Odell Beckham leaves for locker room early as Browns take 16-3 lead

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The Jets have their third quarterback in the game. They have minus-13 passing yards and 45 total yards.

Yet, the Browns have problems of their own, which is why Cleveland leads only 16-3 at halftime.

Odell Beckham left the field seeking the training staff with 28 seconds remaining in the half after an incompletion in the end zone. He then jogged to the locker room with medical personnel before the half ended.

Baker Mayfield has struggled, completing 11 of 23 passes for 162 yards. Beckham has three catches for 54 yards and Jarvis Landry and D'Ernest Johnson each have two receptions for 32 yards.

Nick Chubb has rushed for 41 yards on 10 carries, scoring on a 19-yard run.

They are better off than the Jets are, though.

The Jets started the game with backup quarterback Trevor Siemian, with Sam Darnold recovering from mono. But Siemian injured his left ankle on a roughing penalty on Myles Garrett.

Third quarterback Luke Falk, elevated from the practice squad in recent days, made his NFL debut in the second quarter.

Falk and Siemian have combined to complete 4-of-8 passes for 4 yards, but Siemian took two sacks for 17 yards. Garrett has a sack, but he also has two roughing penalties.

Le'Veon Bell has rushed for 48 yards on 13 carries.

7 responses to “Odell Beckham leaves for locker room early as Browns take 16-3 lead

  1. The Browns are playing against the local high school QB. If they don’t win this game, they should disband the team.

    Mayfield looks horrible against a really bad team. Not encouraging for his super bowl run.

  2. LOLe’Veon Bell…15 carries for 56 yards for a 3.7 average against the Browns? Just wait until they play a team that isn’t terrible. He may be lucky to get 100 yards rushing in any game this season. I wonder how long it is before he starts complaining…or gets suspended…or has a mysterious injury.

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