NFL looking into Antonio Brown shirking his media responsibilities

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The NFL doesn’t require players to say anything useful to the media, but the NFL requires them to show up. Since joining the Patriots a week ago, receiver Antonio Brown hasn’t.

Not surprisingly, Mike Giardi of the NFL reports that the NFL is looking into Brown’s failure to meet after his first game as a Patriot. The NFL requires all players to be available once during the week and after each game. Brown has not yet spoken to reporters since joining the Patriots.

The league sometimes issues a warning and a threat of a fine before imposing a fine. In this specific case, the team also may have to answer some tough questions, given that Brown was cleared out of the locker room — with his name off the locker that had been assigned to him — before the media was allowed to even enter.

The league’s media policy requires that “[c]lubs must ensure that name plates with players’ names and numbers are left in position until after the locker room has cleared of media.”

Whatever the consequence imposed by the league on the Patriots and/or Brown, it surely will be deemed by the organization to have been worth it. At a time when the league has commenced an investigation into a civil lawsuit filed against Brown for sexual assault and rape, he would have been hounded with questions about it — and anything he said, every facial expression he displayed, and every aspect of his demeanor in responding to those questions would have potentially been used against him, by the league, by his accuser in civil court, and possibly by the authorities if/when a criminal probe happens.

52 responses to “NFL looking into Antonio Brown shirking his media responsibilities

  1. It would be hilarious if Brown eventually gets suspended over missing interviews and not all the awful things he has done / alleged to have done.

  2. He would be STUPID to subject himself to Media “gotcha” questioning where the answers would be twisted and spun to perhaps push a false narrative.

    The fact he avoided the Press after a game in which he won and scored a TD shows he is finally listening to wise counsel.

  3. Guy is trying to play ball and the league is looking for a reason. Maybe Brown should use the MLynch playbook. Would that make the NFL and the media happy?

  4. Perhaps, this is Belichick’s decision to keep him away from reporters. It sounds like a good move. The Patriots will probably end up covering his fines from the league. Remember Marshawn Lynch?

  5. “It would be hilarious if Brown eventually gets suspended over missing interviews and not all the awful things he has done / alleged to have done.”

    As far as I know they’ve never suspended anyone for this, only fined them. Good luck though, its always good to have hopes

  6. Well, Adam Vinatieri did this, too. I don’t think he is being “looked into”.

    I am not sure there is awaiting to “look into”. He didn’t take questions from the media.

    Why is this an “investigation”?

  7. What’s the big deal? All they would have asked him about is his TD anyways, so what’s the point? Ain’t nobody cares about that.

  8. “It would be hilarious if Brown eventually gets suspended over missing interviews and not all the awful things he has done / alleged to have done.”

    Mike Mayock fully agrees, it would be hilarious.

  9. Just another thing that’s happened many times before but will now lather up the haters who will demand a rule change along with the Pats docked a draft pick.

  10. This is the smartest move AB has made in a long time and well worth the fine he’ll get.
    Also, the Pats have to have time to train him in their methods of media communication. That’s likely to be a culture shock for AB, but it’s easy to point to their success to affirm their methods work.
    And if AB can’t handle it, well we all know what BB will do.

  11. kevo95 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 5:35 pm

    The Patriot way ,do what you want ,the commissioner loves us


    Goodell loves them so much that he launched a 2-year, multimillion-dollar investigation over air pressure and suspended the greatest quarterback of all time four games, fined the organization one million dollars, allowed a few questionable calls to slip against them in Super Bowl LII versus the Eagles, refused to post the PSI measurements from each teams’ set of footballs throughout the 2015 season, and allows the league’s media to constantly portray them as the villains season after season. I remember the refs blowing their whistles in the middle of a live play against the Bills back in 2015 as well.

  12. NFL rules apply to all 32 teams if I am not mistaken. This should start with a fine and escalating to a raft choice….after all that’s what perks Grumpy old Bills ears up. Doing nothing adds to the Gordon, Chung, Brown and Kraft favoritisms the NFL is doing.

  13. Man, this is like Al Capone not paying taxes. But if it gets this clown out of the league — throw the book at him.

  14. This is not AB’s doing. He was instructed/ assisted to get out of the building beforehand by the Patriots. They are covering for him to protect him and the team.

  15. I thought he looked quick coming out of his breaks. I think he showed knowledge of the snap count and audible calls. He looks in great shape. I think he can learn the offense and gain Brady’s confidence.

    Everything else is just colored bubbles.

  16. Vasteelerfan says:
    September 16, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    NFL rules apply to all 32 teams if I am not mistaken. This should start with a fine and escalating to a raft choice
    I choose an inflatable raft.

  17. You’re all overlooking the possibility, even probability that the NFL privately sanctioned the Pats not making him available. It may suit the NFL as well as Brown and the Pats right now not to allow a media circus just before the NFL meets with Brown’s accuser, and Pats agreed to take the PR hit for the no-show.

  18. That dare he not talk to the press….oh the humanity…
    Everyone’s on here screaming about him & now their even upset he won’t be even MORE in the spotlight……make up your minds will you!!??!!

  19. I’m assuming that the Pats rushed AB out of there, figuring that paying a fine would be preferable to allowing the AB circus to make another appearance.

    The league is probably fine with that choice, since they also want no more of the circus.

  20. AB looked pretty good considering he only had a few days to practice a whole new system….Brady even messed up by not getting him his 2nd TD as he was wide open in the end zone…..
    Just think how good this offense will be in 6-8 weeks when he’s been fully integrated into the system…..
    Can’t wait to see THAT!!!!
    Go Pats!!!!

  21. The Patriots have perfected the Raiders of the 70’s, who everyone wanted to be.
    after an unprecedented two entire decades of domination, it’s safe to say that the patriots have perfected the patriots and that’s who everyone wants to be

  22. ggreen657 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 10:39 pm

    The Patriots have perfected the Raiders of the 70’s, who everyone wanted to be.
    Since his first year in NE Beliechick has brought in guys like:

    Brian Cox
    Corey Dillon
    Aqib Talib
    Randy Moss
    Josh Gordon
    Antonio Brown

    Nothing new here. No idea why people haven’t noticed this before. BB is a football coach trying to win and he doesn’t care what you think of him.

  23. Come on…. 2 decades of constantly being relevant…. 9 Super Bowl appearances highest winning percentage during that time frame…. yes, dominant

  24. Adam V of the Colts refused to talk with the press too…. where’s the social OUTRAGE & is the league looking into that as well, or does he not play into the leagues plan to push their agenda???

  25. rutledge3197 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 11:31 pm
    Two decades????…..:2004 then 2014 between titles mmmm

    Yes, two decades. What you are saying is that anything short of a SB win is not a successful season which to many is true, but really what you say just proves their greatness, because there is no other team ever that can even be considered fir such a standard. Even their biggest critics still hold them to that standard as can be seen here.

  26. AB gives the NFL attention which turns to money. NFL doesn’t give a crap about integrity anymore. It’s all about the $$$ and him signing with the Patriots just added more $$$$$$ to the league.

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