Kirk Cousins: “No justification” for late interception

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Thanks to runs by Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison, the Vikings found themselves with a first down on the Packers’ 8-yard-line down five points with just over five minutes left to play in Sunday’s game.

It was a prime chance to grab the lead, but that’s not how things would play out. Quarterback Kirk Cousins tried a pass to a well-covered Stefon Diggs in the end zone and Packers cornerback Kevin King ended the scoring threat.

Head coach Mike Zimmer said it was “a good question” why the team didn’t run the ball again, but Cousins said he “shouldn’t have put our coordinator in that position” and should have thrown the ball away.

“There’s no justification,” Cousins said, via “It was unacceptable, it put my team in a terrible position. We had worked so hard to get down there, had a great chance to take the lead, potentially win the game. I just took it out of our hands by making that throw.”

Cousins threw an interception and lost one of his two fumbles in the first half, so there were several plays that he’d like to have back after a loss to a divisional rival.

64 responses to “Kirk Cousins: “No justification” for late interception

  1. Cousins made the biggest mistake of career by leaving Washington. We saw how many years it took for him to get comfortable in the system, no he’s going through the same thing all over again. Definitely stunted his career growth with his move.

  2. I was unhappy when the Vikings signed him in the first place. The silver lining is there’s now less than 2 full seasons until we move on. Dude has an arm (as any NFL quarterback should) but can’t step up and be a leader.

  3. Kirk. I’m personally tired of your yammering about how you need to get better. Stop making bone headed throws & learn to not fumble! He’s turned into a turn over machine.

    What he needs to do is go into his minds eye. Then remember the feelings he had the day he made his YOU LIKE THAT comeback and then channel that intensity into each game. It’s simple he just needs to remind his mind his feelings at that moment.

    It’s a simple psychological trick & it works.

    Still I was encouraged that the Vikings still had a shot at the end. It was a road game in GB for their season opener.

    Not concerned at all. This will be able to be used as a building moment to remind dipstick to throw the ball out of bounds when you are outside the pocket on first down.

    It’s almost inconceivable he threw that. Kirk what you need is a big strong guy as a third WR. How about you restructure your contract to bring one in.

    That ain’t going to happen is it? & that’s why you fail. I went all YODA at the end there.

  4. I’m really tired of seeing Cousins make excuses and “accept the blame” for Vikings losses. He needs to stop talking and starting playing like an $84 million QB, or else give the money back. When the chips are donwn he seems to fold like a cheap suit. So far he’s been quite a letdown for Minnesota, and he sure hasn’t been worth all that money. The Vikes had better start preparing to draft or trade for a good QB, because Cousins is NOT the long-term answer.

  5. Welcome to the world of the Redskins. The guy will make some great plays between the 20’s, and then, just when it really counts he kills you. Done there and seen that before all too many times. He’s your choker now. Good riddance. Don’t get your hopes up too high and maybe you won’t be disappointed when he does it again… and again…and again…. He was much better in college….

  6. Rodgers and LaFleur are in the news for yelling at each other? Wait until Zimmer gets Cousins alone. He’ll scream until his ears catch fire and his eyes pop out of his head. Again.

  7. The Vikings have a solid team and a few star players that deserve better than Cousins’ level of play so far this season. He seems to be regressing, which is ironic, given the subtle improvements to the OL. Wondering why he seems stuck on being such a panicked QB after all his NFL experience. Obviously, my fellow Vikings fans are increasingly irritated by his weak showings, and soon things will get ugly, with boo-birds flocking to express that disapproval. He had better seek out some intense coaching/psychological help, to work on eliminating the obvious panic he seems prone to. The Vikings have no Plan B alternative, so this season hinges greatly on him turning around this dismal trend.

  8. “Head coach Mike Zimmer said it was ‘a good question’ why the team didn’t run the ball again.”

    It’s really not a question.

  9. I thought he was trying to throw the ball away and just did not get enough on it. If, as his comments suggest, he was actually trying to complete the pass, then this guy plays like a very, very expensive rookie.

  10. Packer Fan here. Kirk, I think that was a great decision that you made to throw that ball in that situation. Your timing was perfect!

