Jay Gruden denies he dislikes Adrian Peterson’s running style

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Washington coach Jay Gruden kept running back Adrian Peterson inactive for Week One, and relented in Week Two only because Derrius Guice was injured. But he’s denying that he has anything against the way Peterson plays.

Responding to a report during Sunday’s FOX broadcast that he thinks Peterson is too much of a straight-ahead runner, Gruden said that is not the case.

You want north-south running backs. I don’t think you want east-west backs, that’s for sure,” Gruden told NBCSportsWashington.com. “[Peterson] is a north-south runner. . . . When he gets going north-south, what that does is creates a physical mentality for our offense. Our linemen love it, and it opens up our play-action passes. We do love north-south backs.”

Gruden did hint, however, that he believes Guice can be more versatile and do more with different personnel.

“[Peterson] is a north-south runner,” Gruden said. “What that does, sometimes, ya know it’s hard when he’s in the game, like yesterday we were in 11 personnel and they put base on the field and said ‘heck you’re just not going to run it’ and you know we had to throw it.”

With Washington working out running backs, it’s fair to question whether Gruden really believes in Peterson. Guice’s injury gave Gruden little choice but to turn to Peterson, but if he can’t improve on Sunday’s 10-carry, 25-yard performance, Peterson may not be the starting running back for much longer.

10 responses to “Jay Gruden denies he dislikes Adrian Peterson’s running style

  1. Eagles with foles beat Atlanta eagles with Wentz lose This is why it made zero sense to get rid of foles Wentz gets the least out of the team they always end up falling short . Wentz 6-17 vs teams over 500 with zero playoff wins foles with same exact team Is 10-2 vs teams over 500 with tons of playoff wins Wentz is bad for chemistry

  2. The only offense Peterson can excel in is an offense where the QB and O-Line can make the defense pay if they stack up against Adrian. He hasn’t been in a place like that in a long time.

  3. Peterson’s north-south running style will prove beneficial in the upcoming weeks with some very close games coming
    He needs to get the ball as much as he wants and take it to the hole that will surely help Case Keenum out
    Jay Gruden can’t see that or figure that out then he does not belong in the NFL or at least on the East Coast hint hint

  4. The only offense Peterson can excel in is an offense where the QB and O-Line can make the defense pay if they stack up against Adrian. He hasn’t been in a place like that in a long time.

    It isn’t about making Peterson excel, it’s about making the Offense excel. Most coaches love it when a team has to drop an extra man in the box because it frees up the passing game, especially today. The fact that the Skins can’t thrive through the air is a knock on the offense, not Peterson. Now granted, this isn’t the Peterson of old who could still crush a team even with an extra man in the box, but even if he cant his yards, the offense should still get theirs if the defense is keyed on the run.

  5. I hope the Redskins totally suck this year, without putting in Haskins. Save him for next year. That way we get a new coach, and a great draft spot. Win – win. Nobody expects much from the Skins this year anyway. Time to move on from Bruce and Jay.

  6. I just listened to a podcast that guested a former Oakland executive that worked under the late Al Davis. This guy said Jay Gruden would run around the Redskin’s facility “cheering” for joy if he were to get fired by Dan Snyder. This guy aslo said Snyder is the problem and that the Skins dont have a good culture and he also said the players by and large werent in as good of shape as other NFL teams.(This is one criticism you cannot make about Adrian Peterson) He also Haskin’s would get killed if the Skins put him in the game at this point.
    By the way I watched Adrian Peterson all his seasons in Minnesota. Ironically while I think he still had flash power and speed in Arizona in 2017 when he was roundly criticized I just think watching him in 2018 and in last Sunday’s game he looks stiff, runs up straight as a stick and is slow as molasses. If I were Adrian I would tell Gruden to kiss my arse and go home to Houston and run his health club.

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