Odell Beckham, Nick Chubb carry Browns to 23-3 win over banged up Jets

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Playing a depleted New York Jets team was just what the Cleveland Browns needed to bounce back from a disappoint showing against the Tennessee Titans in their season opener last week.

Odell Beckham Jr. caught six passes for 161 yards and a touchdown and Nick Chubb added another score on the ground as the Browns got their first victory of the season with a 23-3 win over the Jets on Monday night. Getting a victory against the Jets could prove to be vital to the Browns chances this season as each of the next five teams they face are currently off to 2-0 starts (L.A. Rams, Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, New England).

The Jets were ailing coming into the night with starting quarterback Sam Darnold (mono), linebacker C.J. Mosley (groin) and defensive tackle Quinnen Williams (ankle) all out. The list grew Monday night as backup quarterback Trevor Siemian was lost to an ugly ankle injury and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was unable to finish the game due to a hamstring injury that kept him from practicing all week.

Even with the Jets absences, the Browns couldn’t hit its stride early in the game. An 11-play, 76-yard drive stalled out at the Jets’ 5-yard line forcing Cleveland to settle for a 23-yard Austin Seibert field goal. Seibert would add a 48-yard field goal as well before Cleveland finally found the end zone on a 19-yard run from Chubb early in the second quarter.

Siemian was injured on a roughing the quarterback hit from Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, who had two roughing calls for hits on Siemian in the game. His replacement, Luke Falk, managed to keep the Jets moving after Siemian left the game as Sam Ficken delivered a 46-yard field goal to get the Jets on the board late in the first half.

But it was the only points the Jets would muster for the night. They came close in the fourth quarter until Le'Veon Bell fumbled away the ball inside the Browns’ 10-yard line.

Seibert would add a 43-yard field goal to close out the first half and Beckham would race for a nearly unimpeded 89-yard touchdown in the third quarter to deliver the knockout blow to the Jets.

Baker Mayfield completed 19 of 35 passes for 325 yards with the Beckham touchdown pass and an interception on the night.

Falk would throw for 196 yards on 19 of 24 passing in relief of Siemian.

13 responses to “Odell Beckham, Nick Chubb carry Browns to 23-3 win over banged up Jets

  1. A team with bad coaching and injuries all over and 2nd then third string QB vs. a team with bad coaching but the starting QB and a hundred million dollars of healthy free agents and yeah, that final score makes sense. And all the penalties. And the cheap shots.

    On a positive note, this is first game of NFL season where refs were most competent and professional element on the field. The refs actually did a good job, don’t think I’ve seen that crew work a game yet either.

  2. The Jets are awful and the Browns almost as bad. Coaching for both teams is abysmal

    What a horrible product to put on MNF

  3. Seriously why is it the Browns team that was expected to win against the Jets at full strength an asterisk because they were depleted, but the Patriots make a good case for 19-0 (failed last time if I recall) because they played the Dolphins and a crappy Steelers team?

  4. A little harsh, HH. The Browns played great on both sides of the ball, and the Jets D is legit.

    Had Darnold been in there, this could have been an excellent game. I’m sure when they scheduled it they were hoping for a match-up between the 2 most highly rated QB’s from last year’s draft.

    I don’t like the Jets, but I think they’re building a good team there. They need Darnold back soon. Same w/ the Browns – they showed a lot of potential tonight.

    It was just a boring game, because the Jets couldn’t move on offense.

  5. Poor Jets fans. Season is caput. But, fwiw, you have some great looking helmets and jerseys–quite an improvement.

  6. Demaryius Thomas has more receiving yards this season with the Patriots (zero) than with the Jets (minus 1). Tee hee 😀

  7. Aye, Browns actually weren’t doing alot better than a backup-Jets so they dirty foul Seimian out of the game to finally pull away from a Jets down to a newly acquired 3rd-string guy. Jets-Gase looked like Miami-Gase. Bell was game tho – kept trying despite it all, bless him.
    – Pats fan.

  8. If a player gets 2 legitimate roughing the passer penalties in the same game the NFL should look into suspendeding them at least a game. I’m surprised the refs didn’t eject him. They eject players for lesser harmless infractions.

  9. Two bad teams. Browns are extremely overhyped and the Jets will take a while to recover from prior bad management. I thought the MNF announcers calling Mayfield “Baker” on almost every play like he was everybody’s best friend was very annoying and unprofessional.

  10. Man what happened to playing football I thought this was a contact sport why they call him Myles Garrett a dirty player because he’s hitting the quarterback and stride is the defensive end isn’t that what he supposed to do it’s not like the ball was long gone and when you’re playing defensive end You’re Not always completely paying attention to whether the ball still in the quarterbacks hands or not once you get close you’re going in for the sack it’s not like you Suh or Vontaze Burfict. It sucks at Trevor got hurt but Myles Garrett is just doing his job why isn’t anybody getting mad at the left tackle Beauchum. Hes the one getting people hurt out there?

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