Julio Jones: They kept giving us zero looks and we made them pay

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Julio Jones became the Falcons’ all-time leader in receiving yards in style on Sunday night.

Jones caught a screen pass from Matt Ryan on fourth-and-three, got a pair of good blocks from Jake Matthews and Mohamed Sanu and ran away from an Eagles defense playing without any deep safeties for a 54-yard touchdown with just over two minutes to play.

“When Sanu kicked the guy out, it was pretty much a foot race,” Jones said, via the team’s website. “That was it. It was wide open, they been giving us those zero looks throughout the game and sooner [rather] than later, we made them pay. We made them pay earlier in the game on the one to [Calvin Ridley] and then to myself at the end of the game.”

The score put the Falcons up 24-20 and left Jones with 10,868 career receiving yards. That’s five more yards than Roddy White managed with the Falcons and Ryan called it “special for him to break a record that way in such a critical situation.”

Ryan also said that he looks forward to a lot more special moments now that Jones has signed a long-term extension in Atlanta and getting them would bode well for the Falcons’ playoff hopes this season.

7 responses to “Julio Jones: They kept giving us zero looks and we made them pay

  1. Brilliant call by Dirk Koetter and a well executed play. Being said that Dirk Koetter and coach Quinn have to do a better job of Managing Matt Ryan until he get’s in mid season form. Five interceptions in two games is not good. I know the Falcons faced two stout run defenders in Minnesota and the Eagles. But seventeen runs against forty three passes is far from balance they like to talk about.

  2. Eagles fan here, no it wasn’t a block in the back. That said, liked to see them go up in the 4th in a game they had no business being ahead in. Really thought they would have pulled it out, but there was a sideline/touchdown drop. like this team, but also give credit to the Falcons, we’ll be seeing them again, both teams look tough- not just the trenches – big legal hits everyone on both sides.
    Only one “bad” call in my book, Wentz is often ‘in the grasp’ and he typically escapes.

  3. The more I watch Koetter in ATL the more I am convinced that he brought out a totally different playbook (the sh!ttier one) to Tampa for three seasons. I understand not running the exact same plays against a division rival that knows tendencies, but damn!

  4. Lets no forget the blatantly ignored block in the back literally directly in front of the ref who was like 10′ away. However, I dont like to say a single play or non-call is what determines the game. Both teams had their ups and downs and made adjustments.

  5. I love the eagles. They just didnt get it done. In a big moment atlanta dialed up a perfect play with a great design and executed it flawlessly. It shouldnt come as a huge surprise because both matt ryan and julio jones are terrific pkayers. Im not sure who laid the block downfield… But that was also perfectly executed. Its a long season..congrats to the falcons. They earned it.

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