Vic Fangio: Time should have run out before Bears FG try

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Several questionable or incorrect calls landed officials around the NFL in the spotlight in Week Two and some of those calls came in the Broncos’ 16-14 loss to the Bears.

The last of those calls came at the very end of the game when the Bears were granted a timeout with one second left on the clock following a catch by wide receiver Allen Robinson. Robinson went to the ground in order to get the timeout, but many felt that the final second had already melted away before the call could be made.

Broncos head coach Vic Fangio made it clear on Monday that he’s part of that group.

“Nothing in life in the world happens simultaneously,” Fangio said, via 104.3 The Fan. “There was lag time there.”

Earlier in that drive, Broncos linebacker Bradley Chubb was penalized for roughing Mitchell Trubisky in a widely reviled call that the NFL backed as being a judgement call. Fangio took a page from Saints coach Sean Payton when it came to responding to that penalty.

“You can’t control the officiating or bad calls,” Fangio said.

Bears coach Matt Nagy could say the same about a roughing call on Eddie Goldman earlier in the game and other coaches and players around the league also fall into that category after a Sunday that saw the league’s officials come under a great deal of scrutiny.

27 responses to “Vic Fangio: Time should have run out before Bears FG try

  1. The horrible officating is ruining NFL football for me. GET IT RIGHT THE 1st time!!! That was not a roughing the paaser penality AND I agree, the clock was at 00.00. Why watch a game for over 3 hours to just have the officals ruin it at the end?

  2. Well how much time was left when he went down? I didnt see the game but I can’t imagine them not being able to figure if time actually expired or not. Cant officials take timeouts to get the clock right?

    I have no dog in this fight as a Cowboy fan. I’m just asking.

  3. Having watched the replay multiple times, there was one second as Robinson is on the ground and Trubisky is signalling in a ref’s face. Sorry, Vic. That’s what happened. Chubb’s RTP bad call? Ok, so was the one one on Goldman. And the one on Floyd. And #72 got called for holding 5 times but it could have easily been three times that. And Fuller was never down, so that should have been a pick six but you got a whistle for no reason. So, yeah, ugly game. You lost. Vindicate yourself next week.

  4. Robinson caught the ball with 2 seconds left.
    He went to the ground with 1 second left.
    Vic’s assertion then is:
    How can the refs blow the whistle and the Bears call a timeout without any time coming off the clock?

  5. He’s 100% right but that wasn’t the reason we lost. How about our idiot LT not get 4 holding calls in a game. And can Von Miller please show up to a game!? This was a very poor officiated game. Props to the Bears though…you guys have a very good defense.

  6. The roughing the passer call was brutal. We are getting close to the point that you put a red jersey on the QB and nobody is allowed to hit him. The Bears got a W that they didn’t deserve.

  7. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    September 16, 2019 at 4:04 pm
    The horrible officating is ruining NFL football for me. GET IT RIGHT THE 1st time!!! That was not a roughing the paaser penality AND I agree, the clock was at 00.00. Why watch a game for over 3 hours to just have the officals ruin it at the end?

    You’ve bought this up a couple of times now but fail to mention the Bears getting called for a rtp penalty as well. BOTH were bad calls. You can’t bring up one without the other unless you’re being a homer. And there was 1 sec left on the clock. Watch the replay.

  8. Also that Fuller INT would’ve changed the game. Blew the whistle early. Should’ve let him run and then called it back. It’s easier to let the play play out and then correct then leave it to what might have been.

  9. Funny, but I can remember having the same reaction to calls when I started watching the NFL, and that was 1958. Nothing, absolutely nothing, new here.

  10. He’s not wrong about the clock but that entire officiating crew was garbage. Bad calls all day on both sides. The team lost Vic though because of terrible play calling. Get Scangarello in check.

  11. He’s right…but the DB should know the game situation. No need to go to the ground with the WR and end the play. Let him roll around, the play isn’t over and there’s no controversy. Can’t call a timeout in the middle of the play.

  12. Following the double-doink last year, experts tried to say that the Bears never should have put themselves into that position — that fault lay within the offense over the entire game.

    Same applies here. The Bears punched in their touchdown at the goal line. The Broncos turned it over.

    There are many mantras. Score more points. Don’t cry if a better team can run up the score. It’s the NFL. If you don’t like what the other team is doing, then put your big boy pants on and make them stop. Control your own destiny.

  13. Hey Vic, you can control scoring more than 14 pts at home. LMAO.

    Will Elway survive 3 consecutive losing seasons for the first time in team history?

  14. Everyone in that stadium and watching new the Bears would be calling a time out including the refs.

    Speaking of which cannot one signal a time out and it will not be valid until play ends?

  15. Its not the officiating. Its the rules. No one could properly officiate an NFL game with all the stupid pansy rules.

  16. I agree there were a lot of bad calls.
    Is there not a rule that a player can give himself up because if they don’t touch him the clock will run out? Had the time expired the booth should have looked at it or because Nagy had a time out out left should be able to challenge the call. Sure looked like a second left to me. Opinions?

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