  11. There’s your $84 Million Dollar (Fully Guaranteed lets not forget) man Minnesota… Cousins is just bad, he will beat the bad teams and make sure his stats are padded but against good teams when it’s time to put or shut up he breaks your heart every single time.

  12. At least cousins owns it. Not like the purple chest thumpers who insisted they’d won by double digits and on cue blame the refs when they lose First down INT in the red zone is not what you pay 80 million for. C’mon guys it was a horrific signing and you know it

  13. And Vikings fans today will instead focus all their energy on how bad the Bears’ offense is rather than looking at their own QB and his typical failings when the game is one the line.

  14. Another great, exciting, anybody-could-win game between two teams that always play each other tough. It’s too soon to read anything into either team.

  15. pete2112 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 8:07 am
    And Vikings fans today will instead focus all their energy on how bad the Bears’ offense is rather than looking at their own QB and his typical failings when the game is one the line.


    Uh, no. Most Vikings fans will focus their energy on how pathetic Cousins looks in big time games. How do I know that? I’m a Vikings fan.

  16. I know some of the Packers fans tried warning the Vikings faithful about Cousins, but they refused to listen, cuz he was “suppose to be that last piece” and thats ok… but you DEFINITELY should have listened to the Washington fans.

    At least question that if Cousins REALLY was a franchise QB, why would they let him walk.. oh its because of the “Insulting offers the front office made him and burned that bridge,”

    There was a reason for that…

  17. tokyosandblaster says:
    September 16, 2019 at 8:39 am
    It’s ok, Kirk. You guys gained all your yards in garbage time, just like last year.

    When you have a chance to take the lead I wouldn’t call it garbage time.

  18. As a life-long Vikings fan, I never liked the Cousins signing, as is. $84 million? Case Keanum could do the same thing for a lot less money.
    That said, Packer fans, your team has improved a lot. I like your defense a lot. Going to help you win games. But, Aaron Rodgers is still vastly overrated.

  19. the play call was worth a try. Everyone could see us run the ball down the throats of the Packers so a pass was worth a try. But that ball needed to be thrown away. I am like so many other posters. I am sick of Cousins taking responsibility for his mistakes and bad throws. The problem is too many mistakes and bad throws. Time to put up AND shut up. Keenum, Sloter, Bridgewater, pick one. They were all cheaper and couldn’t have done any worse.

  20. I can’t help but to think what the outcome of this game would have been with Case Keenum, and for $8 million less per year. With our run game and defense, all Kirky Poo has to do is to not turn the ball over and hand it off. Pour that $8 million into the offensive line and a solid kicker.

    That said, I still have to be happy with the run game and the second half defensive performance. If that game is played in Minne, it goes the other way. Both the Packers and the Vikings have things to be happy about, and things to improve on. It’s a 16 game season, and no one clinches the playoffs in week 2. The Packers are sure off to a good start though. See you in December.

  21. He was off all day. Overthrowing Theilan on an out for what would have been a nice 20 yard gain and first down, then not throwing to open recievers and trying to force throws to Diggs for the deflected interception. Throwing too high over the middle to Rudolph, just was plain off.

  22. I never agreed with the “Keep Keenum, Cousins sucks” crowd. I still don’t think we should have kept Keenum, but I’m a lot closer to believing Cousins sucks. Last year he sucked because we had no offensive line and couldn’t run the ball. What’s the excuse this year?

  23. Kirk Cousins continues his streak of ineptitude against teams with a winning record.

    He looked as bad as i have seen any veteran QB ever look. 100 of his yards came into 2 plays – 60 yarder to Beebe and “the should have been an INT”, TD catch by Diggs.

    In fact, Kirk could have easily had 3 more picks on his stat sheet. Packer DB’s had butter fingers.

    Reality is, GB is not that good a team (yet), and Cousins personally struggled with accuracy and piss-poor decision making. Run game and defense kept the game close, and Cousins, true to form found a way to lose to a winning team.

    that’s just how he rolls… YOU LIKE THAT??!!!

  24. I know some of the Packers fans tried warning the Vikings faithful about Cousins, but they refused to listen, cuz he was “suppose to be that last piece” and thats ok… but you DEFINITELY should have listened to the Washington fans.

