them even more potent…. THAT’S what everyone’s freaking out about….. Pats look poised to win Lombardi #7 & it’s just killing them so they all flock here crying in their Cheerios…..
    Go Pats!!!!

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