Sean Payton: Drew Brees getting second opinion, no timetable yet

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Reports on Monday indicated that Saints quarterback Drew Brees would be having surgery after tearing a ligament in his thumb in Sunday’s loss to the Rams and that he’d miss six weeks while recovering.

Saints head coach Sean Payton had a conference call a bit later in the day and he said that nothing had been finalized when it comes to Brees’s plans.

“He’s had one opinion, he’s getting a second opinion,” Payton said.

Payton said that he hoped that the news is good and that any absence from the lineup “if there is any” turns out to be a brief one. While Payton is playing the optimistic notes about Brees’s outlook, he also realizes that the team is “getting ready to find out” if they’re able to be a winner without their longtime starting quarterback.

24 responses to “Sean Payton: Drew Brees getting second opinion, no timetable yet

  1. A 2nd opinion is always a good idea. An NFL team’s season is a billion dollar operation annually with thousands of people directly and indirectly working towards a Super Bowl… it’s crazy that this all goes to hell with one hand specialists’ opinion on the damage and time table for recovery.

  2. It’s pretty easy to see if the ligament is torn or not in the thumb. If it’s torn, it’s surgery. There is no getting around it.

  3. For an undersized QB with small hands relative to others at his position, this injury could cause issues well beyond 6 to 8 weeks. Yikes.

  4. Curious if his ligament is a complete tear or patrial tear.If its a complete tear he could miss the rest of the season but if its a partial tear he can be back in 6 to 8 weeks but the problem is also the thumb injury is on his throwing hand.When he heals will be comfortable gripping the ball Will he be comfortable throwing Its very tricky situation but I hope he does comes back.

  5. 40 year old QB who probably needs surgery on his throwing hand? I’d be getting a dozen opinions cause the reality is it’s probably the end for him. Sucks, I liked drew.

  6. The point is that he’s hurt and it’s bad. Short of some extreme malpractice, a second opinion isn’t going to change his prognosis from missing half the season to suddenly suiting up next week and playing well.

  7. $100 says he doesn’t get surgery and plays this week. Rapaport broke the news regarding surgery…that should be all anyone needs as to the story’s validity.

  8. Drew Brees demands an explanation. Better focus on getting Bridgewater ready for Sunday in the meantime Payton.

  9. Seahawks and then Dallas… not a good way to start for Teddy’s time. Luckily, they’re in a bad division, where 9-7 might win it.

  10. I have no idea why people dog Drew. It must be because he is one of the very best to ever play the position, and most of the other teams qb’s are inferior. There is nothing anyone can say that can point to where he is not a great role model for young kids to look up to.I am so grateful to have him as my teams QB for so long, as is the entire WHO DAT NATION. We all hope for the best, even if it means a long time off of the field.

  11. Will the Seahawks get off to a 3-0 start? For a team that usually starts 0-2 and gets better in the back half of the season, this is a huge opportunity to grab another W. A 3-0 start would be a shocker as I penciled in 1-2. Start 3-0 and finish a pedestrian 7-6 = 10-6 and likely WC berth.

    JReed returns week 7 and still have to get Ansah into the mix. There is still upside to Seattle’s pass rush to support the average secondary.

    Hope Brees has a speedy recovery. Are the Saints cursed? The past 2 seasons ending the way they did and now Brees’ injury would have many believe so.

  12. Second opinion standard, once tore a brevis tendon in my ankle, Dr recommended surgery didnt even seek a second opinion and wore a boot for 9 months, ankle is doing great as it was lol.

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