    At least question that if Cousins REALLY was a franchise QB, why would they let him walk.. oh its because of the “Insulting offers the front office made him and burned that bridge,”

    There was a reason for that…

  25. Liberalsruineverything says:
    September 16, 2019 at 10:20 am
    The Packers needed a gift from Cousins and the Lambeau referees to not choke away a 21 point lead at home with their HOF QB. How’s that make you feel?
    How do you feel, after crying for 2 days???

  26. Pathetic loss.

    Vikes D comes out lethargic vs. AR12? Come on. Then, basically them down for almost 3 full quarters.

    Ground Game produces almost 200 yards, including a shot-in-the-arm long score when the team was desperate for momentum.

    But, Cappy Kirk throws a dumb pick early into traffic when other less-risky options existed. The pick with 5 minutes left was INEXCUSABLE, especially on 1st down with said run-game clicking. The play was not there & Cappy was trying to be a hero.

    It’s not 100% on Cousins though. Zimmer clearly, once again, does not have the Defense ready at the beginning of a big game. Diggs & Theilen made some bad plays too. Diggs drop on a critical 3rd down, which was a 1st….maybe a long-gain TD. Theilen tries to get more yards instead of an easy crush through for a 1st late in the game was momentum killing as well. A bad call on Dalvin Cook that negated a TD (maybe better stated a bad rule that needs tweaking, yet again). The penalty is not the reason the Vikes lost.

    All of these really bad mistakes could have been overcome. Game turned out to be a great Divisional battle. It’s early, so it’ll be interesting to see how the season progresses.

    Good W for Green Bay.

  27. packer fans crowing about a win when they were up 21-0. The Vikings ran for 200 yards against your defense. Cousins fumbles twice and threw a horrible pick. And the kicker missed a fg .Your packers got shut out most of the game by the Vikings defense.
    The refs called 4 OPI on the Vikings.And not 1 holding call against the packers when Hunter and Griffen were in the backfield putting pressure on all day. Even the announcer said the officiating was suspect.

  28. Yes, yes. We knew you’d blame refs or injuries or something.

    It’s sad, pathetic, and—worst of all—expected from Vikes fans after every loss.

    I’ve seen maybe 3 Vikings fans congratulating the Packers on the win, which means perhaps 3% of you have class.

    As such, we will continue to crow. You’re not taking away the joy of the win from us, no matter how much you try.

  29. Cousins lost the game for minnesota no doubt. The vikes were running 10 yards a clip. The Packers d was tired and beat. Defenders were flat footed getting either run over or run past. So of course give cousins a chance to do his best case impersonation and float one. Doh.

  30. Not once have I heard about why the OC (Stefanski), called a pass play on the 8 yard line with 1st and goal.

    Absolutely ridiculous! He should of run it 4 times at that point of the game. We already had over 200 yards rushing in the game. On that drive alone, Cook and Alexander were tearing up the Packers defense.

    Yes Cousins made a terrible throw into triple coverage. He was doing what the play caller dictated though. Sure, he made a few errors earlier in the game. But at that point, with just over 5 minutes left in the game, 1st and goal from the 8 yard line, the OC calls a pass play? Unbelievable.

    I’m putting this loss on the OC for a terrible play call for the situation. First full year as an OC this year. Inexperience. Has to be. Hindsight is always 20/20 but as Chris Carter would say, “COME ON MAN!!!!!!

  31. Why is Zim throwing Cousins under the bus?

    Kirk didn’t execute, but Zim got cute with the play calling instead of sticking with what had got him there.
    He took a page out of Pete Carrol’s playbook and … got the same result.

  32. The thing about Cousins yesterday wasn’t just the poor decisions on the two picks, but how nervous he looked in the pocket even when it was clean, and the inaccurate throws that resulted. The offensive line did enough to protect the guy, and had the Pack completely gassed in the 4th quarter, enough that even a marginal performance would (or could) have won the game.

    The Pack deserved the win and cheesers have every right to throw the win in the face of those who trolled last week. However, the realistic ones are smart enough to know that the Pack isn’t really any better than the Vikes, except at QB, and even Rodgers looked pedestrian the last 3 quarters. I doubt the Vikes will be very far in the Pack rear view the remainder of this season, but hey, I don’t blame you for enjoying the ride now.

