Will Jalen Ramsey get what he wants?

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Antonio Brown‘s 2019 travels have caused some to wonder whether the NFL is becoming like the NBA, with players having unprecedented power to dictate the place where they will be employed, contractual rights and CBA realities like the franchise tag be damned. The biggest test yet for this concept now becomes Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey’s agent is getting the word out that Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville. And now the question becomes whether the Jaguars will give Ramsey what he wants.

Ramsey wants to be paid, vowing not to give the team a discount if they approach him next year. Ramsey also said in August that, if he doesn’t remain with the Jaguars, he’d like to play for the Raiders or the Titans, who play in his hometown of Nashville.

The Raiders have the 2020 draft capital to get him, with Chicago’s first-round pick along with their own thanks to the Khalil Mack trade. The Raiders also have the extra cash to pay Ramsey, thanks to the decision to dump Brown and avoid nearly $30 million in expenditures over the next two years.

Ramsey’s talent is undeniable, but he definitely has a stubborn independent streak and he could be a handful for a head coach. Jon Gruden may not be in the mood to navigate another big personality. Or Gruden may be stubborn enough to still think he  can.

Regardless, the ball is now in Jacksonville’s court. Will they shop Ramsey, permit him to shop himself, or tell him that he’ll play for them or for no one? And if they refuse to trade him, will Ramsey try to disrupt and disparage his way out of town?

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  1. An interesting precedent was set when Antonio Brown was signed by the patriots after acting like a child. He got exactly what he wanted. Other players saw that and now want that too.

  2. At this point, regardless of talent level, who would really want this trouble on their team? At some point they have to let these troublemakers just suffer. Maybe a nice long season in Miami would suffice.

  3. The most talented and outspoken corner I ever watched was Deion. Prime Time. Neon Deion. And I can’t recall him ever holding teams hostage. Yes he changed teams a few times, and made money by the boatload, but not this kind of attitude that puts him above the game.

  4. Any player that wants out in this manner should be allowed to leave at any time. To go with that privlage such player should then return any bonus monies received from said team and sit out 24 months before being eligible to sign with any new team. We can call it the Antonio Brown Rule.

  5. His agent might want to go over the typical career length of a DB in the NFL. This guy is living more on his reputation than his actual play.

  6. If the Antonio Brown Rule is unacceptable to Jalen the Jaguars should trade him to the Dolphins.

  7. They should have traded the diva when he showed up to training camp with the money bags. Guy doesn’t care about winning so why bother giving him all that money? Good riddance to bad news.

  8. Raiders have a 1st, 2nd and 4th round pick invested in the corner position over the past three years. I don’t see giving up a 2020 1st round pick for Ramsey. But the Raiders do have two (Bears) 3rd round picks in 2020 and could package one of those 3rd round picks and 2017 1st rounder (corner) Gareon Conley for Ramsey.

  9. Gruden would be clownish if he gave up a couple high picks and was held hostage to give this guy record setting money. It would be like trading Mack for Ramsey. Who in the world would think that is a fair or smart trade?

  10. flviking says:
    September 16, 2019 at 6:56 pm
    I live in Jax, and nobody wants this clown here.
    Well I live in Houston and we’ll happily give you a second round pick for him but you’re going to owe us a favor.

  11. As a Texan fan who doesn’t have to actually pay the bill… Id give them a second round pick for Ramsey and then make Ramsey the highest-paid cornerback in the league.

  12. How about this. Does KC really need Hill? The sample size though small says no, Could KC use some secondary help? The answer is yes. Could the Jags use a guy like Hill? The answer is most definitely yes. And there ya go, though KC would probably want a draft pick or two thrown in.

  13. Another troubled child that looks like a fool on sidelines and he gets away with . No accountability

  14. If I’m the Bucs I’d trade a 1st + for Ramsey, it’d be a risk for both teams but the reward could be worth it. Ramsey could legitimately make the Todd Bowles defense elite and the Jags (who are going to finish with a top 10 pick anyways) could end up with another top 10 pick if Jameis implodes as most here expect.

