Kaleb McGary’s knee sounded like a bowl of cereal

Getty Images

Falcons rookie right tackle Kaleb McGary didn’t look so good when he left last night’s game with a knee problem.

But the way he described it was even worse.

“It was a knee thing and I was nervous at first,” McGary said to Zach Klein of WSB. “That snap, crackle, pop is never a good thing. . . . If I sat out the rest of the game, that’s admitting defeat and I was letting my teammates down, I never wanna let my brothers down.”

McGary did return to finish the game, amazingly (thought it might have been a Froot Loops decision).

They’ve already lost fellow first-rounder Chris Lindstrom for at least half the season to a broken foot, and being without their other first-rounder left them thin in an area of offseason emphasis.