Odell Beckham makes a ridiculous catch, then sent to sideline for illegal visor


Odell Beckham does not appear to be wearing his Richard Mille watch on the field tonight, but the Browns receiver did wear a shield on his helmet that officials didn’t approve.

They sent Beckham to the sideline on a third-down play, with Beckham arguing to no avail.

Beckham had a gold-colored shield on his helmet, and officials told coach Freddie Kitchens that Beckham couldn’t continue with it, according to the Browns Radio Network, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal.

After announcing a sponsorship deal last month, the NFL changed its rule to allow only lightly tinted visors provided by Oakley. Oakley visors that are lightly tinted with a pinkish hue.

Equipment managers changed out Beckham’s shield but not before he missed a third-and-goal play from the Jets 5-yard line. The Browns settled for a 23-yard field goal and a 3-0 lead.

Beckham set up the score with a ridiculous, one-handed catch along the sideline for 33 yards to the Jets 4-yard line. Cornerback Nate Hairston had tight coverage on Beckham, but it didn’t matter as the star receiver made another highlight reel catch.

54 responses to “Odell Beckham makes a ridiculous catch, then sent to sideline for illegal visor

  1. Why do the Browns equipment guys even buy a non-conforming visor?
    Probably just trying to match the watch.

  2. The Jets DBs hold on every play. Amazing it is not being called bybthe refs or called out by the announcing crew.

  3. These teams are trash. Can’t wait until the World Champion Patriots give them the beating that they deserve!

  4. Perfect example of a selfish move hurting his team. He’s the best receiver on the field…except he was undoing something silly like having known “illegal” equipment. He’s a dip

  5. I like the look of a color-matching shield, but I get the NFL’s side as well. It’s similar to when Canty and Tuck got special facemasks, and then guys started making facemasks more and more elaborate leading to the NFL to ban that fun too.

  6. He makes a circus catch one minute and the next he’s missing a play while they swap out his illegal visor. Is the plan to be disruptive every game?

  7. 10 seasons removed from the 2010 afc championship game loss to the steelers & this team is as far as they’ve ever been from being competitive again.

  8. nagyisterrible says:
    September 16, 2019 at 9:13 pm
    GoodellMustGo says:
    September 16, 2019 at 9:08 pm
    Remember when everyone thought Siemian was good? 🤔

    No he’s always been trash.

    Got a lot of hype after his Broncos debut….

  9. GoodellMustGo says:
    September 16, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    Remember when everyone thought Siemian was good? 🤔
    Bronco fans told us he was the next Brady.

  10. I think Gregg Williams needs to come clean, as Myles Garrett has had two dirty full weight hits on Siemain. His denials hold no water anymore. And why is Garrett still in the game?

  11. I know the Browns are supposed to be loveable losers and all but feels like they’re much easier to dislike than like….

  12. Can’t wait to hear him complain about the visor after the game. That’s how these people are you tell them the rules, and then they do what they want and cry about it when they’re called out for it. These are the rules if you can’t follow the rules you can’t play, and if you can’t handle that then go get some counseling

  13. That’s Beckham’s whole career in one play. Demonstration of exceptional talent, followed by antics that hurt his team and diminish their accomplishments. He gets a highlight reel, his team gets a field goal.

  14. All I know is that Baker Mayfield is basically garbage. Short of that Odell Beckham ridiculous catch and run this punk would have had a QB rating less than 40 against a Jets team that is missing their best defensive players. The hype around this punk will die down as soon as people recognize he is Manziel 2.0

  15. Baker is a competitor not a punk. He takes chances which is fun to watch. He is young. Better start to his career than Big Ben, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers. He also got drafted by the Browns. Give the guy some time to grow. Definitely not Manziel 2.0. Just because he has similar attributes and got drafted by the Browns. Manziel had/has some serious substance issues. These guys get asked questions and they answer them without phony and dry answers and people hate them for giving emotional answers.

  16. ok maybe it was selfish but the the refs waited till a 3rd and goal play to do something about it? then after playing the game with it up to that point they had to force him to the sideline at that exact moment?? it couldnt have waited until after the play when the defense was out there?

  17. Mayfield missed some throws tonight including some bad reads in a few of those situations, but these people saying he’s garbage completely ignore the FACTS that on a Browns team coming off 0-16 and a fired coach, he broke the single-season rookie TD pass record despite playing in just 13 games to do it. And per tonight, is now 3rd all time in pass yards in first 16 games.

    Sound like garbage to you?

  18. Why was the visor okay to start the game but not okay after the catch? There are only about 20 cameras giving multiple shots of each play. You can’t tell me they didn’t notice.

  19. Sure, it was a great catch – but let’s not hide the fact that those gloves are the modern version of Stick-um, plain and simple.

    No gloves, no catch.

  20. cleareyeview says:
    September 16, 2019 at 9:01 pm
    Because big-mouth Baker has been horrible so far this year.
    This didn’t age well.

  21. Looks like he played better without the watch. may be it helps him if there is not so much dead weight near the end of the arm. His arm muscles won’t have to work as hard every time he moves. Because of the levering effect, the weight of the watch is amplified if it is far away from the elbow.

  22. NOT A LEGAL CATCH – Let me start by saying Odell Beckham made a heck of an effort to haul in that one handed catch against the Jets; very athletic and impressive – but what surprises me , as an impartial viewer (SeaHawk fan), is why not one person has stated the catch was illegal . Not one person from coaches, to pundits, to players to fans, recognized that he did not have full control of the ball prior to getting the required two feet down in the field of play. I believe the rule requires full “control” of the football and then two feet down. Watch the highlight again and again if need be and honestly evaluate whether he had control of the ball as he pulls it in to his chest (note movement) and gets “one” foot down. Just saying – at the very least they should have thrown a challenge flag.

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