  15. NFL, the new NBA. Waaa, I don’t want to play here any more, I demand a trade. Soon there will be 3 good teams.

  16. Can’t blame him….right now there are about 40 other DB’s in the league making more than him. Even more insult is that he is the third highest paid db on the jags… As a Raider fan I am open to getting him. Lets say the Bears pick this year is 26 thru 32—-I would do it..If the bears pick is a top 15 – I would not. I would keep the Raiders own pick which is probably going to be a early to mid pick.

  17. The blueprint most recently used by AB, to get out of Pittsburgh & Oakland, and others before him will be in full display again unless he’s traded pronto. Pretty soon the draft will be worthless as players will refuse to go to that city or demand to only play in this city.

  18. I’m sure there will be a team dumb enough to trade major draft resources to get him, but that would be a mistake. He’s a good player, but he talks a better game than he plays.

  19. Doug ” Bologne ” Marrone is an idiot … I will never say confronting or yelling at your coach is the way to go about things … I am not for that … But i know why Jalen wants out. Marrone is weak and folds under pressure. Look at the proof , AFC Title game he played not to loose in the second half versus attacking like a Lion in the Jungle does … He is weak … Look at the game Yesterday, Texans knew Fournette was getting the ball on the 2pt conversion and he goes with that B S conservative approach again … Instead of letting Gardner win you the game. He has no true confidence and we will never win anything relevant with him as our head coach … Book it … I just said straight fire :fire:


  20. garyandersonsonly1998fgmiss says:
    September 16, 2019 at 8:01 pm
    NFL, the new NBA. Waaa, I don’t want to play here any more, I demand a trade. Soon there will be 3 good teams.

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    Might be there already.

  21. No matter what the coach says you can’t put your hands on him. That shows an utter lack of respect for the coach and that’s why he has to go. I can’t believe the Jags would trade him to the Titans and have to play against him twice a year. I also find it hard to believe the Raiders would be interested after the disaster that was AB. Additionally any team that is willing to trade for him better be willing to break the bank for him. How many teams are going to do that after watching players like AB and OBJ? Ramsey probably cost himself a lot of money with his behavior on Sunday. He is going to want more than the 5-year $75M Xavien Howard got from the Dolphins earlier this year. Who is going to pay him that? I’ll be surprised if anyone breaks the bank for him like he wants, especially with his bad attitude.

  22. I thought he wanted to pair up with Derwin James as they both come from FSU. He would make a solid addition since James is currently out for a couple months or more. I think Chargers should consider this trade.

  23. Hmm. Guy lays his hands on his coach, drops a would be pick-6 that would’ve likely made the difference in winning the game, leaves without talking to reporters after the game, and has his agent tell the team he’d like to be traded all after showing up late for training camp in a armored vehicle with money bags while a dimwit announces his arrival. Sounds like someone ANY coach would want on his team to build chemistry around. Bye Felicia!

  24. Owners will get somewhat wise to this act though…they’ll just black list guys and agree not to sign them if they are straight cut. I know teams are desperate for talent, but they will just not sign players, and then all their money will be gone. That’ll make players think twice.

  25. AS a jags fan – and knowing what an undisciplined, immature punk that Ramsey is…I just KNEW he was not gonna move on after the game and put it behind him.
    Anyone who knows anything about Ramsey could see this coming a mile away.

    Try to get as much as you can for him but definitely get rid of him.

  26. Does he know that the Pats DB slots are already well filled with good players?

    On a related note, are there any offensive linemen that hate their team right now?

  27. NFL is getting stupid. No, NFL is getting NBA.

    – Ramsey gets his way, others follow suit
    – or, Ramsey suffers “soft tissue” injury and sits for the rest of the season

    My company has 8 season tickets to the Jags; soon, less.

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