  33. Anyone blaming the play call for that interception is delusional. This is the National Football League. You should be able to call a pass play on first and goal without fear that your quarterback is going to throw the ball into double coverage while under pressure. An NFL quarterback throws the ball to the drunk Packer fan in the seventh row in that situation.

    Despite revamping their entire offense to make Cousins more comfortable and minimize his weaknesses, Cousins is somehow even worse than he was last year. It is now clearly obvious that he not only can’t win a big game, he can’t even not lose a big game. We’re just looking for a game manager here and he can’t even be that!

    Complain all you want about the officiating and the defense spotting the Packers 21 points, and you would be right, but this loss is 100% on Kirk Cousins.

  34. As such, we will continue to crow.
    Only in your mind. I feel the same about both teams coming out of the game. In fact I’m loving the new vik Ings physical offense that is leaving marks.

  35. conormacleod says:
    September 16, 2019 at 10:19 am
    Keenum is 6-12 as a starter since he left Minnesota. Can we stop talking about him?

    The talent he is working with is nothing like the talent he had when he helped the Vikings go to the nfc title game.

    He also likely doesnt force what looked like a game ending hail mary to give the team a chance to win, on 1st and goal with 6 minutes or so remaning.

  36. I would expect that throw from a rookie or a first year starter, not a QB with a top-tier contract. Decision making by a QB is a very underrated asset, and one that the Vikings didn’t take seriously enough when proceeding to sign Cousins. I don’t care how strong his arm is, or even how accurate he can be when throwing from a clean pocket; a QB who hasn’t learned to throw the ball away in that situation after several years as a starter doesn’t deserve to start.

    Teddy Bridgewater didn’t have a great day yesterday in relief of Brees, but I’d still take him in the clutch over Cousins. This team should have kept Keenum and Bridgewater and let them compete for the starting role instead of dumping $84 million into a guy who can’t win in the clutch.

    The season will continue. I’d like to think this pattern from Cousins will change, but I’m not expecting it.

  37. Kirk Cousins.
    2 games
    4 fumbles (1 lost) 2 picks. 1-1 record.

    Kirk, since you admit you are a .500 quarterback, how about giving 50% of your salary back? Let’s renegotiate your contract to incentive based for 2020.

    I say put him on the practice squad for a week and see if that lights his fire.
    I doubt it though. It might be best to cut him and draft a QB. I sure don’t want a drafted QB learning under Kirk “8-8” Cousins.

  38. It seems like Cousins has lost the fan base… if thats the case I wonder how his teammates feel, Diggs only had 1 catch, Thielen was visably frustrated with him at the end of last season I am assuming by this start he is flustered.

    Cousins had the 3rd worse QBR in week two, the only two that had worse, were Fitzpatrick and Rosen in Mia.

  39. Tokyo do you also like getting shut out for most of the game after scoring 21 points on a good defense. And your defense gave up 200 yards on the ground yesterday. Put down the rocks.

  40. Another great, exciting, anybody-could-win game between two teams that always play each other tough. It’s too soon to read anything into either team.


    Agreed. Lots of football left. The race for the North should go down to wire.

  41. Lambeau is a tough place to win as it is. Much more difficult when you spot GB 21 points and turn the ball over 3 times. Nice to see the Vikings come back unlike the Bills game last year. And that was at home. So there is a silver lining to this loss, they looked fairly resilient playing defense and running the ball. Then there is Kirk Cousins. Not his best game. The whole game the DE’s didn’t bite on the play action boot leg, then when Cousins finally gets to roll out I think he was just pressured to make a play. He just made a big play for GB. Even if the Vikings score there Aaron Rodgers had an ETERNITY to drive down and win the game. It’s easier as a Vikings fan to be disappointed in our quarterback then to watch Aaron Rodgers pick us apart and win the game. Good game.

  42. Kirk Cousins, the $84 million dollar fumbling machine. The guy plays like a scared little girl out there. The first sign of pressure he throws his hands up and drops the ball. Waste of cap space and took 3 prime years away from this defense and offensive talent. I’d take Mitch T. over Cousins right now, its that bad.

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